Unable to Access Hotmail Account – Invalid Credential Error

Summary: Hotmail Email Client is one of the oldest email application which is still used by many users. Some users use it for email communication and some use it for keeping contacts and scheduling tasks in calendars. Whatever may be the use of this email client but once the Hotmail server reaches its maximum storage limit then the chances of data loss increases. So it is better to take the backup of those emails on the local machine and delete the emails from the server to create some space.

In order to backup Hotmail emails, one needs a third-party tool. Being a software expert we provided Hotmail backup tool to one of our customer for creating a backup of emails. But when he was trying to login into our software he faced an invalid credential error.


“Hi Team, I am using Hotmail since 15 years and recently I got a warning message from Hotmail team that my email storage capacity is full and I have to delete some emails to create some space. As those emails are crucial for me so I have decided to take the backup of those emails. Two days back I have purchased your Hotmail Backup Tool to create a backup of Hotmail emails but when I tried to login into the software I faced Invalid Credential Error. Although I was entering correct Email Address still I was facing this error. Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible because I am getting warnings from Hotmail. Your kind help would be appreciated.”

Screenshot Attested in the Email

Invalid Credentials

Type of Error- Invalid Credentials (Please Enter Valid Email Address and its Password)


Tip 1- Re-Examine Email Credentials

This error often occurs when your Email Address, doesn’t matches with the email password. So before you enter the credentials, make sure that you are entering the correct Email Address and password. Revise each and every character of your email Address because in often in a hurry the user misses some character of the email Address See whether your Caps Lock button is off or not. You might be entering the password in uppercase and therefore facing this error. If you are having an alphanumeric password then see whether you are entering the right sequence of number or not. You can fix the error by entering the right credentials.

Tip 2- Turn off Two-Step Verification

  • Open https://account.microsoft.com/ and log in.
  • Now Click on Security Tab.
  • In the Security, option Click on More Security option.
    More Security
  • Now, Click on Set up two-step verification option and disable it immediately.
    two-step verification

Once you disable the Two-Step verification option, launch Sysinfo Hotmail Backup tool and Login with the correct credentials and I hope you will successfully login into the software.


Disabling the two-step verification will resolve your issue and you can easily login with your Hotmail credentials without facing any kind of error. If you still face any difficulty after applying the above-mentioned tips then feel free to contact our Live Chat SupportLive Chat Support Team. and I hope our support team will resolve any kind of related to our software.