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Is it possible to convert email file format using software tool?

At present times life can’t be imagined without Computer and Internet. Their uses have been excessively increased since last decade across the entire world. And due to computer and internet we got a fast and an effective medium of communication which is called e-mail. E-mail which is known as electronic mail is a service by which we send messages to our friends and relatives including with multimedia files. E-mail has become a crucial part of every businesses and trades to communicate with employees and clients. When Internet service came into existence email was one of the first uses of it and from that it has been using by all of us. Nowadays we mostly prefer emails to communicate or share information with others instead of other mediums. There are various platforms by which we can send emails to each other such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. but the two MS Outlook and Outlook Express are commonly used by computer users. Mostly the employees of any particular company or organization use these platforms; home users also use them but not that much.

  • MS Outlook: MS Outlook is an email platform which comes with MS Office. It is mainly used as an email application which is commonly used to send emails but it also consists of calendar, task manager, web browsing etc. The emails in MS Outlook are in .pst file format.
  • Outlook Express: Outlook Express is also an email platform but very different to MS Outlook though it also works same as MS Outlook. The emails which are stored in Outlook Express are in .dbx file format. It also uses .eml file format for saved mail message files.

Sometimes a situation comes when users needs to convert the file formats of their emails. There could be any reason behind this such as: users are attracted with another email platform i.e. MS Outlook or Outlook Express, users have changed their company and due to this they have to change their email account, to prevent the situation of files’ corruption, etc.

This is quite certain that performing the action of email conversion manually is very risky because sometimes by doing this the data and the information including the attachments of emails can be lost or become inaccessible or unreadable. So we should take help of a software program for converting the emails instead of by ourselves. Because what a software program can do, we literally cannot.

Currently there are several software companies in the market who provide email conversion tool, but a question is always raised in our mind that “Which would be the better one”? We must take care of these points while choosing a software program for email conversion:

  • Read about the conversion tool and its features on the website
  • Must look for a conversion tool which is not only case effective but also cost effective.
  • When it is about email conversion we must see for that software which offers multiple conversions of emails.
  • The conversion tool must be read only in nature otherwise software programs can modify or affect the data while performing the action.
  • Are they providing free demo version of the software? If they are not then it means their product is neither effective nor worthy.
  • The most important thing is the tool should have an easy and friendly interface for users.

SysInfoTools Email Converter is the best in the case when we need to convert the file format of our emails. Large number of emails of a particular file format can be easily converted by this tool, i.e. DBX, PST, MSG and EML files to DBX, EML, PST, RTF, MSG and HTML file format. After converting the email files we can save the converted email files at our desired location.

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