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Affiliate Partnership Program

Our Affiliate Programis one of a kind exclusive opportunity to earn more and grow more through our business with top-rated globally recognized software products. The basic requirement to get associated with our initiative affiliate program is having an online presence through a dedicated website. Our program provides you a feasible approach to generate revenue through our fast, reliable and cost-effective software range.

As an affiliate, you will create market presence of our software products by placing links on your website. Get handsome commission for each sale of these products via your online website. Joining as affiliate program is entirely free online process with no charge of fee, all the affiliate are required to fill an online registration to update affiliate database. Affiliates do not deal with customer queries or complaints as everything from the point of sale is handled by the merchants. Being an affiliate is not bounded by any prior technical expertise or special product information for the products and services you choose to advertise.

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Benefits you receive by joining Affiliate Partnership Program:

High sucess rate

Our products have successfully been employed by a large customer base with confirmed satisfaction. The entire product has created a niche for being fast, accurate and totally reliable.

Leveraging digital communication

Having an internet connection in today’s digital era is not a big deal. Online affiliate marketing is based on internet with a live functional website to put the links on your website.

Free to choose the right business partners

Being an affiliate the complete freedom to work with the right person is wholly owned by the affiliate. The affiliate is independent to choose selling partners or exercise their choice not to work with the company, if the policy is not appropriate.

Digital Software delivery

Affiliates are provided with digital version of the software via internet as we make sure quick virtual delivery of the software.

Increased web presence

In the digital communication, the increase in the number of internet users can fetch more customers by an online presence of the product.

Garnering high commission rate

Affiliates are entitled for a transparent commission policy considering factors for performance, sales generation and profitable output.

Promotional Material

We make sure that all the affiliate are provided with marketing materials including software product content , screenshots of the utilities ,banner, product feed ,text links to further assist in generating sales.

Cookie period

We work with cookie period to make sure that the affiliates sales target are met on time, affiliate will get commission for such sale. In case customer making sale after this period, commissions will not be assigned to affiliate, because cookie already expired.

Regular Notification

We are providing up to minute updates to all our affiliate partners via email notifications and affiliate newsletters with recent promotions so that you can further effectively streamline promotional activities of products.

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