Case Studies & Research Stories

SQL Server Database Collation Issue

Sometimes due to collation issues the user is unable to read the content stored on the SQL Server. The text appears like Ã, Ã, ¢, â, and it becomes a difficult task for the user to decode it. This happens because a corresponding character appears over the original data. Read More

SQL Server Run Time Error

SQL Server is a database which is used by large corporate companies for storing their data. As it is a Microsoft product so the companies do not have any trust issues. They blindly trust this utility and sometimes even stores some of their confidential data as well. There are basically three types of files present on the SQL server. They are MDF, LDF, and NDF. Read More

Unable to Access Yahoo Mail Account

“Hi Sysinfo Team, I am your potential customer since 7 years. Recently I have purchased your Yahoo Backup Tool to save my yahoo emails as PDF with all attachments into my hard drive. But when I launched the software and enter my credentials, an error message popped up and I was unable to access your tool. Read More

Invalid Credential Error in Hotmail Account

"Hi Team, I am using Hotmail since 15 years and recently I got a warning message from Hotmail team that my email storage capacity is full and I have to delete some emails to create some space. As those emails are crucial for me so I have decided to take the backup of those emails. Read More

Decrypt Encrypted Lotus Notes Database

"Hi Sir, Recently I have purchased NSF to PST converter from your website to convert NSF files to PST. As I am migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook so it is necessary to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST. But when I was converting NSF files to PST then I faced an error This Database has local access protection and you are not authorized to access it. Read More

SQL Server Connection could not be Established

"Hi there, I’m Fredrick and I’m a Data Analyst. I’m using the SQL Server as a database system for storing my cash flow for the investors. I’ve automated the Excel with the SQL database to make it more convenient for my investor to get the insights of all the data... Read More

IBM Lotus Notes Repeatedly Asking for Passwords

"Hi Support Team, as I am moving to MS Outlook from IBM Lotus notes, I need to convert NSF files to PST. So for doing so, I have recently bought NSF to PST converter software from your official website and added my NSF files to it. But when I tried to convert the NSF file the software asked me to provide my Domino Server Password multiple times... Read More