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What is PDF file format

"PDF" (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe systems. PDF is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents. This format provides your document in best format. You can easily view your document page-by-page as they appear in their printed form.

Each PDF file encapsulated a complete description of fixed-layout of 2D documents that includes text, fonts, images and 2D vector graphics. It is similar to HTML; PDF file contains text, images, hyperlinks and lots more. However, it is based on variant of PostScript; each document contains text, graphics and fonts into a single file.

Advantages of PDF:

  • Fast and simple to create: PDF files are very easy to create and virtually take no time at all. It's as easy as clicking a button with your mouse.
  • Security: If you are worried about sending your documents over internet or circulate it in the office, no need to worry with PDF documents.
  • Capability to compress large files: Imagine storing and transferring large volume of heavy files. PDF had make life lot easier. The PDF's capability to compress large files is everybody's dream!
  • Portability: All PDF files exist independently from the Operating system, hardware, software that is being used to view, edit or Convert PDF files. It not only makes it easy to transfer files among computers with different hardware and software architecture. Using PDF files also make sure that the document you send reach the destination clearly without any error.

Disadvantages of PDF:

  • Limited OS Support: PDF is only supported under the Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux and UNIX users cannot create or view PDF files.
  • Difficult to Read: Files in PDF format can prove difficult to read on a computer screen. PDF files are laid out in standard A4 or A3 format pages, which are great for printing, but most computer screens fall somewhere between a 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, which means you spend a lot of time scrolling through the pages when viewing them on the screen.
  • Website Compatibility: PDF files are not always fully integrated into Web pages. If the user has an Adobe Reader or other PDF reader plug-in installed, PDF files can be viewed within the user's Internet browser. However, if no plug-in is installed, the user will be prompted to download and view the file in a separate application.

Maximum times, people complains that their transferred or saved data gets corrupted/altered. Today, data stealing and spamming are increasing rapidly that result in data loss or abused. If you want to save your vital PDF data, then it's important to make it secure while sending or saving and it can be done by converting your word file into PDF format. Do you know what is a PDF file? Well! PDF file is a read only data file that can't be directly changed by any other person and that's why they are mainly used for legal and company documents to make all the data safe and secure. You can also encrypt your PDF file by adding a security password and the plus point of PDF file is that it is independent of software, hardware or operating system that means it can be access and open anywhere and anytime but can't be edited. But unfortunately, you PDF file gets corrupted, then don't worry! Try PDF Recovery tool to retrieve your entire data saved in that corrupt PDF file flawlessly

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