Unable to Open VHD File in Virtualbox

I used to frequently save movies to my computer to watch later. I also created a virtual hard disk in my system and shared my system memory for this. But today, as I tried to access it, I was unable to open a VHD file. So, in this write-up, we will learn how to access VHD files with traditional and automated solutions. Let’s unleash the methods in detail.

Method 1: Open VHD File in Virtual Box With a Conventional Approach

Take the steps listed below to view the VHD file.

Note: Before using this method, make sure that you have already created a VHD file.

  • Add a hard disk to the newly created VHD.
  • Select the Settings option, then browse to the VHD file you were having trouble opening.
  • Choose the compact option in the new wizard.
  • Verify that the option to convert it to a fixed-size virtual hard disk is chosen.
  • VHDTool.exe /repair <BaseVHDFileName> <FirstSnapshotAVHDFileName> [/quiet]
  • Assign a name for the VHD file, and copy the VHD file to the original server.

See if you can now open a VHD file online.

To use this method, you must possess a high level of technical expertise. so that you won't lose the data on your virtual hard disk in the interim. In this case, we recommend you go with the automated VHD Recovery Software. Let us proceed with a brief explanation of the advanced tool and learn how to open a VHD file using this cutting-edge tool.

Method 2: Open VHD File With Advanced Tool

The Sysinfo VHD Recovery Software is a trust of experts that allows you to repair your corrupted VHD files. It supports FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, RAW, and EXTX file systems. It is capable of recovering both MBR and GPT VHD disk partitioning systems. It has several different scanning modes, you can choose the scanning mode accordingly. Below are the steps to take to run the tool.

Steps to Open VHD File

  • Download the Sysinfo VHD Recovery Software.
  • Select the disk type and add your corrupted VHD file.
  • Choose the scanning mode and utilize the other features accordingly.
  • Decide the recovery mode according to the file corruption level.
  • Once the utility completes the scanning process, it will show the data present in it. Choose the data that you want to view, and tap the Save button.
  • At last, click the OK button after assigning the name and location for the VHD file


I'm hoping that after reading this article, you'll be able to open VHD files using both manual and automated methods. Depending on what works best for you, you can employ any of the methods. But in order to access VHD without any hassle, we advise you to choose a professional approach. Aside from that, you can contact customer support if you get stuck at any point.