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What is the most effective way to convert the format of email files?

An email or we can say an electronic mail is the most common mean of communication in these days. Nowadays computers and internets are excessively used by all of us. Their wide availability shows that how important and essential they are for us. And email is a term which is totally depends on both computer and internet.

"An email is an electronic message in digital form which is sent or transferred from one user to another or several users. An email is just like a letter in which the message is written and the address of sender and receiver is also there."

Emails are widely used in every field. We use emails for personal use or business purpose to communicate with each other. Emails can easily hold large sized files as attachments. Email is very affordable and fast method to share information from one side to other sides. To use email service we only need a computer with internet connection and an account which will help us to send or receive the mails from other users.

There are so many platforms in which emails are transferred such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN or Hotmail, Rediffmail, MS Outlook, Outlook Express and many more. Usually emails contain the same data and information but the email files could be in different formats. There are several formats of emails’ files. Some of them which commonly used are DBX, EML, PST, RTF, MSG and HTML file format. If we have an email account then inside that we have unlimited emails files including attachments. And those files are definitely not same in file format. It is quite obvious that we all are not familiar with every file’s formats and sometimes what happens, we have to migrate from one email platform to other one. And that point of time we need to convert them in that format which would be friendlier for us and for our new platform.

Just for an example: Suppose I had been using Outlook Express since last year in which all my essential emails were saved. But last month I changed my company or mood and I decided to use MS Outlook. Now what the thing is, I want all those emails of Outlook Express in my new account which is in MS Outlook. What shall I do? I can’t import them without changing their file format. And if I try to do that then I could lost my emails. As we know that Outlook Express uses DBX file format and MS Outlook uses PST file format, so conversion of file is mainly required to import those files in other accounts.

There is fact behind this that conversion of emails files can’t be done manually. There isn’t any manual way to change the format of email files. And if there would be any then it would not be effective or it could affect the emails. In that situation we must look for a software conversion which can perform a conversion of emails files. A conversion tool which supports conversion of all files’ formats must be considered. Sometimes the software program that we have chosen only converts the format of emails files; it doesn’t import the attachments or it affects them. So we must choose a tool that can not only convert the files but also import the attachments without affecting the originality. SysInfoTools Email Converter Tool could be the best solution in this case for us. It supports the conversion of several files formats such as DBX, PST, MSG and EML files to DBX, EML, PST, RTF, MSG and HTML file format. While using this tool we have no need to fear about the originality of our emails and the attachments as it performs very safe and effective action. And the most beneficial thing about this tool is that it comes with a free demo version. So we can check its performance and know about its features before purchasing it.

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