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What is DBF files, reasons of DBF file's corruption and how it can be repaird?

This is the age of technology where everything and every single person are depended on it. Computer is a well known example of this technology. In these times computers are widely used than any other items. Everywhere we can see computer systems are used by everyone for their own purpose, i.e. for personal or for trading purpose. Computer stores our data and essential information in the form of files. Those files contain our data very safely and a perfect order.

Nowadays a file format is very common among users which is called database file.

Database file is a kind of a file format that has many rows and columns in which all our data and information are stored. It just looks like an Excel sheet. It is very easy to enter the information, store them and when time comes then it becomes easy to find them without wasting too much time.

It is certain that all of us have definitely seen a database file. Some examples of a database file such as phone book, attendance report of students, information of students or employees, personal or organizational records etc. So it can be said that we all are pretty much familiar with .dbf file format.

There are some application programs which create database files such as Visual FoxPro, Clipper, Code-Base, Multi-Base and many more. In MS Office there are two programs which can also create .dbf files, they are MS Excel and MS Access. But there is a little difference between them. The .dbf file should be supportable to all database platforms.

But unfortunately sometimes a .dbf file becomes inaccessible. Though a .dbf file is very easy to create and work with but on the other side it can be easily corrupted as well. Just have a look on the factors which can badly affect the .dbf file:

  • Virus infection: This is one of the main reasons behind files’ corruption. There isn’t any computer file which can be escaped from virus or Trojan infe ction. DBF files are also affected by virus infection. But it can be prevented by using Anti-virus program.
  • Improperly system shutdown: As we know that if we turn off our system badly or improperly then the data inside our system could be damaged or become invalid. So we should be careful and must shut down the system properly.
  • System power failure or outage: Data can be lost or corrupted due to sudden system power failure or outage. While using a .dbf file if the electricity power is gone and due to this the system turns off the .dbf file can become inaccessible. So we should always use a UPS device.
  • Problem with database application: Sometimes there could be a problem with the database application such as Visual FoxPro and therefore when we open or access our .dbf files in that faulty application the files become inaccessible and hence can’t be opened. So that point of time we must check those files in some other dbase application which support those files.
  • Collision of programs: Other software programs can also affect the .dbf files by colliding with database application program. In this situation we should be cautious and careful.

Those are common factors which can be the possible cause of .dbf files’ corruption. Beyond them there are many other reasons but reasons never matter. What matters is we can loss our .dbf files. When a .dbf file gets damaged or becomes inaccessible that point of time it throws some errors messages. And those error messages tell us about the file corruption. Sometimes there is not any error appears on the screen but however the .dbf file seems inaccessible or invalid.

So whenever a .dbf file gets corrupted we can take help of a backup file which is created for that .dbf file. It helps us to restore the .dbf file from it. But if some users haven’t created backup file then no need to worry at all. There is a software program which can easily repair our .dbf files. But however we should always create or make backup for every files and drives. SysInfoTools DBF Recovery tool helps us to repair our .dbf files. We can easily repair several .dbf files at the same point of time by this tool. This tool works in a very safe manner as all our data are well maintained while recovery action.

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