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Reasons of DBF File Corruption and How to Fix them

Before telling you about the .dbf file corruption I would like to start with the database files. What is database? A database is a file format which is commonly used to store data in a well organized tabular form. A database file consists of several rows and columns which contain our data and information. All information of a person or item are written in a perfect order, i.e. serial no. wise or alphabetically. So it provides us a fastest way to search specific information. For example just think about a phone directory book in which thousands of numbers with users’ information are written. But as they are in a tabular form so we can search the information of a particular user in very short point of time. Just take another example of database format, students’ record book of a school or employees’ record book of an organization. All related information of a student or an employee is written in that book in database format. So it becomes quite easy to get the details of a particular student or employee. Due to this feature the utilization of database format has been excessively increased among the computer users. Database file format is used in schools to maintain the record of students, in offices and organization to maintain the record of employees, in hospitals, in banks, in shops, everywhere to keep the information of an individual or product.

DBF is just a file format which is used by computer. So as other computer files it is also at high risk of corruption. There are several reasons which play an important role in the corruption database files. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Human errors: In human errors there are mainly two:
    • First is related to system shutdown. If we forcefully shut down or turn off our computer system and at the same meanwhile a .dbf file is opened there. So that time .dbf file can be easily corrupted.
    • Second is related to the security of .dbf files. If we or any other person try to open a password protected .dbf file then the file can become inaccessible or the data can become unreadable.
  • Virus attacks: This is the biggest reason that affects all kind of computer files. Virus is a kind of a program which is only created to damage or corrupt the files and folders. Its affects on .dbf file is also very serious.
  • Faulty or older database application: If the database application which is used to create a.dbf file, is faulty then the .dbf files can become weak or invalid. And sometimes we use older version of database applications which affect our files.
  • Hard disk errors: If there is any error in hard disk drive of the computer then all the data inside it including .dbf files get corrupted or damaged.
  • Faulty and affected network devices: As we know that database applications like Visual FoxPro, Clipper, etc. transfer or receive data very quickly which could affect our network components such as NIC, hubs, switches, network drivers and cables. And hence our .dbf files get damaged.
  • Software malfunction: Other software like game, anti-virus or etc can easily attract with database applications and therefore a collision of software occurs and as a result our .dbf files becomes weak or sometime invalid or inaccessible.

Whenever a .dbf file gets damaged due to any reason then we have only two options to fix the problem. First is restore the .dbf files from backup and second one is repair the files with help of a software program.

  • If backup is created by us for those corrupt .dbf files then the files can be easily restored from that backup.
  • But if we have no backup file then as an ultimate solution we have to take the help of a software program. SysInfoTools DBF Recovery could be a good choice of us as it has some unique features. With the help of this tool all our corrupt or damaged .dbf files can be easily repaired in just no time. And it also helps us to save our repaired files in two file formats, such as CSV and TSV.
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