Need a Backup for our system

We make Backup files (BKF) to be assured about the security of our all important data inside our computer system. Because no one get to know about the unwanted and sudden data corruption which affects us by data-loss, so we should always be ready with a backup file.

In these times, as the level of computer service is increasing day by day we all are being dependent on it. Even if we are an individual or a business organization, we use to keep our all important data and information related to our trade or personal in our system. The data inside our system is very precious to us that we can’t afford its loss. So, being an intelligent computer user we make a backup file (which can be easily created by any backup process utility like NTBackup utility) for our system which helps us in the situation of data corruption of data-loss. If there would be a backup file inside our system, then we can easily restore or recover our all data at the time of data-loss.

In the terms of IT (information technology), a backup or the operation of backing up is creating backups (copies) of all the data inside a computer system which could possibly be used to recover the original right after a data loss situation.

Generally we take extra care of our computer system and all the data inside it. We use anti-virus programs and other applications which help us to protect our computer. However sometimes what happens, our all the data inside our system get corrupted. That time we don’t know the exact reason behind this, but if we have the backup file of those data then we restore them. But suppose in that case if the backup which contains the copies of our data gets corrupted, then how we could get all the lost or damaged data back? It must be a major problem to face. There are so many factors which can damage our BKF, some of them are stated below:

  • Due to virus infection.
  • Due to improper system shut down.
  • Due to any software failure.
  • Due to power failure.

Whatever be the cause, it only affects us. We can be assured about this situation by getting some errors:

  • Backup file consists of unknown or unrecognized information and should not be used.
  • Unrecognized Media type.
  • The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.
  • An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.
  • The BKF file was not created successfully.
  • BKF file header corruption.

So whenever we receive these errors, it means our backup file (.bkf) has been corrupted. Therefore, we would have no option except choosing a recovery program which can help us to retrieve our data from those corrupt backup files. SysInfoTools BKF Repair can easily solve the problem of data-loss or data corruption. It has a large number of incomparable features that provide more help to us. With the help of this tool, we can easily retrieve backup file (.bkf) of more than 1TB of size in very quick time i.e. 60 seconds, without affecting the originality of former databases. It uses very unique technique to scan the backup files and to recover the recoverable data from them as soon as possible. It enables us to save the data wherever we want to save them, i.e. recovered data can be saved at user’s desired location. It is very easy and simple to use as it has very user friendly interface especially for non-technical users.

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