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What is the need to convert the format of emails’ files and how can we convert them?

Email (electronic mail) is the most common term for all computer users as it is very famous nowadays. They are commonly used by everyone to send or receive messages from others. It has become an essential part for businesses as it is highly effective means of communication. Emails are very easy to send. All we have to do just create an account in any platform and write the message and send it to anywhere or anyone. We can also send the big multimedia files as an attachment to our friends or our clients. In an email account there are unlimited email files in a particular file format. In an Outlook Express’ account of a user there will be only .dbx (database eXchange) files and in the same way in MS Outlook’s account only .pst (personal storage table) files will be there. Except .dbx and .pst there are some other formats of emails files as well such as .eml and .msg.

But sometimes we need to change or convert the format of our emails files. There could be several reasons for that, such as:

  • If you were working somewhere and you had an account in Outlook Express. All the important emails were saved inside that account. And now in which company you are working with asked you to make an account in MS Outlook. You make an account in MS Outlook. But now you want all those emails of OE in your new account. Therefore in this situation you need to import all your OE’s emails into MS Outlook’s account. And for that you need to convert .dbx files into .pst file format.
  • If you are using MS Outlook and you don’t feel familiar with the MS Outlook environment and the file format. And due to this you want to change your email account. But still you want to have all the emails from your old account MS Outlook to your new account which could be Outlook Express. At that point of time conversion of emails is mainly required.
  • As we know that large .pst files can be corrupted at any point of time as they are at high risk of corruption. And whenever this situation occurs then we can lost our important mails. So it would be always better to convert those .pst files into other files formats such as DBX, EML, RTF, MSG and HTML file format.

Whenever these situations occur we have only one option: change the format of email files. To convert an email file is always very risky task to perform manually as the data and the attachments of the files could be affected. Using a software program is definitely an effective and safest solution. There is a tool named as SysInfoTools Email Converter which can help us to convert our emails files formats. With the help of this tool we can easily convert our DBX, PST, MSG and EML files into DBX, PST, MSG, EML, RTF and HTML. It supports all versions of Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

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