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What is a PDF file, how does it create and what does it work

In early 90s the co-founder of Adobe Systems John Warnock made Camelot which became PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF was created by Adobe System especially for digital printing in its initial period.

PDF or Portable Document Format is actually a file format which offers attractive features to users. And due to this PDF is widely used across the world. It can be used by many ways such as printing jobs, document presentation, book writing, creating a multimedia file, etc. It can be easily created by Adobe Reader which is freely provided by Adobe Systems. Though nowadays there are many other programs which can create or read PDF file but one should always prefer Adobe Reader which is best in this case.

PDF provides users a number of features which they don’t get in other files. It has good flexibility or mobility which helps users to share or transfer PDF files through internet. Users can protect the PDF files by applying restriction or passwords on their PDF files. It allows users to add interactive features in their document including multimedia files. Where a PDF has multiple features on the side a major problem is there with PDF. Sometimes the PDF files which contain all the essential and valuable documents get corrupted or damaged all of a sudden.

How does a PDF file get corrupted or damaged?

A PDF file can be easily corrupted at any point of time as corruption is always uninvited but very painful. There are several factors which can lead the corruption of PDF files. Some of the main reasons which play an important role in PDF corruption are:

  • Due to interrupted or disturbed downloading or sharing.
  • Due to Virus or Trojan Infection.
  • Due to improperly system shutdown.
  • Due to hard disk drive crack or error.
  • Due to the problem of software or hardware malfunction.
  • Due to unwanted interruption or interference while making or using PDF files.

Those above are some common reasons which can badly affect the PDF files.

What are the symptoms of a corrupt PDF file?

Whenever a PDF file gets corrupted or damaged it becomes inaccessible which is the main symptom of any corrupt file. A corrupt file can’t be opened and by chance if it gets opened the data will be literally unreadable and the file is nothing but useless. Data can’t be extracted from a corrupt back file anyhow. And instead of opening if PDF files are giving some errors messages that means the files are corrupted and need to be repaired.

So those are some symptoms which indicate that the backup files are invalid or corrupted.

What to do to repair a corrupt PDF file?

Whenever a PDF file gets corrupted the best solution is to repair that file by using a software program. SysInfoTools PDF Recovery allows users to fix the errors from PDF files and helps them to recover the data from those files. It is enhanced with multiple advanced features which offer more help to users. With the help of this tool users can restore maximum possible data and files’ content such as images, text, table, graphic etc from a corrupt PDF file without wasting much time as it performs a quick recovery action.

What should be avoided to prevent PDF corruption?

There are some tips which should be followed by everyone to prevent the situation of PDF corruption:

  • Users must check their internet connection at the time of downloading or sharing a PDF file.
  • Users must check their computer systems regularly, i.e. at least 1 or 2 time in a week. The software and hardware parts should be well maintained.
  • Users must check or update their anti-virus program regularly. Sometimes anti-virus program doesn’t work and as a result the computer system gets infected by virus infection.
  • Users must shutdown their system properly because if shutdown process improperly or forcefully done by users then it can affect the entire databases of computer.
  • Users must use UPS (Unshielded Power Supply) device. It helps users to shutdown their computer system properly at the time of sudden power supply failure.
  • Users must be careful while creating PDF file for their system because the issues of PDF file’s corruption occur more at the time of creation.

So those are some important tips which will help users to avoid the unwanted situation of PDF file’s corruption.

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