How to Troubleshoot and Fix SQL Server Error 823?

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    June 15th, 2018
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Like any other database management system, Microsoft SQL Server is also prone to errors and other severe issues. You’re likely to encounter an SQL Server error if there’s any sort of problem in it. Fatal error 823 in SQL Server is one the most common SQL Server error codes which may cause severe issues. It can interrupt the consistency of the Server files. You must do the needful immediately to fix SQL Server error 823.

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Reasons for SQL Server Error 823

Whenever the SQL Server declines the Input or Output command or it fails to execute an Input or Output operation, you’re likely to receive the SQL error 823. In order to conduct these operations, Microsoft SQL Server uses API (Application Programming Interface) to coordinate with Windows OS. Sometimes during an operation, there are some conflicts with the application programming interface which result in SQL error 823. Generally, this SQL Server error indicates two major issues:

  • It might be an operating system error.
  • Or maybe the “Input/Output logical check” has failed.

Below are the most common reasons which cause compatibility issues between the SQL Server and API.


How to Fix SQL Server Error 823?

If the real issue is associated with the system hard disk, it might be challenging to fix it since it may require enough time and patience. Even sometimes you need to contact the hard disk vendor if you fail to fix the problem. Another most possible reason for this SQL Server error is corruption. You should take the below measures to handle corrupt SQL database:

  • Scan the SQL database to find out the suspected pages.
  • Verify the consistency of the SQL database.
  • If the SQL database is tagged as suspect, you should run the “DBCC CHECKDB” command.
  • Restore the SQL database from the backup.
  • Check “Windows Application Event Log” to diagnose the problem.

Alternative Fix for Error 823 in SQL Server

If you still receiving the Error 823 in SQL Server, you should now look forward to a professional SQL Database Recovery tool. It can help you resolve all the fatal errors and repair SQL database effortlessly. Via this software, you get a fresh SQL database containing all your database objects which you can access with no hassle. Follow the simple steps shown below to know how to use this software:

Step 1: First, launch SQL Recovery tool on your system.


Select the SQL database you want to repair.

Step 2: Now select the recovery modes and collation option.


Click OK to scan the database.

Step 3: The scanning process is being conducted on your system.


Within a couple of minutes, it’ll be successfully completed.

Step 4: Now check the preview of your data and click the Save button on the Taskbar.


Select the saving option as per your requirement and click OK to start the saving process.

Step 5: The saving process is being conducted on your system.


Within a couple of minutes, it’ll be successfully completed.


It’s very common to confront errors while using Microsoft SQL Server. SQL error 823 is one of the common SQL Server problems often faced by system administrators. SysInfo SQL Recovery tool is the best way to deal with SQL Server problems and resolve commonly faced error in Microsoft SQL Fatal error like fix SQL Server error 823 without requiring any prior technical knowledge. Before purchasing its licensed version, download the demo version for free evaluation.

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