Importance of backup files for computer users

Nowadays computers are widely used at every part of modern society and by all individuals or organizations. Computers are the best storage device which safely store all the valuable data and essential information in very large amount inside them. And computer users are very cautious for their data and information stored inside their system. Because computer is an electronic device so it can be easily defected or infected at any point of time. Therefore users create a file which contains all the copies of their original databases which helps them to restore their data at the time of data loss or data corruption. That file is known as backup file or BKF which uses .bkf as a file extension. It helps users to restore the data from their backup file. If backup file is created inside the system then users can be assured about the protection of their databases.

Users can easily create backup file by using NT-Backup utility which is actually an inbuilt program in Windows. Users can create backup of single or multiple files, folders, drives and the entire computer very easily. The time taken for creating backup files is based on the size of item which is to be backed up, i.e. large sized folders or drives take more time than small sized. But in Windows 7 there is no inbuilt backup program, therefore users need to download NTBACKUP EXE manually which allows them to create backup file in Windows 7. Without this program users can’t create backup files in Windows 7. While creating or after creating backup files users must be careful because backup files can be easily corrupted at any point of time. While creating a backup file users should avoid any type of interruption because interruption while creating a backup file can corrupt the entire file. And after creating it users should take care of their backup files. Just have a look on the reasons which can affect the backup files:

Its main function is to help users to restore or recover the data at the time of data corruption or data loss. All data can be easily extracted from a backup file at any time. Backup file works as a recovery agent, i.e. as recovery agent helps to recover the money in the same way backup file helps users to restore or recover their data. But sometimes the backup files which contain the copies of all databases get corrupted or damaged.

  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is always a major issue for computer users which leads files’ corruption problem even if a normal file or a backup file.
  • Improperly System Shutdown: Whenever users do shutdown their computer system improperly or abruptly they can lost their backup files.
  • Power Supply Failure: Sudden failure of system power supply can cause backup corruption. (Always use UPS device with your computer system).
  • Software or Hardware malfunction: If any software application collides with backup file it can damage the file and if any hardware part of system becomes faulty then backup file can be damaged or corrupted.
  • CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) failed: When CRC doesn’t complete the full checking process of the file, at that time it shows a failed error and therefore backup file gets corrupted.
  • Catalog files are missing: If catalog files which have created by NT-Backup for every backup job that is completed are missing from the backup files then the result will be a corrupted or invalid BKF file.

Those are some reasons which can badly affect the backup file. And once a backup file gets damaged or corrupted it can’t be accessed or data can’t be extracted from it anyhow. As the ultimate solution users have to go for a software program that helps them to repair their corrupt backup files. SysInfoTools BKF Recovery which comes with a free demo version helps users to extract their data from their highly corrupt or inaccessible files. It offers more features that means users shall get more help to fix the problem from their damaged backup files.

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