How do I fix MS Outlook Rules Not Working

Query 1: I set up Outlook Rules for my bank account, but they haven't been functioning properly for the past few days, so I'm looking for a solution to fix it.

Query 2: My boss is used to messaging me often regarding my project. In the meantime, I also received messages from others as well. Therefore, I set up Outlook Rules in my account. However, I've only just realized that these Rules aren't being followed as intended. Can someone advise me on what to do next?

Hi, Don't worry; this article will provide you with an appropriate and reliable solution to the problem of Outlook rules not working. But first, let me give you a brief overview of your problem. Furthermore, how can you escape this situation? Let’s proceed with every aspect of your problem.

We essentially created a rule for any important messages so that we could search for important messages across the board in our mailbox in a matter of moments. When you create a rule for any specific email sender or receiver, it will send the message from that sender or receiver to the assigned mailbox. But sometimes, we exceeded the rule quota, due to which our Outlook rule did not work automatically. Therefore, we will learn how to resolve this issue in the section that follows.

Ways to Fix Outlook Rules Not Working

We are offering you different ways to fix this issue. You can select whichever one suits you best.

Method 1: Allow Outlook Rules Feature

Sometimes, accidentally, we disable the Outlook rules. In this case, it is better to check the settings of the Outlook Rule feature. Below are the steps to take.

  • Access Outlook and steer to the Files option.
  • Here, select Rules and Alerts > Manage Rules and Alerts.
  • Then select the necessary rules and check the Enable Rules on All Messages box in the dialog box.
  • After managing the required details, click the OK button.

Method 2: Update Outlook

We frequently experience rules not working in Outlook issues because of out-of-date Outlook versions. To update your Outlook, take the steps below.

  • Launch your Outlook account and move to the File option.
  • Now choose Office Account from the menu.
  • Select Update Now under the Updates option.

In this way, your Outlook will become updated and allow you to use Outlook Rules accordingly.

However, we have seen instances where corrupt PST files are unintentionally added when using these methods, corrupting the entirety of the Outlook data. In this case, to protect your data, you can use the automated solution to fix the Outlook rule not working automatically. Let’s check out how to proceed.

Method 3: Fix Outlook Rules Not Working With Advanced Approach

This approach is risk-free because it is simple to use and doesn't call for any technical knowledge. Aside from fixing your Outlook PST file, this cutting-edge tool also lets you save the PST's data in multiple formats and migrate it directly to other clouds. Below are the steps to take to repair your PST files.

  • Start the PST Recovery Tool and run it as an administrator.
  • Add the PST files or folders and choose the recovery mode for the added files.
  • Select the files or folders to recover and choose the saving format for them.
  • Use the other advanced features and click the OK button, and your PST file will repair and downloaded in your desired format.


This write-up briefly explains the ways to fix Outlook rules not working. In contrast to the manual method, which damages your PST file, PST Recovery Tool is simple to use and repairs your PST file. You can also keep a backup of your data for future reference. Reach out to us if you experience any problems. We are available around the clock.