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Linux Data Recovery

Norton Seal windows 10 compatible

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SysInfo Linux Data Recovery software for Windows system, and perform complete recovery of your data from corrupt hard disk drives of Linux containing EXT (EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4) file system. Data recovery software for Linux is highly advanced for restoring all types of files from corrupt volumes and drives. It has been intelligently designed to support recovery from both partition tables, i.e. GPT and MBR. The three main functions of this software are: Scan, Preview and Save, which means it first scans the selected volume/drive, then it shows the preview of your recovered data in a tree-structure, and then it allows users to save the recovered data in their original form at user-defined location. Due to its interactive and self-instructive user interface, it doesn't require any prior technical knowledge to use this software.

  • Recover lost or accidentally deleted data from corrupt volumes/drive of Linux system
  • Support recovery of maximum possible data from EXT, EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4 drives
  • Recovery from GPT and MBR partition tables are supported by this Linux data recovery software
  • Dual scanning modes, i.e. Standard & Advance, for recovering data from the physical drive
  • Powerful Standard mode of recovery to recover complete data without causing any changes or alteration
  • Users are allowed to add a new custom volume to the list for Linux data recovery recovery
  • Users can define the custom settings for selected volume before the actual recovery
  • RAW recovery option is enabled with advance scanning mode
  • Adding new signatures to a new or existing file with RAW recovery option for recovering mode data
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered files and folders, and file properties can also be checked
  • Searching of specific files in the tree-structure is enabled via Auto-search feature
  • Higher compatibility with all major versions of Windows-based operating systems, including Win 10

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Demo Limitations - Trial version enable users to take preview of the recovered data.

Most Desirable Properties of Linux Data Recovery Software

Efficient Linux Data Recovery
Efficient Linux Data Recovery

Linux Data Recovery tool performs swift and complete recovery of your data from corrupt volumes and drives of Linux system. It is highly capable to restore your lost as well as accidentally deleted data in their original form.

Complete EXTX Support
Complete EXTX Support

Linux hard disk recovery software supports recovery from complete EXTX file system which includes EXT, EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4. Also, it supports recovery of all types of files which are stored on your corrupt volumes/drives and saved them at user-defined location.

Linux Partition Recovery
Linux Partition Recovery

Linux data recovery from both popular partition tables, i.e. GPT (GUID partition table) and MBR (master boot record), is supported by this software. The MBR partition table is selected by default. If the drive/volume contains GPT format, you need to check the GPT format box.

Dual Scanning Modes
Dual Scanning Modes

There are two scanning modes in this Linux file recovery tool. Select Standard mode if corruption is minor. But if you are not satisfied with the result, you can try Advance scanning mode for better recovery results and for more options.

Powerful Standard Recovery
Powerful Standard Recovery

Linux data recovery is effortlessly performed in Standard mode via this software. Its powerful recovery engine of standard mode performs maximum possible data recovery from corrupt volumes/drives in minimum possible time.

Custom Volume Addition
Custom Volume Addition

In case of missing volume, users are allowed to add a custom volume to the list, so that more data can be recovered from the drive. The custom volume addition feature is only available with advance scanning mode.

Customize Volume Settings
Customize Volume Settings

Software enables users to customize the volume settings, such as: starting and ending sectors. Also, users can select the file system in which they want to treat the selected volume. RAW recover mode is available in this option.

RAW Recovery Mode
RAW Recovery Mode

RAW recovery mode is very helpful in recovering maximum possible data from the custom volume added by users. It starts parsing the volume and recovers images (5 GB), archives (1 GB) and audio (6 MB) files.

New Signatures Addition
New Signatures Addition

With RAW recovery mode, users can add new signatures to the existing or into a new file to recover more and other forms of data as well. Just click Add new signatures in new/existing file button and define the file settings there. Save the file and then reparse the volume.

Enrich Preview
Enrich Preview

Once the volume/drive is successfully scanned, all the recovered files and folders will be displayed in a tree-structure. You can expand the folders one by one to check the recovered files. Also, you can check the file properties before saving them.

Auto-search Files
Auto-search Files

If you have thousands of files in the tree-structure and you want to save only few specific files, you can search them by using its auto-search feature. Just enter the file names/types (single as well as multiple) and click Search button.

Smart Windows Support
Smart Windows Support

This Linux Data Recovery software is highly compatible with all popular Windows-based operating systems, such as: Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 including the latest Win 10 (32 & 64-bits).

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Recover lost or accidentally deleted data from corrupt volumes/drive of Linux system
Support recovery of maximum possible data from EXT, EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4 drives
Recovery from GPT and MBR partition tables are supported by this software
RAW recovery option is enabled with advance scanning mode
Save Recovered Data Only Preview
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
Price FREE $69
Money-Back Guarantee Download Buy Now
Specifications of Linux Data Recovery Software

Linux Recovery

Norton Seal windows 10 compatible

Trial Limitations

Before purchasing the licensed version of Linux Data Recovery software, we request our customers to download demo version first for free evaluation purpose. Demo version of the software contains all the features and functionalities which are available in the licensed version. Users are enabled to scan the corrupt volumes/drive, and also preview of recovered files and folders can be checked. But the saving feature is disabled in demo version. Place your order for the licensed version and save your recovered data in their original form at user-defined location.

Basic Requirements
  • Pentium class processor
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 50 MB Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store recovered output

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I perform recovery from my corrupt drive of Linux system?

If you want to perform Linux data recovery from corrupt volumes and drives containing EXT, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file systems, you should try this smart Linux Data Recovery software. This will scan your corrupt volumes/drives with ease, and show you all the recovered data (files and folders) in a tree-structure. You can, then, select files and folders in the tree-structure, and save them in their original form at any location. Before purchasing its licensed version, you must evaluate the software by downloading its free demo version.

How to use Linux Data Recovery software?

Linux Data Recovery software is an easy-to-use application for Windows users. Start with downloading the free demo version first. Then run the executable file (.exe) on your system, and install the software. Once the software is successfully installed and ready to use, you can launch it on your system. The user-interface of this software is quite easy and self-instructive. Any technical or non-technical user can use it with ease. Online video tutorial and working screenshots on this page can better assist you.

What types of file formats does this tool support?

This SysInfo Linux hard disk recovery tool supports recovery of almost all types of files, such as: images, archives, documents, videos, audios, databases, emails, and many more.

How can I check the preview of my recovered data before saving them?

Once the selected volume is successfully scanned, all your data (files and folders) will be shown in a tree-structure. You can expand the ROOT folder shown on the top, and then expand other folders one by one to check your recovered files. Also, you can check the file properties before saving them.

What is the use of Auto-search feature of this tool?

The auto-search feature of this tool allows users to search the file items in the tree-structure. If you are having thousands of files in the tree-structure and you just want to save few specific files, this feature would be very helpful for you. You just need to define the file name/type in the search box, and click Search button. Within a few seconds, the files will be searched. You can search multiple files at the same by entering multiple files in the search box, separating each file with this "|" sign.

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Client Reviews


Accidentally I had deleted data from my hard disk. It was difficult for me to retrieve all my deleted files back, until I tried Sysinfotools Linux Data recovery Tool. The tool recovered all my files back in their back in their original form. Thanks for this incredible tool.

- Ronald L. Cotter, Madisonville

Awesome, Great work done by SysInfoTools Linux data Recovery Tool. It extracted all my data files, which were badly infected and damaged. Fewdays back, I was unable to access my data from my Linux Operating System, which was not less than a nightmare. But with with the help of SysInfTools Linux data recovery tool, I got all may data back in a few moments. Big Kudos from my side.

- Jose E. Stern, Olathe

While I was playing on my Linux Operating System, my computer unexpectedly turned down. When I restarted the computer, I was totally shocked . I could not access my important files and data. I tried all the possible ways , but couldn't recover it . Then, I finally I went for your Linux data recovery tool and yes I was able to restore all my data files flawlessly which is quite appreciable. Thank you SysInfotools.

- Maria T. Soto, Livonia

I am deeply thankful to SysInfoTools and their Technical team for retrieving my data files from my corrupted Linux OS in just few moments. You just save my life by retrieving my Important data. Thank you guys for providing such an incredible tool to recover permanently deleted Linux files.

- Brenda M. Collier, Simmesport

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