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RAID Recovery Software v1.0

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RAID Recovery

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SysInfoTools RAID Recovery software is a thorough answer for RAID file recovery on Windows systems. Software has been insightfully programmed for recovering maximum conceivable data from corrupt RAID hard disks. It underpins both RAID-HDD and RAID-VHD, and restores data in their original form at user-defined location. Every single well-known file systems of Windows, Mac and Linux are profoundly supported by this product. Likewise, it supports both GPT and MBR partition table formats in which your hard disk partition is saved. The interactive and easy-to-use interface of this software makes recovery operation highly convenient for technical and non-technical users.

  • Comprehensive RAID Recovery software to support RAID-0 & RAID-5
  • Support RAID-HDD option to recover data from RAID hard disk drive
  • Support RAID-VHD option to recover data from RAID virtual hard disk file
  • Users are allowed to add a missing disk by defining the disk parameters
  • Change Partition Offset option to define the partition offset value
  • Multiple Rotating Parity options are available with RAID-5 option
  • Couple of scanning modes, i.e. Standard & Advance for different level of corruption
  • Support both partition table formats, i.e. MBR (master boot record) and GPT (GUID partition table)
  • Custom volume addition is enabled in missing volume case
  • Users are allowed to define Custom Settings for the selected volume
  • All popular file systems are supported, i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT), HFS & HFS+ and EXTX
  • Three different recovery modes, i.e. Standard, Advanced and Deep, for recovering maximum possible data
  • Tree-structure preview of recovered data which include files and folders
  • Auto-search feature to search the specific files in the tree-structure
  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface that requires no prior technical expertise
  • Exclusive support for all Windows-based operating systems including latest Win 10 (32 & 64-bit)

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Below are the key features of RAID Recovery software in detail:

HDD Recovery
RAID-HDD Recovery

RAID Recovery software is programmed to perform RAID-HDD recovery. You need to select the RAID-HDD which is saved in physical drive format on your system. There’re multiple drives you need to select in a particular disk order.

RAID VHD Recovery
RAID-VHD Recovery

Also, it supports RAID-VHD recovery proficiently. You need to select multiple RAID-VHD files from your system in a particular disk order. Make sure the selected VHD files are selected in the correct order before you can start the scanning process.

Add Missing Disk
Add Missing Disk

In case of missing disk, you can add a new disk for more recovery. Click Add Missing Disk button and define its settings before you can start the scanning process.

Change Partition Offset
Change Partition Offset

By using Change Partition Offset feature, you need to define a partition offset value for each selected physical drives or virtual hard disk drives.

Levels Support
RAID Levels Support

Software supports RAID-0 and RAID-5 levels. You need to select the RAID level before you can start the actual recovery. Also, you need to select STRIP_SIZE in sectors. The options are in bits.

Rotating Parity Option
Rotating Parity Options

In case of RAID-5 level, there’re multiple rotating parity options, such as: Rotating Parity 0 with Data Restart, Rotating Parity N with Data Restart, and Rotating Parity N with Data Continuation. You can select any one of them.

Dual Recovery
Dual Scanning Modes

There are two modes in which your drive or volumes are scanned via this software: Standard and Advance. You should select the scanning mode as per the level of corruption. In advance scanning mode, you can avoid skipping volume size. Also, you can define custom settings.

Partition table support
Partition Tables Support

Software supports both partition table formats: MBR aka master boot record and GPT aka GUID (Globally Unique Identifiers) partition table. By default, MBR format is selected. If the partition type is GPT, you need to check GPT format box. In case of MBR, keep it unchecked.

Add Custom Volume
Add Custom Volume

In case of missing volume, you can add a new custom volume to the list for recovering more data. Just click Add Custom Volume button and define the custom settings and file system of the newly added volume.

Custom Setting Option
Custom Settings Option

The custom settings include starting and ending sectors, in which you need to define a value. Also, you need to select a file system in which you want to treat your selected volume. In this option, you can select RAW recovery mode.

File sys Support
File Systems Support

Software supports all popular file systems used by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, such as: FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT) of Windows; HFS and HFS+ of Mac; and EXTX (EXT, EXT2, EXT3 EXT4) of Linux.

Raw Recovery
RAW Recovery Mode

RAW is a powerful recovery mode for recovering maximum possible image (5 MB), audio (6 MB) and archive (1 GB) files from the selected volume. In order to recover mode data from the volume, you can add new file signatures.

Add File Signature
Add File Signatures

With RAW Recovery mode, users are allowed to add new file signatures into a new file or the existing one. Just click Add new signatures in new/existing file button and define the file settings there. Save the file and then upload the file for reparsing the selected volume for more data.

3 Recovery Modes
Three Modes Recovery

There are three different modes of recovery to recover data from RAID disks. Select standard mode if corruption is minor, advanced mode if corruption is severe and deep mode if both modes fail to perform recovery. In advanced mode, you can search maximum file systems.

Tree Preview
Tree-Structure Preview

Once the scanning process is completed, all the recovered data, i.e. files and folders, are shown in a tree-structure. Click the ROOT folder to expand it, and then click other folders one by one to check the recovered files. Also, you can check the file properties.

Auto Search
Auto-Search Feature

The Auto-Search feature of this software allows you to search specific files in the tree-structure. You just need to enter the file names or file types in the search box which you want to search, and click Search button. You can search multiple files at the same time.

Interactive UI
Interactive User Interface

Software is enriched with a self-explanatory interface that is highly interactive and easy-to-use for non-technical users. It requires no prior technical expertise to use this software, so even a novice user can use this tool with high ease.

Win Compatibility
Windows Compatibility

Being a Windows system utility, it highly supports all major versions of Windows-based operating systems, such as: Win 95, NT, 98, 2000, XP, Server 2003 & 2003 R2, Vista, Server 2008 & 2008 R2, 8, 8.1, Server 2012 and the latest Win 10.

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