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How to fix the multiple errors from PDF files

PDF or Portable Document Format files are always the very first choice of users as they have excellent qualities compared to other files’ formats. PDF helps users to create a document presentation, e-book, photo album, business reports, etc. PDF does not need any particular software or operating system, i.e. it has independency.

A corrupt PDF file always throws some error messages on the screen while users try to open or access it. Errors are the perfect indication of PDF files’ corruption which tells users about the poor condition of PDF files. Just have a look on the errors which frequently occur at the time of PDF corruption.

  • An Error Occurred During File Transmission.
  • Error Message: "Error Locating Object Handler" When Downloading a .pdf File.
  • Error Message: "File Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired".
  • Error Message: "Incompatible Version of Adobe".
  • Error Message: "There is a problem with adobe acrobat/reader. If it is running, please exit and try again".
  • Schema Validation Error.
  • VIRUSDETECT - Check Attachment Name.
  • Error Message: "There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid".
  • Error Message: "Content is missing or Images are not opening".
  • Error Message: "File does not begin with %PDF".
  • Error Message: "Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem".

All those errors indicate the corruption of PDF files but the reasons behind those errors are always dissimilar than others. Interference or interruption while creating, downloading or sharing a PDF file, using an incompatible application to create PDF files, virus infections, system power failure problem, unfinished system shutdown process, software or hardware malfunction, crack or error occurs in hard disk drive, and many more. Due to those reasons users receive error messages and hence their PDF files become inaccessible and useless. Once a PDF file gets corrupted nothing can be done manually. As an ultimate solution users have to take help of a software program. Users should always choose a software program to fix the errors from their corrupt PDF files. PDF Recovery Tool is specially designed to fix the errors and recover all the data from highly corrupt PDF files. Its main function is to repair or recover the whole PDF file in just few minutes without affecting or modifying the originality of data and files structure.

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