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Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into Single Consolidated PST

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PST Merge Tool

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SysInfoTools PST Merger is a highly efficient program which merges multiple PST files into one consolidated file. This innovative utility offers a cost-effective and reliable option to merge Outlook Contacts, Emails, Calendar, Journal and other mail items into a single file. Outlook PST merge tool serves three best options to combine PST files, i.e. Merge PST, Join PST, and Merging Contacts. In addition, there are two more options available that makes your merging process simpler: Remove Duplicate Items and Exclude Deleted Items.

  • Combine multiple Outlook data files with Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Task etc.
  • Three best option to merge PST files: Merge PST, Joint PST & Merge Contacts.
  • Remove Duplicate items and Exclude Deleted items from the merging process.
  • Avail Option to apply password in the resultant Outlook PST file.
  • Merge Unicode and ANSI PST file and supports non-English and right to left characters as well
  • Compatible with MS Outlook 2016 ( 32bit and 64 bit ) and its below version.
  • Free PST Merger tool is available online to combine 25 items of each PST file.

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Demo Limitations - Trial version is safe to download and combine 25 items from each PST file

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Excellent and Powerful Features of PST Merge Software

merge PST files
3 Options to Merge Outlook PST

SysInfoTools PST Merge offers powerful and excellent features to effectively combine an unlimited number of PST files into a single, consolidated PST file. It also offers you 3 options to combine Outlook PST files i.e. Merge PST, Join PST and Merge Contacts folders. Select any of the above three options to generate a PST file.

combine PST files
Join PST Option

Outlook PST Merge Software is facilitated with Join PST option in which tool creates a new folder for each selected PST file. It means all the Outlook PST files are kept as it is under the same folder. All the PST files remain intact as it was earlier i.e. there will be no data loss and change in folder hierarchy after merging process. Read how to convert ANSI PST to Unicode PST

PST merger
Merge PST File Option

An additional Merge PST option is available that facilitates to merge all the folders of selected PST files in a new PST file. Thus, within this option, the software will combine the data file based on similar folder. Like Inbox of PST1 will combine with the Inbox of PST2 file and so on. Learn How to Increase Outlook Mailbox Size in Latest Outlook 2013.

merge two PST files
Merge Contacts Option

Merge Contacts option in the PST merge software lets the users to merge only contacts of selected PST files into a new PST file. So, if you want to create a separate, single PST file for contacts, only then go for this option only. The Merge Contacts option lets you create a single PST file for all contact folders of selected Outlook files.

merge Outlook data files
Application with Non-destructive feature

The Outlook PST Merge software keeps all the Meta data information including: Subject, To, From, Received date, Attachments, CC, BCC, and Address intact or unchanged as the tool works in read-only mode and does not cause any modifications to the original file structure.

merge Outlook PST files
Instant merging action

The software features' effective selection of any number of PST files that is combined into a single consolidated PST file in just no time. This PST merge tool is proficient in combining numerous PST files in just a few mouse clicks with no limitation on the selection of PST files for safe merging.

combining PST files
Removal of Duplicity

The Outlook PST Merge tool combine multiple PST files into single one and also allows users to remove duplicate mailbox items which helps to keep consolidated PST file size low. But remember, this option will be enable with the Merge PST option only.

merge PST files Outlook 2010
Exclude Deleted Items

Tool to combine Outlook PST files will offer you another option: Exclude deleted items. With this option, you can keep the "deleted item" folder from merging. To do this simply check in the option of Exclude deleted item option given in the interface of PST merge software.

merge PST files Outlook 2007
Supports all versions of MS Outlook

PST Merge Software extends support to the all popular versions of MS Outlook comprising of MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010 with further support for the higher version MS Outlook such as 2013. [32bit and 64bit both]. Read How to Determine MS Outlook Version?

merge PST files Outlook 2013
Search PST file

Outlook PST Merge tool allows users to add all the PST files by searching and locating PST file in each specific path. This Auto Search option proves to be very helpful when you are unaware of storage location of PST file. Read How to fix Outlook Search issue

merge PST files
Add new PST to Outlook profile

Inbuilt feature enables users to add the new compressed PST file(s) directly to MS Outlook user profile. If you have multiple PST files to add in MS Outlook, do so with our smart Add Outlook PST Software

combine PST files
Secure new PST with Password Protection

As the merge PST file software supports applying password to the new PST file(s), now, users can protect new output PST files by applying a new password. Learn How to Encrypt PST Files in Outlook 2010 and 2007

PST merger
Compatible with all Windows

Merge Outlook PST Software runs smoothly under all major operating systems of Windows including Windows 98, NT, 2000, Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10..

merge two PST files
Simplified easy-to-use application

The PST merge tool requires no prior technical expertise as it is an easy-to-use application for technical and non-technical users alike. In addition, the screenshots and online videos further help users to perform a proficient merging action of PST files.

Change Log: [v3.0 updated features]

  • This Outlook PST Merge Software implements effective removal of copied items from new PST file as it automatically removes duplicate mailbox data from the selected PST files at the time of the merging
  • Performs exclusion of deleted mailbox items from new PST file
  • Creates a LOG file of PST merge process at the same location which is defined for the resultant Outlook PST file
  • With further inclusion of favorable changes in the software and its user interface that enhance the overall robust performance
  • Provides a solution to fix minor structural problems that exist with some Outlook PST which are exported from Exchange Server

Important Note: This PST merge tool doesn't support corrupt PST files. If a PST file is corrupt, then use the PST Repair software

Different options for merging PST files

  • Join PST Files: You can select “Join PST Files” option to join selected PST files by creating new folder for each selected PST files in a new PST file.
  • Merge PST Files: You can select “Merge PST Files” option to merge all the folders of selected PST files in a new PST file. Also, users can remove duplicate items from the new PST file.
  • Merge Contacts: If you want to merge contacts only, you should use this option. It will only merge the contacts from selected PST files in a new file.
  • Remove Duplicates: The "Remove Duplicate" option is only enabled with the Merge PST option which you can select to remove all the duplicate items from selected PST file meaning new PST files will have no duplicate items.
  • Exclude Deleted Items: If you want to exclude the deleted items in the new PST file, you can select this option.

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Available Options like Add files, Search, Remove, Remove all
Display complete information of each PST file
Join PST files
Merge PST files
Merge Contacts
Remove Duplicates (Applicable with Merge option)
Exclude deleted items
Apply Passwords to resultant PST file
Save merge files 25 Items (Each PST file) ALL
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Price FREE $49
Money-Back Guarantee Download Buy Now
Specifications of PST Merge Tool

PST Merge Tool

Norton Seal windows 10 compatible

Trial Limitations

Demo version of the software comes with one limitation, it will combine initial 25 items of each selected PST file. This limitation of the demo version can be overcome by opting for the full licensed version.

Basic Requirements
  • Pentium class processor
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 50 MB Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store recovered output

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is required to merge MS Outlook PST files?

Sometimes, there are many PST files in your mailbox and it becomes painful to open each PST file and search for the desired mail or content. To manage multiple PST files at one time, it is a tedious task for the users. So, you handle this problem by merging multiple PST files into single PST file. This method improves the MS Outlook management and increases the work efficiency by holding multiple PST files data into a single PST file. Now, it's easier to search data from the single PST file.

Is it important to install MS Outlook in the system before running this PST Merger program?

Yes, it is mandatory to install MS Outlook in the system before installing this Oulook PST merge program; MS outlook should be configured with POP3 profile.

Does the PST Merger software work equally well in cases of corrupted PST files as I have multiple PST files and some of them are impaired?

No, the Outlook PST Merge software does not support corrupted PST files and if the PST files are corrupted or damaged, you must repair those damaged PST files before initiating the merging process. Try our PST Recovery tool to recover your corrupted PST files.

Is the Merge PST tool capable enough to remove duplicity in the emails?

Yes, the tool to combine PST files will offer you the option to Remove Duplicates through which one can remove the duplicate items from merging process.

What is the difference between Merge PST and Join PST options?

Although both merging and joining processes involve combining of PST data files into a single file, but there is a big difference between them. They save users time to handle multiple PST files, and reduce backups, and other management overhead. Joining operation of PST files generates a cumulative PST with all the email items irrespective of duplicity between email items. All joined PST files will be preserved in a separate folder inside big joined PST file. All data items like email, folder, calendars, contacts, task etc. remain intact.

The merge operation involves some intelligent process as it will generate a big PST file and all the selected PST files share same root folder and respective hierarchy like it was in original individual PST file. After the merging process, things with the same name and hierarchical levels get amalgamated and generate a large complete folders structure of all PST file. Duplicate email items like contacts, emails and other data will be discarded and you will a get a much lean and compact Outlook PST then the individual PST files .

I found that there are two versions of PST Merge software in program folder. Can I use both? Which one is speedier?

Yes, there are two versions: one is 32-bit version and other one is 64-bit version. There is almost no performance difference. Usually, the 64-bit systems have larger and higher resources then 32-bit system but that is not relevant in this context. Usage of any version of Merge PST software depends upon the MS Outlook installation on your system. If you have MS Outlook 32-bit installed on your system, then use 32-bit version of PST Merge software; and if you have 64-bit MS Outlook installed, then use 64-bit version of software. If you are not sure, follow this URL to determine the MS Outlook version

I am having an error related to redemption.dll or redemption64.dll? I just installed the software and now this error appears. Why? Am I doing anything wrong here?

The primary reason for this error is that you have installed an incorrect version of this software on your system. You must check the version of MS Outlook before installing the software on your system. The previous question addresses this problem, please check that. Software relies on redemption.dll [32-bit PST Merge] or redemption64.dll [64-bit PST Merge] for its core functionality related to PST management. It’s a COM dll and sometimes due to conflict and other issues, com dll might not get registered properly which generate this error. As any com dll, these dlls can be registered via regsvr32.exe registration is quite simple just open command line and type

regsvr32.exe [space] [path pf dll]\redemption.dll

regsvr32.exe [space] [path pf dll]\redemption64.dll [if you have 64-bit OS and 64-bit MS Outlook installed]

This method will surely solve your problem; however, you can also try to re-install the software if you want to skip this method. There is a register.bat file present in the program folder of PST Merge software, simply drag & drop those dlls into that register.bat file will invoke regvr32.exe method.

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Saving them all together is a difficult task. I would like to take this opportunity to thank PST Merge that offered me to merge all contacts folders while maintaining details of each contact.

- Mitchell Lawrence, France

I was looking for a tool that would help me to merge multiple PST files into one in less time. With this, I could easily keep a check on the duplicity of the mailbox items with successive merge process. I am very much thankful to the makers of PST Merge tool that helped me a lot to merge Outlook PST files.

- Eugene Flowers, Denmark

I used PST Merge from SysInfoTools for the first time and I am pretty much amazed with the performance of the tool as it quickly consolidates multiple PST files in no time. Thank you very much to the entire team of developers for devising such a fabulous product.

- Kelly Harrington, Washington

I used this product for the first time after thorough research on some good PST Merger. Then, I found this PST Merge from SysInfoTools with good features; it is an outstanding tool to combine unlimited number of PST files into a consolidated PST. Thanks a lot!

- Sheryl Goodwin, Brazil

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