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VDI Repair

Tool Makes Virtual Disk Image Recovery Easy and Effective

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Virtual Disk Image aka VDI files are prone to corruption, and VDI Repair tool is the right solution. If you experience any sort of corruption in your VDI files which cause inaccessibility, you should look forward to this amazing recovery solution recommended by professionals. The software has been intelligently designed with a powerful recovery algorithm that performs maximum possible recovery of files and folders from corrupt VDI files in the shortest time possible. No matters on which platform the VDI file is originally created, either Windows or Mac or Linux, it smartly supports all such VDI files and restores data from them in their original form at user-defined location. Don’t hesitate to use this software if you’re having less or no prior technical skills. The interactive and self-instructive user interface of this tool makes the entire operation easy and convenient for novice or non-technical users.

  • Repair corrupt VDI aka virtual disk image files and recovers data from them
  • Restore files in their original forms at user-defined location
  • Support recovery from both disk types, i.e. Fixed and Dynamic disks
  • Two scanning modes for different level of corruption, i.e. Standard mode and Advance mode
  • Support both popular partition tables, i.e. MBR (old) as well as GPT (new)
  • Support all popular file systems of different operating systems, i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX
  • Addition of new custom volume and its custom settings option is enabled
  • RAW mode of recovery with adding new file signatures option
  • Three recovery modes for recovering maximum possible data: Standard, Advanced and Deep
  • Smart tree-structure preview for recovered files and folders before saving them
  • Auto-search feature for searching specific files in the tree-structure
  • Smooth compatibility with all popular Windows operating systems including the latest Win 10

Most prominent features of this software are mentioned below in detail:

Quick recovery
Ideal Recovery in No Time

Software is highly capable to perform ideal recovery from corrupt virtual disk image (.VDI) files by recovering maximum possible data in minimum possible time. The recovery rate simply depends upon the level the corruption the VDI file contains.

Safe Recovery
Non-Destructive Tool

Being a non-destructive application, it doesn’t cause any changes or alteration to the originality of files and folders during the recovery operation. It keeps them intact and maintains the hierarchy files and folders in a proper structure.

Auto file info.
Auto-Detect File Information

Once you select the corrupt VDI file saved with any disk type, the software will auto-detect the file information and display it in front of you. The information includes file format version, size of hard disk drive, sector per track, head and cylinder.

Support descriptor
Support Fixed & Dynamic Disks

It supports VDI files which are saved with any disk type, i.e. fixed and dynamic. Fixed disk allocates a size on your hard disk and uses all the space at a time whereas dynamic disk is initially small in size and only grows if more data are added to it.

Dual Recovery
Dual Scanning Modes

There are two scanning modes: Standard scanning for handling minor level of corruption, and Advance scanning for fixing severe corruption in VDI files. In advance scanning, users are allowed to define the custom settings of the VDI file. Also, users can avoid skipping the volume size while parsing. Both these are optional features.

Support partition
Support for MBR & GPT

Be it a physical hard disk or a virtual hard disk, it contains a partition table to store the internal structure of disk partition. MBR aka master boot record is the old partition table, whereas GPT aka GUID partition table is the new partition table. If your disk contains GPT, you need to check GPT format box while choosing the scanning mode.

Virtualbox support
Supportability & Compatibility

Software supports VDI files created by Oracle VirtualBox of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, including the latest v5.0.16. It is highly compatible with all popular versions of Windows operating systems, including the latest Win 10.

File system support
Popular File Systems

Any file system your VDI file is containing, i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT) and NTFS of Windows system, HFS+ of Mac system, and EXTX of Linux system, this software supports all of them and restores maximum possible data.

Custom Volume add
Custom Volume Addition

Adding a custom volume is enabled with advance scanning mode. Once the disk is scanned, it shows the available volumes in the list. If you think there’s still something left, you can add a new volume there and define their custom settings which include: starting and ending sectors. You can also select the file system in which you want to treat your new volume.

3 recovery modes
Tri-Recovery Modes

You can perform VDI data recovery in three different modes: standard mode if corruption is minor, advanced mode if corruption is moderate and deep mode if corruption is severe and can’t be fixed with other two recovery modes. In advanced recovery mode, you can enter the maximum file systems you want to find in the selected volume (it’s 3 by default).

Raw recovery
RAW Recovery

RAW Recovery is helpful to perform maximum possible recovery from corrupt VDI files. It includes pre-defined files formats, such as: image file of 5 MB (JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc.), archive file of 1 GB (ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc.) and audio file of 6 MB. Once the parsing is successfully done, these files will be recovered.

Add file signature
New Signatures Addition

During RAW recovery mode, you can add new signatures to the existing file or you can create a new file at user-defined location. You need to define the file settings and save them into a file. After that, software will allow you to upload this new file for parsing so that more data can be recovered with ease.

Smart Preview before Saving

Software displays preview of recovered files and folders in a tree-structure. Users can expand the recovered data in the tree structure and check their file properties in right hand side pane. Users can check the files and folders in the tree-structure which they want to save.

Auto Search
Auto-Search Files

Via auto-search feature, users can search their specific files in the tree-structure by simply entering the file type/name. Users can enter one or multiple files at a time, i.e. separating multiple files with vertical pipe key (|), and click Search to start searching the files in no time.

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Two scanning modes for different level of corruption, i.e. Standard mode and Advance mode check mark check mark
RAW mode of recovery with adding new file signatures option check mark check mark
Support all popular file systems of different operating systems, i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX check mark check mark
Smart tree-structure preview for recovered files and folders before saving them check mark check mark
Save Recovered Data Only Preview check mark
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