MS Access Recovery Tool v5.0

Repair (MDB & ACCDB) & Restores (OLE , MEMO, & BLOB) MS Access Database Files

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MS Access Recovery Tool

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This all-in-one Windows-based product performs seamless Access Recovery in no time and recovers crucial data from corrupted MS Access database files. The MS Access Recovery tool can easily resolve any type of corruption errors. Additionally, users can even fix data misalignments and header issues with the help of this utility. The software also supports the recovery of data from MDB as well as ACCDB files.

  • Repairs corrupt MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access.
  • Supports the recovery of large OLE and MEMO data and restores BLOB data.
  • Supports header corruption and data misalignment issues.
  • Recovers all the data and file objects from corrupt database files.
  • Supports recovery of corrupt files in two modes: Standard and Advanced Mode.
  • Supports the recovery of OLE MEMO data.
  • Can recover Multilingual Data from the Access Database.
  • Shows a preview of recovered data before saving them.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

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Demo Limitations - Trial version allows users to take preview of the recovered MDB files.

Salient Features of MS Access Database Recovery Software

Recovery in Dual Modes
Recovery in Dual Modes

This software works in dual-recovery mode that enables users to perform database recovery in two specific modes: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. With Standard Mode, you can effectively fix issues of minor corruption and Advanced Mode comes in handy when Standard Mode is unable to recover severely corrupted files.

MDB Recovery
Recovers Tables & Deleted Records

MS Access Database Recovery scans the database thoroughly and shows you the system tables and deleted records. Additionally, it lets users recover system tables and deleted records from the corrupted Access database as you need to check and enable options prior to executing the scanning process.

Auto-detect File Information
Auto-detect File Information

Feature-rich with an auto-detect feature that detects the accurate version of the file before scanning, this feature is helpful in getting the correct version of MS Access in which the specific database file was created.

Compatible MDB Recovery
Window's Support and Compatibility

The software is compatible with all major Windows operating systems including Windows 10. It also provides full support to all versions of MS Access ranging from MS Access 97 to MS Access 2013.

Feature to Preview Items
Feature to Preview Items

Added options allow users to check the integrity of their restored data from the corrupted database files. Prior to the actual recovery process, users can preview recovered data and be reassured about a successful recovery of inaccessible data.

saving options
Option to save data at the desired location

Users can use this feature to save the recovered data from the corrupted database at a user-specific location. This tool works in a safe mode as it maintains the original structure of the file and generates a new one at the desired location into a completely new database file in the system.

The updated MS Access Recovery version is accentuated with enhanced with following new advanced features:

Console-based version
Console-based version

This software comes equipped with a console-based version along with the GUI based application. The version comes in handy for technicians and administrators who are proficient in MS-DOS based Command-Line. In addition, as it is a console-based version, the tool will run on a Windows-based command prompt.

Save Log File
Save Log File

SysInfoTools' MS Access Database Recovery Tool saves a log file of the database recovery process. After the file is completely scanned, one can generate a log file at a user-specific location which will save all relevant information related to the Access Database recovery process.

Recover Crucial Objects
Recover Crucial Database Objects

The MS Access Database Recovery Tool successfully restores every database object including tables, queries, indexes, and relations from the corrupted ACCDB and MDB files.

Simplified Interactive GUI
Simplified Interactive GUI

The automated wizard mode user interface is more interactive and user-friendly enhanced with more advanced features that are very helpful for both technical and non-technical users.

Prevalent Errors that Pop-Up During MS Access Database Corruption

  • "Unexpected database corruption in MS Access Database"
  • "Error Converting a Database with a Large Number of Forms That Have Modules"
  • "Invalid Page Fault in Microsoft Access"
  • "Project in This Database Is Corrupt"
  • "Unexpected Error 35012" When You Open a Database"
  • "Unrecognized Database Format"
  • "Xyz Index is not an index in this table"
  • "Database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can't open it"
  • "The Microsoft Jet Database Engine could not find object"

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Repairs highly corrupt MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access.
Supports recovery of large OLE, MEMO data & BLOB data.
Also supports header corruption and data misalignment issues.
Recovers all the data and file objects from corrupt database files.
Save Recovered Output
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
Price FREE $69
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Specifications of MS Access Database Recovery Software

MS Access Recovery

Norton Seal windows 10 compatible

Trial Limitations

Demo version of the software contains all the functionalities. But there is only one limitation; you cannot save the recovered output. Though you can see preview of the recovered file in demo version, but to save the recovered files you need to buy the full version of the software.

Basic Requirements & Support Editions
  • Pentium class processor
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7,2008/2012(32 & 64-bit)
  • 50 MB Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store recovered output
  • Support MS Access 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013

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software error

Frequently Asked Questions

What data types can be recovered from a corrupt Access database?

The Access Database Recovery software supports the recovery of all popular data types from a corrupt Access database. The data types include: Big binary, Binary, Bit, Counter, Currency, Date/Time, GUID, Long Binary, Long text, Memo, Number (FieldSize= SINGLE), Number (FieldSize= DOUBLE), Number (FieldSize= BYTE), Number (FieldSize= INTEGER), Number (FieldSize= LONG INTEGER), Numeric, OLE, Text, Varbinary, etc.

Is MS Access installation necessary to use this software?

Yes, Microsoft Access installation is necessary for your system to use this software. If MS Access program is not installed on your system, you will receive an error message saying that "rr.dll is missing". Before installing the Access Database Recovery software, make sure that the Microsoft Access Program is installed on your system. If not, install MS Access first, and then install this software.

Does this software support all major versions of Microsoft Access?

Yes, the Access Database Recovery software supports Access database files of both formats (i.e. MDB as well as ACCDB) created by any older or newer version of Microsoft Access, such as, MS Access 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and the latest, 2016.

What are the most common reasons of corruption in Access database?

Like other computer files, an Access database is prone to corruption. The most common reasons are always the same in file corruption cases such as virus infection on database, bug attacks on Access programs, sudden power failure causing abrupt system shutdown, crash within the systems hard disk, software malfunction or collision with other installed software programs, and many more.

What are the different page types in Access database?

The different page types in Access database are given below:

Database Definition Page: The MDB file begins with a variable length header and is called the Database Definition Page and contains things like Jet version, encryption keys, and names of the creating program.

Table definition Page: Table definition Page is always at page 2 of the database which belongs to MSYSOBJECT table. Every table within the database has a table definition page containing a definition of the columns, types, sizes, indexes, and other similar information.

Data Page: All records or data rows are stored in data pages. Records are an array of bytes with a given length. Additionally, the contents of a record should be interpreted according to the type of data page. There are two types of data Pages:

  • Table Row Page: Every record in a Table Row Page corresponds to a row in a table. The record first contains the contents of all fixed-length columns, and then the contents of all variable-length columns (if there are variable-length columns in the table).
  • Long Value Page (LVAL): The total number of characters in a row is limited by the database page size. To store longer texts and files, there are Memo and OLE fields. LVAL Pages contain data of Memo or OLE fields. If they contain small amounts of data, they are stored inline; otherwise they are stored in other pages. Memo and OLE fields can contain up to 1 GB of data. Records in an LVAL page can be of two types:
    Type 1 records: Type 1 records contains data only.
    Type 2 records: Type 2 records contain a part of the data, and, like a linked list, point to the next LVAL record

Index Page: Index Pages are of two types:

  • Leaf Index page: 0x04 pages are leaf pages that contain one entry for each row in the table. Each entry is composed of a flag, the indexed column values and a page/row pointer to the data.
  • Intermediate Index page: 0x03 index pages make up the rest of the index tree and contain a flag, the indexed columns; the page/row contains this entry, and the leaf page or intermediate (another 0x03 page) page pointer for which this is the first entry on.
  • Page Usage Bitmaps: There are three uses for the page usage bitmaps. There is a global page usage stored on page 1 which tracks allocated pages throughout the database; tables also store two-page usage bitmaps. One is a straight map of pages that are owned by the table. The second is a map of the pages owned by the table which have free space on them (used for inserting data). The table bitmaps appear to be of a fixed size for both Jet 3 and 4 (128 and 64-bytes respectively).

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Client Reviews


Quick, easy, and affordable tool!! The dual recovery modes are the best feature of this tool as that means you can use this tool for minor or major corruption. Also, the auto-detect property helped me to collect and repair all lost MDB files easily. Happy to buy this tool!

- Joan Wood

I selected this tool because I wanted to repair my all corrupted MDB and ACCDB files, but because of the large number, I didn't know the exact location of all. This tool has a feature to search all MA access files automatically, and with this tool, I was successfully repaired all my corrupted data files easily. Thanks!

- Joshua Lee

SysInfoTools' MS Access Data Recovery tool is the best solution for all users who are looking for the cheapest and easiest recovery tool. I used that to repair more than 500 MDB files manually which would take hours, but with this, I succeed to repair those files within a minute. Overall perfect in the usability and repairing of the files!

- Teresa Torres

SysInfoTools' MS Access Data Recovery Tool runs smoothly for both small and large data corruption in ACCDB files. I used that after checking the demo version of the same tool and satisfied with the features and functionalities of the software. Thanks for this unique tool.

- Alice Green

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