What are the Reasons for Corrupt Backup File?

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    April 4th, 2014
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Summary:-Summary:- A backup file plays an essential role in computers, but on the other hand, it is prone to corruption. A backup file that contains backup copies of your crucial data, which can be restored at the time of corruption or data loss, may become inaccessible due to corruption. Like other computer files, a backup file is also not immune to corruption. A wide range of factors can be responsible for BKF file corruption. Do you have a corrupt backup file? Do you know why your backup file is corrupted? Read the Complete Blog. Here, we will discuss the primary reasons behind the BKF file corruption and suggest the best BKF Recovery Software, that helps you to recover data from a corrupt and damaged Windows BKF file.

Some Common Reasons Behind Corrupt Backup File

There are several reasons which are responsible for the BKF file corruption or damage.

  1. Virus infection: Virus infection is one of the most common reasons for file corruption. A virus is a computer program that reproduces itself and harms our computer files. Suppose we have saved our backup file inside any particular drive and a virus is present, then it may affect all the files, including BKF.
  2. Hard disk crash: Whenever a hard disk crashes or is damaged, the data saved inside becomes inaccessible or corrupted. And if our backup file is saved inside the system hard disk, it can be corrupted. 
  3. Improper system shutdown: While working on the computer, the computer data can be damaged if the power failure system turns off. It can affect our hard disk, the applications, and files that were opened before the system shutdown. 
  4. Interrupted backup process: While backing up the data, the backup file can be damaged if any interference or interruption occurs. The interference could be a sudden power failure, software collision, human errors, etc.
  5. Missing catalog files: All backup file details (file size and location) are stored in catalog files. If any catalog file is missing from the backup, we can’t open it, or it could be corrupted.
  6. CRC failed: While opening data from a backup file if we receive a Cyclic Redundancy Check error, it means the file is corrupt and can’t be used for restoration.

Now, you are familiar with all the possible reasons for Backup file corruption. But I would like to share some activities you can perform to avoid Backup File Corruption. From the first instance, if you follow these techniques, I am sure you’ll not face corruption issues again.

Avoiding Backup File Corruption- Tips and Tricks

  1. Install an Antivirus Program– First, you must have a good and effective antivirus program installed on your PC to defend the backup files from virus attacks. The antivirus software creates a wall that restricts viruses and malware from entering the system and affecting the files.
  2. Maintain Space in Hard Drive– Never fill your hard drive at total capacity because the chances of a hard drive crash are high. In addition, you should permanently delete unnecessary files from time to time from the hard drive and prevent hard drive crashes. This technique will avoid backup file corruption issues as well.
  3. Avoid Abrupt System Shutdown– You must close all the applications and then shut down the whole system. The forced shutdown is not suitable for any computer files.
  4. Have a Power Backup– Another reason for abrupt system shutdown is the unavailability of power backup. So I would recommend that you always UPS for a regular power supply. Then, if there is a power failure, the UPS gives the backup to the computer system.
  5. Complete the Backup Process– If a user takes data backup, it requires a lot of time. But some impatient user interrupts the backing process. As a result, it results in backup file corruption. Therefore, my personal advice is to don’t be impatient and wait until the whole backup process completes.

What should I do if my Backup Files get Corrupted?

If you fulfill all the above requirements and you’re not able to Open BKF File in Windows or your backup file gets corrupted, then the only way out is Sysinfo BKF Recovery Tool. It is professional software that will help you to restore all the data from a corrupt backup file. Try the manual ways for repairing the backup file because it might result in huge data loss.


I have mentioned the reasons for Backup file corruption, and I can guarantee you that if you follow all the strategies I have mentioned to avoid corruption, you’ll not face any such problem. If all the measures fail and the Backup file gets damaged, then the only way out is to use SysInfo BKF Recovery software.

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