Software Customization Policy

SysInfoTools is a highly committed software professional group who genuinely believes in developing world’s best-customized software solution to fulfil the growing need of individual and corporates.

Since its foundation, the company bears a time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the developing a wide range of customized software solutions for various online applications which supports business firms.

The company provide full custom-built in the application as per the need of the customer. We design and implement best software solutions that really work and upgrade your workstyle. Our comprehensive distribution approach allows us to distribute our work across global locations to align with clients' need, cost, and risk requirements.

Below is some guideline and software customization policy which you need to follow strictly before making any deal.

Features of Customized Software

Module Development

The entire Module used to produce a comprehensive customization Services are treated as a property of SysInfoTools Software and are subject to the terms and conditions provided by License Agreement. It is also a true copy of the module terms which is available on our website, and are also a matter to the customization parameters. Where No other customization services will be provided unless expressly agreed upon by you and SysInfoTools in writing.

Pattern Creation

Before developing the final copy of software according to your organizational need a proper team of engineers will be appointed by SysInfoTools to design software.

Warranty Guidelines

Each of the Software Warranty points mentioned in the acceptance form must be obeyed by the purchaser. However, the patent and trademark protection requirements given in the list shall apply to the all the purchaser and user of the Software. The warranty period shall be mentioned from date of delivery and successful installation but may be extended as long as the buyer bears good faith and maintains the dignity of companies goodwill and don’t violate any terms and clauses.

Customization Services

SysInfoTools offers a unique and customized software solution that is ready to meet the present and futuristic need of consumers all across the world. We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians who are always ready to help you and solve all your software related queries at the earliest. Additionally, all the software is designed and developed keeping the need of Employment Company’s infrastructure and branding for future growth.

Law on Ownership

SysInfoTools will remain the sole owner of the licensed innovation rights, copyrights and patent to the individual programming arrangement. The association holds finish rights to additionally showcasing the sent form of the product post last formative stage (according to client citation).

Payments Program

Before delivering you the customized software we actually need around 50% of the money in advanced which is non-refundable in nature so that our development team may start working to deliver the exact thing as per your requirement. Additionally, the terms of these agreements can vary a great deal depending on the kind of kind of application that you are choosing.

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