Best Way to Fix Dell Error Code 0142 Issue: Causes and Solutions

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    August 7th, 2018
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Computers and laptops have become a part of our daily life, so we depend on them to carry out all the work smoothly. But, if the system or hard drive fails it can seriously cause some problems. One of the common hard disk failure error is “error code 0142” in Dell laptops. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how one can solve/fix Dell error code 0142 issue with ease.

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error 2000-0142

What are the causes of error code 2000-0142?

‘Error Code 2000-0142’ represents that there is something wrong with your systems hard drive. This error could be caused due to CPU failure, OS crash, and the hard drive fails to pass a self-test.

How to Fix Dell Error code 0142?

However, oftentimes hard disk cannot be fixed so if your hard drive is still under warranty, just call the manufacturer or opt for onsite service and get it replaced. Nonetheless, before replacing hard drive try once replacing IDE or SATA cables and connect the hard drive to another system perhaps resolve the error 0142.

Method 1:S.M.A.R.T” Test

Almost all PC/laptop manufacturers arrange pre-boot diagnostic tools to fix problems related to hardware/software failures. At the initial step, run S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) test on the hard drive to analyze and identify the potential reason for the hard disk breakdown.

Before you, Run S.M.A.R.T diagnosis, replace IDE/SATA cable to recognize the possible reason for the drive failure. Follow these guided steps to run the test:

Step 1: Boot PC/laptop and enter the BIOS utility.

  • For Windows 10 to Vista repeatedly press the F12 key while the system is booting.
  • For Windows XP or earlier, repeatedly press the F1 key to enter BIOS.

Step 2: Choose the hard drive and press Enter. Now select ‘SMART’ support and press Enter.

Step 3: From the provided device tests, select any of the of the following:

  • SMART Status Check: It checks the status of the Hard Disk SMART status.
  • Short SMART Self-Test: It runs a short self-test on the Hard disk.
  • Extended SMART Self-Test: Run extended self-test on the HDD.

Step 4: After the tests are completed, press Esc.

Method 2: With Built-in and Online Diagnostics – PSA or ePSA Error Codes

Error 0142 is most common in the Dell laptops. So Dell offers a built-in and online diagnostics tools namely – PSA (Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment) and Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) diagnostics. These diagnostics demands the Service Tag, ePSA error, PSA error codes and validation code for completing the process. Also, if no issue is found, then the chances are that the problem is with OS.

Follow these instructions to enter built-in and online diagnostics.

Step 1: Boot your Dell and press F12 to enter One-time Boot Menu and choose to go to Diagnostics. Choose the on-screen instructions to successfully complete the process.

Note: If due to any reason test fails, note the validation and error code.

Step 2:  Visit the Dell Support site < enter Service Tag < Submit and Diagnostic (for Online diagnostics).

Run these test to resolve Dell error code 0142

  1. Quick Test: This test would detect all the hard disk and processor related issues. It would generally take 10-15mins and if an error is found, it would automatically fix it or would suggest troubleshooting.
  2. Custom Test (Specific Test): Run this test for a specific or multiple devices to fix any hardware problem. It takes roughly 20 mins (time depends on the device selected).
  3. Full Test: This test analyses whole Dell PC/laptop thoroughly and takes approximately 35-40 mins.
Dell error code 0142 test

Dell “Support Assist”

Dell Laptops/PC comes with preinstalled. What it does is check the health of the system to prevent software along with hardware issues. When it senses any issue, it sends the info to the Dell for troubleshooting.

Run Dell “Support Assist” and check for software or hardware issue:

  1. Open and run Dell SupportAssist and select the Hardware checkup.
  2. From the results, run Default, Stress or Scan system diagnostic test.
  3. If your system does not come with Dell SupportAssist, then simply download it from the official site.
Dell SupportAssist

If your system is under warranty then you don’t have to worry, just contact their support team and they will fix Dell error code 0142. But you never know when you will face error 0142 so always keep backups of your data.

If the above solutions helped you, if not then it means that your hard drive is affected and you need to replace it with a new one and restore all your data using backup files.

Just in case if you had backup files and they are inaccessible or got corrupted then use SysInfoTools Backup Recovery Tool to regain all your lost data.

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These are the reason why this tool stands out from the rest of the backup recovery software:

  • Recover/restores BKF files generated by Windows NTBackup & Symantec Backup Exec.
  • Support Windows Backup Recovery.
  • 3 Recovery modes(standard, Advance, and Deep modes) to restore BKF files.
  • Can easily be located in a particular file from scanned data using the Search option.
  • Tree Structure Preview is administered organization of the folder hierarchy of recovered BKF files.
  • Supports preview of 200 different file formats.
  • Recovers limitless BKF files of any size(tested successfully 1TB data recovered).

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