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Article Related to PDF Repair

Whenever any type of corruption (problem) occurs, at that point of time we need a solution to fix that corruption. PDF files' corruption is one of them which affect PDF users a lot. Before discussing about the corruption and the solution we must know about PDF files and their uses. Click here to learn how to repair corrupt PDF files

PDF files which have become an essential element for computer users and can be corrupted at any point of time as corruption is always uninvited. To explore more about reasons behind the corruption of PDF files.

A corrupt PDF file always throws some error messages on the screen while users try to open or access it. Errors are the indication of corruption which tells users about the poor condition of PDF files. To explore more about the types of errors and solution to fix them.

PDF or Portable Document Format is actually a file format which can be used by many ways such as printing jobs, document presentation, book writing, creating a multimedia file, etc. Click to explore more about PDF file, its creation and working procedure

Is your PDF file is inaccessible or showing unreadable data? If you are dealing with these kind of situations or issues that means your PDF files are corrupted. In such situation learn how to repair corrupt PDF files with the help of PDF repair tool.

Maximum times, people complains that their transferred or saved data gets corrupted/altered. Today, data stealing and spamming are increasing rapidly that result in data loss or abused. If you want to save your vital data, then it's important to make it secure while sending or saving and it can be done by converting your word file into PDF format. Do you know what is a PDF file? Well! PDF file is a read only data file that can't be directly changed by any other person and that's why they are mainly used for legal and company documents to make all the data safe and secure. You can also encrypt your PDF file by adding a security password and the plus point of PDF file is that it is independent of software , hardware or operating system that means it can be access and open anywhere and anytime but can't be edited.
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PDF files stores all the elements into the printed document like an electronic image that you can easily open, navigate, print, or forward to others. PDF files are the proper presentation of any document that is meant for viewing on-screen. PDF files are used as a magazine article, items brochures, or flyers that contain one or more page images and it can easily zoom in on or out from. Once the PDF files are created, it can't be edited directly by anyone. But just because of some technical or non-technical issues, you may lose or the PDF files get corrupted. So, it's better to prevent them from getting damaged or altered with the help of PDF Protection Tool. In order to know more about PDF files and the way to protect your PDF documents, just Read More

Article Related to BKF Recovery

Backup can be easily created by Windows NTBackup tool which is an inbuilt program in Windows. After creating backup files, certainly we feel very assured about the safety of our data. But there are several reasons due to which the backup files can also be corrupted. Read here to know more about what is BKF files?

Looking for the steps to create Backup for all the stored files, Read this bog to learn how to create backup files in computer?

Backup is a process by which we make the copies of our files and databases stored inside our computer system which helps us in the situation of unwanted data loss. Click to explore importance of Backup file (.bkf)

"Generally backup is a process by which we make the copies of our files and databases stored inside our computer system which helps us in the situation of unwanted data loss." We can easily create backup by Windows NT-Backup utility tool which is an inbuilt program in all windows. Click to explore how to resolve corruption issues of BKF file?

Backup file is a computer file which is created by Windows inbuilt program called NT-Backup utility. This program is inbuilt in Windows XP but backup can also create in other Windows as well. In other Windows users need to download "NTBackup exe" to create backup. Click to learn how to deal with the BKF file corruption issues?

Backup is a file which contains several copies of our data and information stored inside our computer system. Backup is very important for every computer system as it helps users to get their data back in the event of data corruption or data loss. Click to explore how to secure backup files in computer?

Article Related to DBF Repair

DBF is becoming very popular among all users due to its wide availability and acceptance. But sometimes the DBF file which is created very easily gets corrupted all of the sudden. There could be many reasons by which a DBF file can be corrupted. Click to explore about steps to repair DBF file corrupted by Power Failure.

DBF is a file format which is used by computer. There are several reasons that play an important role in the corruption of database files. Click to read more about the DBF file courruption issues and their solution.

At this present time database files are commonly used by all of us as they are very easy to use and they can be easily created and supported by various applications. Database or DBF is basically a file format which is in tabular form and it uses .dbf as a file extension. Click to explore about usage of DBF files and corruption issues

Database file is a kind of a file format that has many rows and columns in which all our data and information are stored. It just looks like an Excel sheet. In depth knowledge click to read about what is DBF files and how it cn be repaired by DBF recovery tool

Article Related to Email Converter

Email (electronic mail) is the most common term for all computer users as it is very famous nowadays. They are commonly used by everyone to send or receive messages from others. But sometimes we need to change or convert the format of our emails files. Go through this blog to know why we need to convert an email file format and how?

Unicode PST and ANSI PST are the two version of Outlook PST file format. ANSI PST format is created in the older version of Outlook 97 to 2002, whereas Unicode PST is created in earlier version of Outlook 2003 to 2016. People are looking for the conversion of ANSI PST to Unicode due to many reasons like ANSI have the size limit up to 2 GB and through Unicode you can save up to 20 GB data. In the older ANSI PST file, you can only save 65,000 items per folder only, but in the latest Unicode PST version, the user can save more than that. Along with this due to less size limit, the chances of corruption occurs in ANSI PST file. If you are facing issues in an opening, sending or receiving ANSI PST files in the newest MS Outlook version, then no need to be worried. You can easily convert an ANSI PST file to Unicode PST file with the help of few steps.
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To take back up of Outlook Express DBX files first we need to find them. This might be a little difficult task for a novice user to locate the Outlook Express files and folders, or sometimes a technical user may not be able to locate them. Outlook Express application stores all our mail folders, messages, local IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), all the subscribed newsgroups and other data items in a folder. This folder is known as "store root" or "store root folder". It is also called the "Store root directory".

By default it is stored in this location:

C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\{GUID}


C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

GUID means Global Unique Identifier. It is a unique reference number that is used to specify an Identity. The path shown above is the path of "Store root directory" in Windows XP. It might be located somewhere else if you are using other Windows Operating Systems. To know about the location of your "Store root folder", click on Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store folder.


Earlier, the files are saved as a FAT file. FAT(or File Allocation Table) is like a file system that was released by Microsoft in 1977. The fat file is a table that an operating system keeps on a hard disk that offers a map of the clusters to stored files. It is a preferred file system for the floppy disk media with high-capacity and portability storage device such as flash drives and other SSM(solid-state memory) such as SD cards. FAT file are widely used in all of Microsoft's users operating systems from MS-DOS via Windows ME. Sometimes, the FAT file gets corrupted and the chance of saved data loss increased. So deal with it, we have shared the methods to repair corrupted FAT file along with the working procedure of FAT recovery in an easy manner. Read More ..

Have you ever deal with corrupt BKF file? If yes, then this content is for your sake. Presently, most of the users store their vital data as a soft copy in their computers. Since, computers are the perfect storage device that safely accumulates the entire data and important details in extensively large quantity inside them. BKF files are generally the backup files that are inbuilt within the windows to create a backup file format to store the data. It can be used, in case of any data corruption or deletion occurs. Unfortunately, what will you do if your BKF file gets damaged? Well! Once the BKF file gets damaged, then your entire data saved in that file becomes unavailable that leads to backup disaster. Actually, BKF file corruptions happen any time due to external, internal or human errors. If you want to secure or fix the corrupt BKF file, about BKF files, reasons of BKF file corruptions with their resolutions,
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Backup files which can be created very easily to protect our data in the same way they can be damaged or corrupted in just minutes and they can also be repaired within just few clicks and strokes. Just like this: less time to create, less time to corrupt and less time to be repaired. Click to explore What is a backup file, how does it create and how does it work?

Large or oversized files are very difficult to store and transfer from one system to another or online. The reason is that, large size files consumes lots of time to get uploaded or downloaded that increases the chance of file corruption. Now what to do? If you want to send your file, then just zip it. Like other archives, Zip file are contains that store large number of files or folders into compressed form. It helps to share and store multiple file faster and safe. Zip file has its own advantage but also have some limitations. You can use Zip recovery software to recover inaccessible or corrupt zipped file without any data loss.
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We understand the value of your saved essential .bkf files in MS Exchange. MS Exchange BKF files contain storage groups, public folder, mailbox store, and other files. Keeping the backup of the important files is the ideal method to preserve your vital details and company's documents from getting lost. In Exchange Server BKF, it consists of three essential files i.e. EDB, STM, and Log. Unluckily, many times Exchange BKF files get inaccessible like another file normally gets corrupted. Due to data corruption, the saved data in the backup file also gets affected like image, text, table, and much more. So, to repair and recover the maximum possible data from the corrupted MS Exchange BKF file, use MS Exchange BKF Recovery Tool which smartly repairs and restores corrupt BKF file that is in EDB, STM and LOG file format. Read More...

Outlook Express is the e-mail client that is included with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows (98, 2000 and Millennium) operating systems and Microsoft Office 98 for the Macintosh. Click to get brief knowledge about Outlook Express.

USB flash drives (or Universal Serial Bus) are like floppy disks or CDs because they are used for the same process i.e. data storage, data back-up and sending files, from one system to another.USB drives are faster, smaller in size, and large storage capacity. Additionally, they are more durable in nature and trustworthy as they have electromagnetic interference (not like floppy disks), and are undamaged by surface scratches (not like CDs). Due to sudden or system issues, you may face USB file corruption. Thinking about how it happens? We have the answers of this issue and try Removable Media Data Recovery to fix and recover corrupt USB flash drive data.
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In this technology based era, maximum data are stored, shared and received online. MS Outlook is one of the popular email-client application that offers various items like email messages, web browsing, calendar, contacts, note taking, journal, and much more and they are saved on a mail server, on your system, or both. These items explained above are saved in the form of PST and OST file format on your computer and exchange server. But the issues increases for the users when they fails to find out the location of their saved PST files on their computer system. Since, few times users save their files at their specific desired location but forget that location. Don't worry! We will help you in finding your saved PST file location. Grab the step by step instructions to figure out the location of your saved PST file in an easy manner with us.
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Nowadays, MS Outlook is widely used by the small and large organizations to retain their business productivity. It's supportive and easy to use features help everyone to share and receive emails, manage contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, journals and others globally. Your MS Outlook mailbox increases day by day as you create or receive an item from other account users. To reduce the file size, when you erase or delete the data files, size of Outlook PST or OST won't get reduced in extent to the data file you removed. Oversize MS Outlook PST files become difficult to manage and it may cause data corruption or gets lost without your concern. If you want to secure or preserve your PST data, then try PST Compress and Compact Tool through which you can compress or shrink large size PST files.
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Outlook Express is a well-known email program that was launched by Microsoft. It allows users to manage, store, send and receive email messages globally. But sometimes, users noticed that their saved emails in Outlook Express get corrupted or damaged while sending. Email corruption may happen due to various reasons like virus attack, improper email transfer that can corrupt your private and confidential data as well as hangs you application. Download DBX Recovery Tool to repair and restore corrupt DBX files with ease. Click here to Read More..

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, a new change was introduced with the accounts that can support you to maintain your email messages better composed, when those email messages originate from numerous MS Outlook accounts. By default, MS Outlook 2010 includes a new Outlook Data File (.pst) automatically, if you add a new POP3 account. In any case, prior MS Outlook versions allow you to choose current Personal Folders files as the default conveyance location. This could bring about email messages from various accounts being sent to the same Inbox. This new feature permits you effectively decide from which account an email message was sent as well as through which account an active email message is delivered. Furthermore, this incorporates email messages that answer or that are sent. Moreover, this new facility is the default when you make another new account, you can arrange another Internet Email account manually that uses a current Outlook PST Data File. So, let's have a look the method to create a new default PST file.
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