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Outlook Duplicate Remover

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Outlook Duplicate Remover Box
Windows based Outlook Duplicate Remover driven by sophisticated algorithm is an advanced solution for removing Outlook duplicate items from PST files in just no time

  • Predefined time period or define time period manually are two different options of Date range feature
  • Software is equipped with comparison criteria for removing particular type of duplicate items.
  • This allows deletion of duplicate items from the original PST file.
  • Creates a complete new PST file in which no duplicate items are stored.
  • Supports single and multiple Outlook PST files at a time.
  • Displays the file specification of selected PST file (if single) automatically.
  • Previews the mailbox data of selected PST file (if single) in a perfect tree structure.
  • Provides option for searching duplicity of items in same folder or across PST file.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.
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Below mentioned key features in a detailed descriptive manner for better user-understanding:

mbox to pst
Duplicity check of multiple files

Software effectively removes duplicate items from single and multiple Outlook PST files at a single time. With this feature you can either select multiple PST files from your system or you can search them using its search feature in an automation mode.

File information
Displays file’s information

The file specification of the selected PST will be displayed in the right pane of the window, which includes file name, file size, file type, total number of email items and total number of folder inside the selected file.

Select mailbox items
Select mailbox items from tree view

With this software the Selected PST file is scanned and all the mailbox data is displayed in a tree view structure. In order to remove the duplicity you can choose the Outlook PST mailbox data from which you want to remove the duplicate items. All folders are checked by default.

Date range
Unique date range feature

With this software you can select any data range from the given options or you can define it manually. This feature enables the users to filter and save only required email items.

Advance search
Advanced search feature

The advanced search feature enables this tool to search the duplicates items in the same folder or search duplicates items across the PST file.

PST Formation
Adding PST file(s) to Outlook

This software lets you add the newly created PST file(s) to Microsoft Outlook profile directly with ease.

Duplicate remove
Comparison criteria selection

Software features the comparison criteria for removing duplicate items by selecting check options including Text, Subject, Sender Email, etc. of which you want to remove the duplicity from the chosen PST file.

Saving option
User-specific saving

This tool provides options to remove the duplicity of items in the original PST file by choosing option from dropdown list or you can create new PST file(s) at user-specific location for saving output.

Windows compatible
Supportability and Compatibility

The tool extends wide supportability to all major versions of MS Outlook and high compatibility with all popular Windows operating systems.

Auto update
Automatic Update

Windows based utilities makes the complete conversion process seamless and quick by offering up to minute software updates. Whenever the software is updated with new unique features, you will get the timely notification via email intimation. For minor updates, no need to go for any extra formality but have to register for major version upgrade.

Important Note: Make sure that PST file is not password protected or corrupted

Why should you remove Outlook duplicates?

If you use Outlook client in your day-to-day life, you must send/receive hundreds and thousands of email messages each and every day. This will cause you a large mailbox. Being a regular Outlook user, you must be aware of the fact that PST file has a certain size limit. If you’re using any old Outlook version, i.e. Outlook 97 to 2002, the file is saved in ANSI format which has a maximum size limit of 2 GB. It can only store up to 2 GB of mailbox. Outlook 2003 and later versions save PST file in a new format, called Unicode which has maximum size limit of 20 to 50 GB. Whenever a PST file is reached to its maximum size, Outlook users face severe issues and problems related to Outlook performance. But if the mailbox size goes beyond its limit, PST file becomes prone to corruption. You should make sure that a PST files never reaches to its maximum size.

Duplicate items in Outlook cause large mailbox

The most common reason behind a large mailbox is duplicate items. Have you ever seen any duplicate item in your PST file? Do you know what exactly a duplicate item is? It can be anything, an email message or a contact. Think you’re having 1000 email messages in your Inbox folder, 100 KB each. In this way, the total size of your Inbox folder should be 100 MB. But if you’re having 500 duplicates of those email messages, it’ll definitely increase your mailbox size from 100 MB to 150 MB. You might have thousands of duplicate items in your Outlook mailbox. You must remove Outlook duplicates to make your PST files handy, so that you can avoid Outlook corruption.

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Supports single as well multiple Outlook PST file at a time check mark check mark
Displays the file information of selected PST file (if single) automatically check mark check mark
Previews the mailbox data of selected PST file (if single) in a perfect tree structure check mark check mark
Provides option for searching duplicates items in same folder or across PST file check mark check mark
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Clients Reviews

"After converting my large size OST files into PST, I found the duplicate data in the PST files. I tried to remove those duplicate data manually, but due to huge number of PST files, it was difficult to remove all of them. After all efforts, I’ve decided to use any duplicate remover and found this unique solution. I am very happy to use that. Thanks"

- Janet James

"It is an easy and fast way to remove duplicate data from Outlook. Also, I am fully satisfied with the SysInfoTools efforts and customer support."

- Jimmy Powell

"I was very confused to find the duplicate data because I have 1000+ files in my Outlook. But, with SysInfoTools Duplicate Remover, I was able to select and delete the duplicate data. Thanks guys for this solution."

- Carolyn Allen

"SysInfoTools Outlook Duplicate Remover provided many unique features in a cheaper price and that why I’ve selected this from all others. Selection of comparison criteria, displays file’s information in a single pane and data range attracts me more. Rated - 5 star!"

- Henry Clark