How to Encrypt PST Files in Outlook 2010 and 2007 ?

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    June 14th, 2017
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Summary:-MS Outlook saves all the emails and other mailbox items in a PST file. But by importing a PST file to Outlook, any user can go through the emails and mailbox items. Therefore, you need to encrypt PST files to make them more secure. So, in this article, you can explore the techniques for encrypting Outlook PST Files on Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.

Likewise, PST Encryption is one of the important features which MS Outlook provides its users.  Let me tell you, it’s not only PST encryption but other features like its search features, multitasking capabilities, etc. makes it perfect for Email Communication Purpose.

We all know that MS Outlook uses the PST File Format to store all the information. PST files keep all the data in Outlook folders including both your incoming and outgoing emails.

encrypt PST files

What does PST Encryption mean?

PST Encryption is nothing but just a process of encrypting PST files that prevent unauthorized people from accessing important data.

Types of PST Encryption in Outlook

Microsoft mainly offers three encryption settings:

1) None :

Note: None encryption is easier than all other encryption as the PST file contains data in plaintext. (simple text editor can display those contents. )

2) Compressible :

Compressible Encryption is nothing but a simple byte-substitution cipher with one fixed substitution table. However, attackers can easily decode the data and see the data in plaintext.

3) High :

High (aka better) encryption is the same as the WWII German Enigma cipher with three fixed rotors. Attackers can decode the data and see the computer’s plaintext, if the key, known as the internal identifier is known to users.

Easy Ways to Encrypt Outlook PST Files

In this blog, I will basically discuss how to Encrypt PST Files In Outlook 2010 and 2007 versions.

First, let us check out the ways to encrypt PST Files In Outlook 20O7. 

In the older version of Outlook 2003, when we create PST Files there is an option to select an encryption Mode. The choices which are available are No Encryption, Compressible Encryption, and High Encryption. Unfortunately, these options have been removed For MS Outlook 2007.

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Basically, to encrypt a PST file in Outlook, we basically use two methods

1) Encrypting File System (EFS)

EFS has the tendency to encrypt files, folders, or volumes, and is widely available on Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Business.

2) BitLocker Drive Encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption is superior to EFS in terms of encryption. It basically encrypts entire volumes more securely.

Check out the steps To encrypt PST Files in Outlook 2007 file using the Encrypting File System.

Step1) First, find the way to the PST file in Windows Explorer.

Step 2) Then, just right-click the file and select Properties.

Step 3) The Advanced button on the General tab will have a checkbox option to Encrypt data to secure data. Though Outlook is not responsible for encrypting or decrypting Your PST files. It’s all Windows that is taking care of that.

Now let us move to the process to encrypt PST Files in Outlook 2010.

Step 1) First, Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step2) Go to the “File” tab,

Step 3) Then Click on the “Account Settings” icon and click it again it to expand the additional options sub-menu.

Step 4) Now Click the “Account Settings” option.

Step 5) Go to  the “Data Files” tab at the top of the screen

encrypt PST files

Step 6) Click the PST file that you want to encrypt

Step 7) Go the the “Settings” button.

Step 8) Then, Select the “Change Password” button.

PST Encryption

Step 9) Type a password into the “New password,” Password, then retype the password into the “Verify password.” option.

Step 10) Click the “OK” button to encrypt the PST file.

Once you have set up the password to encrypt PST files. You always need to enter the password of PST Files to get access to your PST Files.

Note: If you have lost your PST Password then you can check 0ut PST Password Recovery Tool if you need to unlock PST password.

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