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Highly Trusted Software to Perform OneDrive to OneDrive/Google Drive/Local Drive Migration

SysInfo OneDrive Migration Tool is a safe and reliable utility that allows users to transfer data files & documents from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business & personal accounts. The software is competent enough to migrate and download OneDrive for business account data(photos, videos, audios, files, PDF, etc.) into Google Drive and local drive(PC).

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information Windows Compatible

 Note: Make sure that your both (Source & Destination) OneDrive account is logged in at the Microsoft Official Website (On your Default Browser) before you will start the OneDrive to OneDrive migration.

  • Migrate OneDrive files into another OneDrive for a personal account.
  • Able to perform the migration between Personal/Business to OneDrive for Personal and Personal/Business to OneDrive for Business.
  • Download or save the OneDrive data files & documents into a local drive(Computer), hard drive.
  • Several features like date filter, file filter, duplicate files filter for selective migration.
  • Facility to move files from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive accounts as well.
  • Maintain the folders hierarchy and forward them with complete integrity.
  • Allows full preview SysInfo OneDrive Migration Tool is a safe utility that helps users to preview files & folders documents with their Name, Size, and Type. of the contained data within the software console.
  • Facilitates a feature to select the extension of files Have a feature to select .xls, .ppt, .xps, .doc, .pdf, .png, .epub, .eml, .pst, and others. for migrating a particular type of file or migrating files in bulk.
  • Requirement is to select a specific folder Using this software, you will have to choose a specific folder in which you want to migrate OneDrive data, whether you select OneDrive/Google Drive/Local Drive(PC). in the desired saving option.
  • Move OneDrive photos, audio, video, files, PDF, etc., into the OneDrive account, and assign the resultant folder name (Default Name-SysOneDriveMigration).
  • Option to Stop & Start migration. Even you can also Download the Report and Migrate Again the files.
  • OneDrive Migration Tool Freeware supports all the versions Microsoft OneDrive Migration Tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. of Windows OS and migrates only the files less than 20 MB in size.
Steps to Transfer OneDrive for Business to Another Account

Need Of MS Office 365 OneDrive Migration Tool

recover files and folders

To Perform OneDrive to OneDrive Migration

Sometimes, users want to transfer files between two different OneDrive accounts due to storage space or any other causes. Use Microsoft OneDrive Migration Tool by SysInfo and migrate files & documents from OneDrive account to another OneDrive account without data loss or interruption.

To Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

Free OneDrive storage is decreased from 15 GB to 5 GB on 31 January 2016, which leads to being one of the reasons that users migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive that still offers 15 GB free storage space for users. Use this SysInfo OneDrive Migrator Tool and transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive freely.

To Backup OneDrive to External Drive

Having a reliable SysInfo OneDrive Migration Tool, you do not have to worry about losing crucial information. You can take the backup of OneDrive for Personal/Professional into an external drive automatically in a well-organized manner.

When Want to Filters OneDrive files & Documents

Using this MS Office 365 OneDrive Migration Tool, you can migrate OneDrive data based on multiple filter options like an extension of the file, date range filter, etc., without any data loss. The software allows one to perform the selective files & date range data migration with ease.

Awesome Key Features of Microsoft OneDrive Migration Tool

Safe & Secure Migration

Safe & Secure Migration

The SysInfo OneDrive to OneDrive migration tool ensures complete accuracy and security of data throughout the migration process. In all the steps of the OneDrive Migration-from selecting the source to migrate the OneDrive files- the OneDrive account data is not altered in any way.

Export OneDrive Folders & Files Instantly

Export OneDrive Folders & Files Instantly

The Online OneDrive Migration Tool efficiently transfers single and multiple OneDrive files & folders to a specific location. The utility allows users to add the OneDrive account and completes the migration into another OneDrive account in just a few steps.

Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

If your OneDrive Account is full of storage, SysInfo OneDrive to Google Drive Migration Software helps you to reduce the account space by migrating it immediately. It provides a secure migration of OneDrive account files into the Google Drive account with ease.

Preserve Folders Hierarchy

Preserve Folders Hierarchy

The OneDrive migration with this tool is 100% secure. It does not hamper the hierarchy and structure of OneDrive folders during or after the migration. The entire data and files get migrated with all its metadata and properties.

Supports Multiple Types of Accounts

Supports Multiple Types of Accounts

With this tool, users can migrate data from OneDrive for Personal to OneDrive for Personal/Business and OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Personal/Business without losing any items. It involves no complex steps to migrate the OneDrive files to another account.

Complete Backup of OneDrive Account

Complete Backup of OneDrive Account

MS Office 365 OneDrive Migration Tool is a reliable tool that allows users to save or download OneDrive photos, videos, files, audios, PDF, etc., into the computer, PC, Hard Drive. The requirement is to choose Backup to Local Drive as a saving option and assign the folder path & name.

Filters OnDrive Data Based On Dates

Filters OnDrive Data Based On Dates

With the help of the OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool, you can select the Date Range for performing the selective migration of the OneDrive account data based on Created Date and Modified Date. Here, you can also add the multiple date ranges for transferring and downloading data in specific time duration.

Smart Files Filtering Options

Smart Files Filtering Options

If you want to migrate only a specific type of files from your OneDrive account, check the Extension of File options and add the needful extension by clicking on the Add Extension. Microsoft OneDrive Migration Tool enables you to add any extension like .ppt, .xls, .xps, .doc, .pdf, .eml, .msg, .png, etc.

Offer Preview of OneDrive Folders

Offer Preview of OneDrive Folders

This perfect solution not only provides OneDrive migration but also allows users to preview all the folders of the OneDrive account. It offers you a feature to view the selected folder files name, sizes, and types within the software interface.

Supports all the Versions of Windows

Supports all the Versions of Windows

OneDrive Migration Tool has a user-friendly interface and self-descriptive features that make it easy to use. In addition, the software is compatible with the versions of the Windows operating system like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.


Sysinfo OneDrive Migrator Tool specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:-

 User's Installation Guide

 Customization Plan


Requirements & Supported Versions Platinum Class Processor Minimum Memory:
500MB RAM (1GB Recommended)
Disk Space:
Enough space to store the recovered output
10/8.1/8/7, 2008/2012 (32 & 64 bit)
Frequently Asked Question

If Yes! Please disable your antivirus temporarily or allow access from its setting so that the software can carry out its working properly.

It is advised to avoid the source file from any shared drives or networks (NAS, SAN, LAN, and WAN) as it should be on the same working machine.

To let the software work smoothly, you need to turn off the Windows Defender by following steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Under Update & Security, click on Windows Defender.
  • Click on Update & Security.
  • Turn off Real-Time protection.

Here are the points that you need to consider when starting the OneDrive Migration Tool.

  1. Establish Proper Internet Connection
  • While logging in and performing the steps of the software, you will have to establish a proper internet connection.
  1. OneDrive to OneDrive Migration
  • Make sure that your both (Source & Destination) OneDrive account is logged in at the Microsoft Official Website (On your Default Browser) before you will start the OneDrive to OneDrive migration.
  1. Require to Off Microsoft Defender Firewall while performing the migration:
  • Select the Start button >> Settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Security and then go to Firewall & network protection.
  • Now, open Windows Security settings.
  • Opt with Network profile.
  • Under Microsoft Defender Firewall, switch the setting to On.
  • Additionally, to turn it off, change it to Off.

Note:- To initiate the migration of OneDrive to OneDrive, you must have to log in with the OneDrive source account and destination account at Microsoft Official Website(In your Default Browser). Additionally, to migrate Office 365 OneDrive account to Google Drive, you need to Sign in with your Gmail Id and password (In your Default Browser). Both the Sign-in procedures will be organized at the Official sites of Microsoft and Google.

SysInfo OneDrive Migration Tool Demo and Full Version Comparison

Product Features Free Version Full Version
Migrate data between OneDrive to OneDrive
Able to perform the following migration of OneDrive accounts:
1. Personal to Personal
2. Personal to Business
3. Business to Personal
4. Business to Business
Files Less than 20 MB in Size No File Size Limitations
Migrate OneDrive for Personal/Business to Google Drive Files Less than 20 MB in Size No File Size Limitations
Backup OneDrive Data Locally(PC) Files Less than 20 MB in Size No File Size Limitations
Instant Preview of the selected file name, size, and type
Facility to Select Date Range(Modified & Created Date)
Multiple extensions of the file to perform selective files migration
Custom Folder Name
24*7 Tech Support & 100% Secure
Price Free $49
Money-Back Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

Having any doubts while running the software, check out this FAQ sections, and get your answer immediately.

One can transfer OneDrive files data into another OneDrive. Use the steps to perform the migration:

  1. Download and run the SysInfo MS Office 365 OneDrive Migration Tool.
  2. Click on the options Log Path & Temp Path to add the destination path and click Next.
  3. The software displays you a pop-up for user authentication.
  4. Choose the required account from the Microsoft Website and perform the Sign-in procedure.
  5. Check the folders from the tree you want to migrate and click Next.
  6. Choose the needful inbuilt filters and click the Next button.
  7. Select Destination drive from the drop-down like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Local Drive.
  8. Again complete the authentication of the destination OneDrive Account.
  9. Opt for the folder in which you want to save the data and click Next.
  10. Here, assign the resultant folder name and click Ok.
  11. Finally, the uploading process of the OneDrive account gets initiated.
  12. Click on the Download Report button to save the report.

Follow the given steps to migrate OneDrive for Business data to Google Drive account with this advanced and automatic OneDrive migration utility.

  1. Launch the installed OneDrive migration tool and add the log and temp file path.
  2. Go to the site and complete the login procedure using the User ID and Password details.
  3. Next, select the folders from the preview panel and click Next.
  4. Add the filters to move selected data if you want. You can also execute the steps directly for instant migration.
  5. Select the saving drive from the drop-down list and complete the logged-in steps.
  6. Assign the output folder name and click Next to start the migration process.
  7. Wait for the migration to get completed and download the report.

Well, there is no such limit for migrating users' account data from the source OneDrive for a Business account to the destination OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, or Local Drive. You can efficiently migrate any number of users' OneDrive Account data using the full version of the utility like Single License: 3 Account, Administrator License: 7, Technician License: 12, Enterprise License: 20.

Below are several filters integrated within the OneDrive Migration Tool.

  • Date Filter:- To filter the files with creation date and modified date. It offers Start Date and End for specific migration of OneDrive data.
  • File Filter:- To filter the Files with their extension.
  • Duplicate Filter:- To exclude the duplicate file name.

Yes, of course. It supports different OneDrive migration criteria like:

  1. OneDrive for Personal to OneDrive for Personal
  2. OneDrive for Personal to OneDrive for Business
  3. OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Personal
  4. OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business

Using the demo version of the software, you can evaluate the working and performance of the migration tool. It also offers to migrate files having file size less than 20 MB in size.

If you experienced any issue with the software and it's working, you can contact our support team at - Our support team is always ready to fix the problem regarding the software. Further, Money-back is available for only 30 days of the purchase. Read More.

No, there is no such limitation with the software. The software is competent enough to convert any size of OnDrive files into desired saving drive. But using the demo version, you can migrate only files less than 50MB in size.

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