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Windows Data Recovery v1.0

Recover Data from Corrupt FAT & NTFS File Systems

Windows Data Recovery

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Windows Data Recovery software is a complete solution for corrupt/damaged hard disk drives containing any file system, i.e. FAT and NTFS. It performs a successful recovery of your maximum possible data from corrupt drives & volumes and saves them in their original form at user-defined location. The different recovery modes of this software let users perform an efficient recovery from corrupt hard drive with ease. To perform hard disk data recovery, it’s the most effective and convenient solution for both technical and non-technical users. No prior technical expertise is required to use this software.

  • Restore maximum possible data from damaged or corrupt hard drive
  • Support hard disk data recovery after accidental formation
  • Volumes and drives containing both FAT as well as NTFS file systems, are supported
  • Support both popular partition tables, i.e. master boot record and GUID partition table
  • Standard and Advance modes for scanning corrupt physical drives
  • New custom volume can be added to the list in case of physical drive recovery
  • RAW recovery is enabled for recovering maximum possible data from corrupt drive
  • Users are enabled to add new file signatures with RAW recovery mode
  • Auto-display the information of selected drive or volume before scanning process
  • Two recovery modes in case of FAT data recovery: Standard and Advanced
  • Three recovery modes in case of NTFS data recovery: Standard, Advanced and Deep
  • Maximum file systems can be found in the volume with advanced recovery mode
  • Preview of recovered data, i.e. files and folders, is shown in the tree-structure
  • Users are allowed to save the specific files at any location on their system
  • Auto-search the files (multiple files at a time) in the system directory
  • Highly compatible with all major versions of Windows-based operating systems including Win 10

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Below are the most prominent features of Windows Data Recovery software:

FAT recovery
FAT Data Recovery

Windows Data Recovery software is highly capable to perform FAT data recovery from corrupted or damaged drives. It supports all FAT types which include FAT16, FAT32 and FAT64 (exFAT). First it scans the selected drive, and then restores maximum possible data from it in their original form.

NTFS recovery
NTFS Data Recovery

Other than FAT, the software also supports recovery from corrupted drives and volumes containing NTFS file system. NTFS is new technology file system commonly used in these days. Software is smartly programmed to scan the corrupted drive in an intensive manner, and successfully restore data from it.

FAT Recovery Modes
Recovery Modes for FAT

In case of FAT data recovery, there are two different recovery modes: Standard and Advanced. If corruption is minor, standard mode of recovery would be capable to recover data. But if it fails due to severe corruption, you can try advanced mode of recovery.

NTFS Recovery Modes
Recovery Modes for NTFS

In case of NTFS data recovery, there are three recovery modes for handling different level of corruption, i.e. standard mode for minor corruption issues, advanced mode for moderate corruption, and deep mode for severe corruption when both modes fail.

Add custom volume
Add Custom Volume

Users can add a new custom volume to the list for recovering more data from corrupt and formatted drive during advance scanning. Just click Add Custom Volume and a new volume will be added to the list. Also, users can define the custom settings for this new volume, such as: start sector, end sector and the file system they want to treat their selected volume as.

Raw recovery
Enable RAW Recovery

RAW recovery is enabled in case of data recovery from the entire corrupt physical drive. You can select the RAW recovery in Treat file system as option. In RAW recovery, the drive will be parsed and data (image, archive and audio files) will be recovered. Also, users can add new signatures to the existing or new file, and can upload this file to recover more data.

Formatted Drive
Support Formatted Drive

If your drive or volume is recently formatted, you have fair chances of recovery from it. Make sure the drive or volume is not overwritten. Also, the recovery rate depends upon the way you format your drive or volume. If you’ve used quick format option, chances for recovery are better than other format types.

Tree Preview
Tree Structure Preview

The preview of recovered data is displayed in a tree-structure mode without causing any alteration to the original folder hierarchy. Once the scanning is completed, the ROOT folder will be shown. You can expand it and other folders as well. Also, you can check the properties of recovered files in right hand side pane.

Save Seperate
Independent Saving

Users are allowed to save their recovered data independently. They can save either the entire recovered data by simply checking the ROOT folder in the tree-structure, or they can select the specific files and folders which they want to save. Also, users are enabled to select any location on their system where they can save their recovered data.

Auto Search
Auto-Search Files

If there’s a large number of data in the tree-structure and you want to save only few specific files, you can use the auto-search feature. Enter the file names or their types in the search box, and click Search button to search them in the tree-structure. Put | sign (vertical pipe key) between every two words to search multiple files at the same time.

Smart Support
Smart Support

Software supports recovery of all type of files, such as: image, document, backup, database, email, archive, multimedia, etc. Also, it supports all popular hard disk brands, such as: Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Quantum, IBM, Fujitsu, etc.

Window Support
Wide Compatibility

Being a Windows data recovery tool, it’s highly compatible with all popular Windows-based operating system. It smoothly runs under Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95 and Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2 and 2003.

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