How to Restore Corrupt BKF File of NtBackup in Windows?

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    May 29th, 2010
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    February 25, 2022
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Summary:- Many users take the backup of their important data, but the worst thing that happens is! The Ntbackup file (.bkf file) gets corrupted. And that time one desperately needs BKF File Recovery solutions so that you can recover your lost or damaged BKF files. But before beginning, we will go through some important stats. In this particular blog, we will talk about the methods to recover and restore corrupt BKF files created by Ntbackup on Windows 10/8/7.

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In today’s world, with the increasing use of computers to manage the data for commercial purposes or for personal purposes the cases of data loss are also increasing. And over 60% of internet users from all over the world experience data loss situations every year. You know the pain of losing data that is collected over the years. There can be many reasons for data loss such as:

  • Hardware or System Malfunctions.
  • Human Errors.
  • Software Corruption.
  • Computer Viruses and Malware.
  • Natural Disasters, etc.

To avoid these types of data loss situations users should apply appropriate measures to safeguard the valuable data.

How to Restore Corrupt BKF File by NtBackup.exe Manually?

You can fix corruption issues of corrupt BKF Files with the help of an inbuilt Microsoft utility known as Ntbackup.exe.

  • Locate the Ntbackup.exe
  • Make a Right-Click on it and Run it as Administrator.
  • A message will appear Removable Storage service. Click OK to move further.
  • Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard will open. Click on Next to Continue.
restore ntbackup file1
  • Select Restore files and settings and Click on
restore ntbackup 2
  • Now, Browse the BKF file you want to Restore and Click on OK.
restore ntbackup files3
  • Expand the Left pane and Select the files
  • Make a Click on Advance
restore ntbackup4
  • Open Restore Files to dropdown list and Select Alternate Location.
restore ntbackup5
  • Define Saving Location.
  • Click on Next and then on Finish.
restore ntbackup6

In this manner, you can repair and recover corrupt Windows backup BKF files. If the corruption is severe then you have to try a professional tool for fixing the issue. As the update says, the NTbackup utility cannot run windows after Windows XP or Windows Vista, so if you want to restore corrupt BKF file created by Ntbackup on Windows 10 or Windows 8 or Windows 7 you require SysInfo BKF recovery software. Let’s know the other reason why we need this software.

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Why Do We Require SysInfo Backup Recovery Tool?

If we found corrupt BKF files and whatever is the reason for the corruption of BKF files, then the reason can put us in a problematic situation. When it comes to losing all the important data then to control this situation there are available some solutions.

If you have the original files of those backups which are corrupted then create the backup again. Otherwise, use the SysInfo BKF Recovery Tool which is available in the market. Backup tools are too powerful to recover & extract the maximum possible data from corrupted BKF files. This tool also conserves original files and folder structures while performing the recovery operation. Easy to use, with a highly interactive user interface. Even a novice user can use this software without requiring any technical skills.

Exclusive Features of SysInfo BKF Recovery Software:

  • Executes repair of MS BKF Files More than 1TB successfully.
  • Exclusive support for search functionality in recovered files.
  • Facilitates “Range Scan” feature which is very helpful for advanced users.
  • User can save the recovery process at any time and can load further for fast recovery.
  • Runs smoothly on all versions of Windows.
  • Saves specific searched files in the desired location.

There are many other tools are available for the BKF files recovery that supports Microsoft tape format. But this tool is most recommended whenever there are situations of data loss. BKF files are very useful but besides all this these files are prone to corruption and you may not be able to restore the backup. BKF Recovery tool is the only option left in front of the user to restore corrupt BKF files and access lost files.


We have provided all the possible solutions to Recover and Restore the Corrupt BKF files on Windows 10/8/7. Now you have multiple options to repair the BKF file and resolve any type of corruption issue. The manual technique is only for those users who have sound technical knowledge otherwise the professional tool will help you to fix the issue as it has a user-friendly GUI. I hope now you can view all the contents of your BKF files.

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