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How to convert one email file to another email file format using Email Converter?

Email: An email (electronic mail) is a digital message which is sent electronically by computer through internet from an individual or organization to other individual or organization. Generally email works as a common medium of communication which helps individuals or organizations to share or exchange the data and information in the form of electronic messages. Therefore it can be said that email service is just like a link which connects individuals to individuals, individuals to organizations and organizations to organizations.

Importance of emails: In these days when Computer and Internet has become the basic need for every individuals and organizations email is one of the most widely used Internet application. Emails are used everywhere by everyone as they are really very fast and convenient. Home users use email service to communicate with their friends and relatives across the world. Through email they don’t only communicate but also share pictures, large multimedia files and many more. In businesses and organizations emails are used to communicate with clients across the entire world. Through emails they transfer their business reports, presentation reports, contracts, etc.

If there was no email then all these could be impossible. But when it is available then people are utilizing it. Emails are in digital form so they can be easily printed on papers.

Files’ format of emails: If emails are related to a particular account then they have a particular file format. Generally there are four or five common email files formats in which our emails are stored. Such as:

  • DBX: DBX or database eXchange is used by ‘Outlook Express’ account. It stores the email messages and other additional information inside it.
  • PST: PST or personal storage table is used by ‘Microsoft Outlook’ account. It is used to store all Outlook data such as messages, calendar events and other additional items inside it.
  • EML: EML or email file is mainly related to ‘Outlook Express’ but it is also used by other platforms. Its main function is to store the email messages and as it has a standard file structure it is in plain text form.
  • MSG: MSG or message file is used by both ‘Outlook Express’ & ‘MS Outlook’ account and also other email platforms. Its main function is to arrange the main message body, calendar, contacts, reminders, etc. with files and folders. It can also be sent over the internet.

Reasons to convert the format of email files: It is not important that we are familiar with each and every format of email files. If we are the users of ‘Outlook Express’ and one day if we get a .pst file of MS Outlook then definitely we will be uncomfortable with the .pst file format. So that time we have to convert the format of that .pst file into that format in which we are comfortable. Sometime the need of email conversion occurs when we migrated from one platform to other one such as ‘MS Outlook’ to ‘Outlook Express’. And in that case if we want all our data from MS Outlook in Outlook Express, it can only be done after changing the format MS Outlook’s PST files into DBX file format because if we import those files without converting the file format the files will be shown inaccessible or unreadable. As we know that while using DBX files they can be corrupted at any moment and large PST files are always very risky to store as they can be damaged at any time so we should convert their file format to prevent from the situation of corruption and by doing this we can save our essential emails.

Email conversion tool: Whenever we need to convert the format of email files we need a software program which is specially designed for conversion of multiple email files. With the help of SysInfoTools Email Converter we can not only convert the format of multiple emails files but also we can save our time and as well as our money which we can waste on purchasing different email conversion tool. It supports the conversion of DBX, PST, MSG and EML files into DBX, EML, PST, RTF, MSG and HTML file format. For better surety we can check its free demo version before purchasing the full version.

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