Solved - SQL Server Connection could not be Established Error

Summary: MS SQL is a Relational Database System which focuses on storing and retrieving data on the request of other applications. It runs either on the same computer or on another system over a network. Some common relational database systems that use SQL for storing and retrieving data are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Ingres, Sybase, etc.

As other database systems, SQL database is also prone to corruption. To repair and recover the SQL database, users rely on Sysinfotools MS SQL Database Recovery Tool. The tool offers a way to directly export the newly created database to the SQL server after the whole recovery process. But when it comes to testing the server connection for exporting the new database, users get an error that “Connection could not be established. Contact support team at”


“Hi there, I’m Fredrick and I’m a Data Analyst. I’m using the SQL Server as a database system for storing my cash flow for the investors. I’ve automated the Excel with the SQL database to make it more convenient for my investor to get the insights of all the data. But, recently some of my stored procedures went inaccessible. So, I used MSSQL Database Recovery tool to recover the data and recreate the database. But, when I tried to export recovered data as a new database and sought to test database connection, I got an error saying connection could not be established and asking to contact the support team. I’m sharing a screenshot of the error message that I got, so you can easily interpret my concern. Please help me to resolve the issue as I've got a limited timespan for the investor.”

Attached Screenshot By Fredrick

connection could not be established


When the client approached the technical support team for help, the Sysinfo experts had a proper brainstorming and R&D session for resolving the error. After the complete evaluation of the issue, the experts found that the cause for this blunder could be any of these unfavorable scenarios:

  • Connection can’t be established due to the wrong Server and Database name passed.
  • The server may not be properly installed.


After the evaluation phase, the Sysinfo tech team have provided a quick solution to the clients for this issue.

Please follow the same steps as the client followed before saving the recovered data using the MS SQL Database Recovery Tool.

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and copy the server name from here.
    connect to server
  2. Launch the MSSQL Database Recovery tool and reach to the Saving step.
  3. Now, paste the copied server name from the MSSQL Server Management Studio.
    server name
  4. Provide a database name as per your need.
    database name
  5. Now, click on the Test Database Connections button.
    test database connections
  6. After the complete testing of database connection click on the OK button.
    complete testing
  7. Soon the saving process will get completed, click on Ok and you are good to go.
    saving process completed
  8. Check the SQL Server Management Studio and the newly created database will be reflected in it.

Once you have provided the current server name to the software all the issue will get resolved and the recovered data will get saved inside the new database on the SQL server.

Note: If you face any difficulty in the above method, then I advise you to contact the Technical support team and they will happily help you out to resolve any kind of issue regarding the software or its working.


As the tech experts found that connection can’t be established due to the wrong Server name passed. After providing the current and connected server name the software successfully connected to the server and added the database to the server. The efforts of the tech team helped Fredrick a lot and the issue was resolved in the provided timespan.