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VHDX Recovery

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VHDX Recovery Tool is hands down, the smartest Hyper-V VHDX file recovery software available today. It has a powerful recovery algorithm that makes recovering of VHDX files easy and efficient. VHDX files can easily get corrupt, and cause inaccessibility of data, leading to permanent loss of data. You do not have to worry because, with the VHDX Recovery Tool, recovery is as easy as corruption. It provides extensive support for Hyper-V virtual hard disks aka VHDX files which are created by Windows Server 2012 and later Windows versions. This solution works for all the popular file systems, such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX. The design is also very user-friendly, so, be you a novice user or a 'power user,' anyone can use this software to repair corrupt VHDX file with ease.

  • Recovers maximum possible data from corrupt VHDX files
  • Supports VHDX files saved with fixed disk and dynamic disk types
  • Highly supports Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT).
  • Support for all popular file systems, such as: FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX
  • The VHDX Recovery tool has two modes for intensive scanning of VHDX files, Standard and Advanced modes.
  • Performs VHDX data recovery in three modes: Standard, Advanced and Deep.
  • Features Custom settings for selected partition tables with advance scanning.
  • It also allows you to add a new custom volume and to fully customize the settings.
  • Features RAW Recovery mode for successful complete recovery.
  • Users can add new file signatures to either new or existing files with the RAW recovery mode.
  • Supports recovery from formatted drives of FAT file system.
  • Allows a Tree-structure preview of files and folders before saving them.
  • Free VHDX Repair tool is available online to preview the recovered data files.

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Salient Features of Hyper-V VHDX Recovery Software

repair corrupt VHDX
Successful VHDX Data Restoration

SysInfo VHDX repair tool successfully restores every single file (image, audio, video, archives, etc.) from corrupt VHDX files at user-defined locations. It is driven by powerful recovery algorithms that can recover maximum possible data from corrupt VHDX files, restoring them to their original form.

repair corrupt VHDX
Supports Fixed & Dynamic Disk Types

Like VHD files, you save VHDX in fixed and dynamic disk types. The software supports both disk types and successfully recovers VHDX data files to their original form without causing any alterations or modifications. Read on to find out the differences between fixed and dynamic disk types.

VHDX recovery
Auto-Detect File Information

As you choose the corrupt VHDX file to restore, the software will auto-detect and display the information of theselected file on the user interface. The file information will includethe file format version, size of HDD, sectors per track, head, and cylinder.

restore VHDX
Filter Entries

Another really good feature of the SysInfo VHDX recovery tool is its "Filter Entries" option. In standard scanning mode, the Filter Entries feature removes all the volumes found in your VHDX file. However, in advance scanning, it can remove the invalid entries.

restore VHDX
Auto-search File Entries

With advanced recovery mode, you can enter the maximum file systems you want to find in the selected volume. It will only find out the number of file systems you enter. If you enter a number which is not available, it will only find the available file systems, which is three (3) by default.

corrupt VHDX
Search Particular File Types

The software divides If the recovered files are numerous and you want to save only specific files from them, you can search for the files by simply entering the file types or file names in the search box. You can search multiple files at once and save them with just a single click.

VHD recovery
MBR and GPT Partition Tables

VHDX Recovery tool supports both partition tables, i.e., GPT (newer) aka GUID partition table and MBR (older) aka master boot record. Below, we discuss the differences between GPT and MBR partition table. Explore Here...

recover VHDX
Popular File Systems Support

Online VHDX recovery utility supports all Windows, Mac, and Linux file systems, such as FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX. Hence, you may recover your corrupt VHDX files without any second thoughts.

VHDX Repair tool
Intensive Scanning

This software intensively scans corrupt VHDX files of various levels of corruption with one of two different scanning modes - Standard for normal corruption and Advance for severe corruption. If you are not satisfied with the results from the standard scanning, you should switch to advanced scanning mode.

VHDX Repair tool
Custom Settings for Partition Table

With the advance scanning mode, users can define the settings, i.e., starting sector and ending sector to find the partition table of the selected VHDX file. Also, users may skip the volume size while parsing the table by check in the given option.

Add Custom Volume
Add Custom Volume

If any volume from the VHDX file is missing during advance scanning, you can add a custom volume manually. Click 'Add Custom Volume' button to define the custom settings of the selected volume. You can define the start and end sectors of the volume. Also, you need to select the kind of file system in which you want to treat this new volume.

disk recovery software
Tri-Mode Recovery

There are three different recovery modes available in this VHDX recovery tool: Standard mode for fixing minor corruption issues, an Advanced mode for moderate corruption issues, and Deep mode for severe corruption issues. You should perform recovery in these modes one by one. If standard mode fails, you should select advanced mode. Moreover, if the Advanced mode also fails, you should try the deep mode of recovery.

RAW Recovery
RAW Recovery

RAW is a powerful recovery mode that can recover particular file types which can't be recovered in other recovery modes. The pre-defined file types are JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ZIP, RAR, and MP3. Choosing the Treat file system option, you can see RAW recovery. You can select it to parse the selected volume.

New Signatures Addition
New Signatures Addition

During RAW recovery, new file signatures can be added to either new or existing files before you start the parsing process of theselected volume. The default formats are JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ZIP, RAR, and MP3. Other than these, users can define the internal settings of the files they want to recover by clicking the gear button.

Support Formatted Drive
Support Formatted Drive

If the file system of the selected volume is FAT and the drive is formatted, users should select the advanced mode for recovery. You just need to select the "Is drive formatted" option before starting the VHDX recovery process.

Rich Preview
Rich Preview

The VHDX Repair Software recovers corrupt VHDX files and displays a detailed preview of the repaired data before saving them. All the recovered files and folders are shown in a tree structure mode. Users can click the each file to check the file properties in the right side pane before saving them.

User-friendly Application
User-friendly Application

All users, technical or not, can use this software with ease. It has aninteractive, user-friendly interface that requires no prior technical skills.

Hyper-V virtual hard disk
Supportability & Compatibility

VHDX files created in Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 10are highly supported. Also, thesoftware runs smoothly under all Windows operating systems.

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Add VHD file
Display complete file information
Two scanning modes i.e. Standard mode and Advance mode
Master boot record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT)
Supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ and EXTX
Enable customization for selected volume, i.e. FAT, NTFS, etc.
Enable RAW recovery mode
Save Recovered VHDX Data Only Preview
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Price FREE $99
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Specifications of VHDX Recovery Software

VHDX Recovery

Norton Seal windows 10 compatible

Trial Limitations

Demo version of this software works same as the licensed version does. It is available with same features and functionalities but only one limitation. Users can scan corrupt VHDX files and recover data from them. But saving feature is disabled in demo version. Users can only check the preview of recovered file and folders in a tree-structure mode. To avoid this limitation, licensed version of this software is mainly required.

Basic Requirements & Support Editions
  • Pentium class processor
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7,2008/2012(32 & 64-bit)
  • 50 MB Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store recovered output

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between VHD and VHDX?

There is no huge difference between VHD and VHDX files. They are both Virtual hard disk formats. VHDX is the newer format used by Windows Server 2012 and later versions, whereas VHD is the old format used by Windows Vista and 7. Read this blog to know the exact difference between VHD, VHDK, VHDX & VDI.

What file systems do this software support?

VHDX Recovery software supports all popular file systems, such asFAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 & NTFS of Windows, HFS+ of Mac OSX, and EXTX of Linux OS. Know more about the FAT file system.

What is the recovery rate of this VHDX recovery software?

Recovery rate depends on the level of corruption of your VHDX files. There are two modes for intensive scanning: Standard and Advance. Also, users can perform data recovery from corrupt VHDX files in three different modes: Standard for minor corruption, Advanced for moderate corruption and Deep for severe corruption. Such options are useful for scanning and recovery to restore maximum possible data.

What is the use of the RAW recovery mode?

RAW recovery should be used when all three recovery modes fail to recover your data from corrupt VHDX files. The RAW recovery is available with Treat file system as option. Just select RAW in the options. Click Parse button to start parsing the selected volume. It will take a couple of minutes; please be patient. RAW Recovery by default supports therecovery of image files (5 MB), archive files (1 GB), and audio files (6 MB). Also, it allows users to add new signatures to a new file or an existing one. This feature is helpful for recovering other file types as well. Click on the Gear button shown next to Add new signatures in new/existing file and define the file settings. After that, you can save the new defined entries at any location. Once you have done this, you can upload the file for parsing.

Can I add a custom volume in my VHDX file for complete recovery?

Yes, you can add a custom volume for complete recovery with Advance Scanning mode. Once the file scanning is done, you willsee a list of the available volumes. If you think the size of the volume is not correct or you think there is something left in the file, you can add a new volume to the list by clicking the 'Add Custom Volume' button. Then you select this new volume in the list and click 'Custom Settings' for Selected Volume box. You will need to define the starting and ending sectors, as well as the file system which you want to treat this volume as.

Is there are manual trick to repair my corrupt VHDX file?

Of course, there are few manual steps to recovering your corrupt VHDX files. However, be sure to take abackup of your original files as sometimes, files may get too corrupt for even the VHDX recovery software.

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I am very grateful to the developer team of Hyper-V VHDX Recovery Software for developing such astonishing tool with so many functionalities like Disk support, MBR & GPT partition, scanning mode, recovery modes and much more. Kudos,team.

Janet James, Korea

SysInfo VHDX repair tool is one among all that provides so many exclusive and helpful functions that are extinct in the other tools. I would like to appreciate the marketing team as well which explained every feature of the software in a very downy manner.

Jimmy Powell, West Bengal

An amazing tool to recover corrupt VHDX file... Proud customer of SysInfoTools Software.

Carolyn Allen, U.K.

I found this tool to repair my highly corrupted VHDX file via organic search. I have tried so many tools earlier to recover my lost data, but none of them could be able to restore my all files exactly. Then I read about the Raw recoveryfeature in SysInfoTools Hyper-V VHDX Recovery software and then my searches ends by clicking on the purchase button.

Henry Clark, South Africa

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