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How to make dead backup (.bkf) files alive again

We are living in a computer era. Nowadays every part of our modern society is engaged with computers. We as an individual or an organization use computer for our personal or for business purpose. Computers are commonly used to store essential data in a well-mannered and perfect order. All the data and information related to a person or a business are safely stored inside them. When there was no computer system people used to keep their information in writing on a paper or diary which was very difficult to manage. When computer came into existence it became very easy to store our data and information inside it. But as we know computer is an electronic device, so it can’t be escaped from sudden damage due to program malfunctions, system crashes, computer viruses and many more and as a result we can lose our data from it. So, to prevent this situation we create backup files which contain the copies our data. And whenever situations like sudden data-loss or data-corruption occur, they help us to get our lost or corrupted data back exactly same as it was before. Therefore it is very important to create backup file inside computer system.

Backup can be easily created by Windows NTBackup utility tool which is an inbuilt program in Windows. After creating backup files, certainly we feel very assured about the safety of our data. But do you know this fact that the backup files which contain the copies of our data can also be corrupted.

Have you ever come across with this kind of situation in which your backup file got corrupted? Certainly you have because there is not any computer application which is free from corruption. Therefore as a computer application file, backup (BKF) is also at high risk of corruption. There is not any particular reason behind the corruption of backup file. Sometimes there could this and sometimes there could be that. But usually there are some common reasons which could be occurred more:

  • Due to virus attacks.
  • Due to Trojan infections.
  • Due to interruption in backup process.
  • Due to abrupt system shutdown.
  • Due to power outage system, and many more.

Beyond them, several reasons are there behind backup corruption. Those reasons are considered as minor issues by us, but that is our mistake. They look minor but their bad affects on our backup files are certainly major.

Whenever a backup file gets damaged, it becomes inaccessible. If we try to access it we can’t be succeeded because it is corrupted. When a user tries to open a corrupt backup file, instead of opening it throws some errors messages which indicate backup corruption:

  • The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.
  • The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop.
  • The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.
  • An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.

If those above errors are appearing on the screen while accessing backup files, it means backup files are corrupted and they need to be repaired. That time we actually need a best software program which can help us to tackle this situation, a tool that offers good features which help us to repair our backup file. SysInfoTools BKF Recovery Tool is a good choice for users like me. It can recover all the data from a dead backup file without affecting a single point of the data. It is the fastest tool for backup files’ recovery which can easily restore data of 1TB of file size. And how to use it then let me tell you that it has a superb user interface which is very easy and quite friendly for non-technical persons.

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