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How to Solve the Problem of Database Corruption?

At this present time database files are commonly used by all of us as they are very easy to use and they can be easily created and supported by various applications. Database or DBF is basically a file format which is in tabular form and it uses .dbf as a file extension. There are various applications which can be used to create database files. Some of them are Visual FoxPro, Clipper, dbFast, Code-Base, Multi-Base, dbXL, and Arago etc. It can also be created and supported by MS Excel and MS Access. By these applications .dbf files are created in different variants such as dBase II, dBase III, dBase IV, etc.

In a database file we will see a number of fields and columns in a well-organized and perfect order. Each field and column contains information related to an individual, an organization or a product. In a corporate environment database files are excessively used and due to this the issues of database corruption rises. As we know a thing which is mostly and widely used it can be lost or damaged at any point of time. And the same condition literally suits database file. Due to its wide utilization it stands at the high of corruption. Mostly database files’ corruption occurs due to improper saving or by using unsupported or faulty database applications. Just for an example, we are creating a database file and suddenly the system shuts down due to sudden system power failure. What will happen at that point of time? The file can’t be saved and hence the file gets corrupted or damaged. And if the database application has some fault or unsupported then the .dbf file which will be created by that application will be corrupted. Sometimes the unwanted attacks of virus and bugs can affect the database files. Because virus affects the entire databases of a computer system in which the database files are saved. Therefore virus attacks are the main reason behind files’ corruption. Beyond these there are some other reasons as well behind the corruption, such as: cracks or errors in hard drive, using substandard hardware or network devices and older version of database applications, and many more.

So those are some reasons which can affect our database files. Whenever a database file gets corrupted or damaged it becomes inaccessible. The content of the files become unreadable and sometimes the files become unable to open. All those things happen due to corruption. Have you noticed one thing that whenever we try to open or access a corrupt database file instead of opening we get some onscreen error messages? Due to a fact that a corrupt file always gives some errors when a user tries to open it, so in the same way .dbf file if corrupted gives errors messages which indicate the file corruption.

A corrupt file can’t be repaired until we use a software program for repairing the files. But however there are two options which a user can use. First is to create the file again with the same application or in same platform if it is possible. And second option is to restore the file with the help of backup. Backup is very important for us. So we must create backup file. If we have created a backup for our database files then it will help us to restore our database files. And neither we have a backup now is it possible to create the database files again then that point of time a software program must be considered by all of us. As an ultimate or effective solution it easily repairs our corrupt database files even if we have a single database file or several database files. Without wasting our precious time we can recover the whole data of our .dbf files by using this tool. And if we want to see only the content of the database files then we can use SysInfoTools DBF Recovery Tool’s demo version which is absolutely free of cost. But if we want to have the full features of this tool then we have to get the full version. In full version we can not only repair the database files but also convert the file format of .dbf files into CSV and TSV. So this tool can be used as DBF conversion software program.

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