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How to create backup and how to protect them

Backup is a file which contains several copies of our data and information stored inside our computer system. Backup is very important for every computer system as it helps users to get their data back in the event of data corruption or data loss.

Backup file can be easily created by NT-Backup utility tool which is an inbuilt (free) program in all windows. It can be easily created in internal and external drives. All you have to do just follow the instruction.

Click on start, click on programs, click on Accessories and then click on System Tools. After that you’ll see an option of backup there. Click on it and just follow the steps. You can create backup file for anything you want to such as any file, folder, drive or whole computer.

Creating backup file in external drive like USB is always a good decision. After creating backup it can be easily stored and the time when we need it we can use it to restore our data. Therefore backup file is very essential for everyone and everyone must create backup file in their system as it is very easy to create. But in Windows 7 you need to download ntbackup.exe application which will help you create backup file in Windows 7.

Backup files assured us about the data security. Computer can be damaged due to any hardware or software problem and the data stored inside it can also be corrupted or damaged. But if we have created backup file for our computer then we can easily restore our all data. The main purpose of backup is to restore the data at the time of sudden data loss or data corruption. But sometimes unfortunately the backup file which is created to protect our data gets corrupted itself. That time we feel very bad as we lost our data.

Generally a backup file gets corrupted or damaged due to virus infection (both in internal or external drives), sudden system power failure, abruptly or forcefully system shutdown, any interruption occur while creating backup files and many more. All those factors are very much responsible for backup corruption. Due to those factors a good and useful backup file becomes inaccessible and useless. Whenever we need to extract the data from our backup files and if we find us unable to extract the data that means our backup files are inaccessible or invalid. We can’t extract a corrupt or invalid backup file. A corrupt backup file always throws error messages when we try to open it. If we want our data back then those error messages has to be removed from backup files.

Using SysInfoTools BKF Recovery is the best way to recover the corrupt backup file. It helps users to recover their corrupt backup files which have corrupted due to any reason. With the help of this tool users can easily extract their data from invalid backup files. It takes very less time and conducts a full recovery process of corrupt BKF without modifying the data and files’ structure. It can be easily utilized by everyone even if technical or non-technical users. It is enhanced with multiple features and has a friendly using interface in which no extra technical knowledge is required.

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