Top Methods to Backup OneDrive to External Drive

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    October 7th, 2022
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Summary:- OneDrive is one of the most popular storage services in market, offering 5GB of free storage. It helps to store files like PPTs, PDFs, documents, and so on. These stored files can be accessed anytime-anywhere, which is more beneficial for users.

Sometimes our free storage space gets full, and in this situation, we need to backup our data. Backup OneDrive to External Drive can be the most proper solution for these kinds of problems. In this write-up, you’ll learn the top methods to Backup OneDrive to External Drive. Let’s discuss the important fact about backup OneDrive files.

Why Backup OneDrive Files to External Hard Drive?

User Query: As a OneDrive user for business accounts, I have reached my maximum storage capacity. To back up OneDrive data to a Desktop/PC, I’m looking for trusted tricks.

  1. With the help of OneDrive, users can access their data without an internet connection. It works on unstable network connectivity.
  2. Backing up OneDrive helps to prevent accidental data loss.
  3. Helps to secure OneDrive files in case of crashes or outages.

Therefore, it is not important to store data in one place. Data can be stored on an external drive, which is one of the best ways to do so. So, let’s discuss the top methods to backup OneDrive folder to hard drive.

How to Backup OneDrive to External Drive?

In this section, you’ll learn how to backup OneDrive files to External hard drive with two different manual methods. Both two methods have the same main ideology- download files from OneDrive and move them to the drive. You have to follow the given steps below:

Using OneDrive Web Application

  1. Attach the Hard drive to your Computer.
  2. Go, to your OneDrive Account and select the files you want to backup.
  3. Now, Right-click on the selected files and go to Download tab. After clicking on the Download tab, all the files/folder will be saved on your Computer.Backup OneDrive to External Drive
  4. Once, the files are on your computer you can easily copy these files to External hard drive.


  • Installing an app is not necessary
  • Simple to perform


  • Time-Consuming depends upon the file size
  • Unable to Backup all data items
  • Needs proper Internet connectivity

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 Using OneDrive Sync Client

A OneDrive Sync Client can also be used to back up OneDrive files to external hard drives.

Using OneDrive Sync, you can backup, download, and synchronize files between OneDrive and your local or external storage devices. Follow the steps to sync and backup OneDrive Files to External drive.

  1. Just Right-Click on OneDrive taskbar and choose settings>Click on Account.
  2. Click on Unlink this PC.
  3. Now, Open File Explorer and select the OneDrive folder, Go to Move button to create folder on hard drive.Backup OneDrive to External Drive
  4. Here all the OneDrive folders will be moved to external drive.
  5. Now, Sign in to your OneDrive Account, on the popup screen.
  6. On your OneDrive folder, click “Change location,” and then choose the external hard drive as the new destination for your OneDrive folder.
  7. Finally, Click on use this location.

By using the above steps, you can easily sync and backup OneDrive files to external drive. If these methods hesitate you to OneDrive backup External drive, then don’t worry we have an additional automated method that can backup in few simple steps. Let’s look into it.

How to Backup OneDrive to Another Cloud?

Sysinfo OneDrive Migration Tool is the best method to backup OneDrive to External drive. It helps to transfer data files & documents from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business & personal accounts. Moreover, this tool not only allows to backup OneDrive data to hard drive, but you can also backup OneDrive to Another cloud-based platform.

This Migration tool is 100% risk-free and backup all your files without any data loss. Here are some key features of OneDrive Migration Tool:

  • Safe & Secure Migration
  • Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive
  • Supports Multiple Types of Accounts
  • Complete Backup of OneDrive Account
  • Supports all the Versions of Windows

Easy Steps to Backup OneDrive to External Hard Drive

  1. Download and Run Sysinfo OneDrive Migration Tool.Backup OneDrive to External Drive
  2. Here, Software shows you two option Log Path and Temp Path. Set the path of directory folder of the log file. Then click on Next button.Backup OneDrive to External Drive
  3. A pop-up will appear on screen, click on Ok to complete the authentication process.onedrive migration tool
  4. Perform the Sign-in procedure on the Microsoft Website by selecting the required account.
  5. Now, the scanning process gets started and shows you the folders, subfolders, and files that present your source OneDrive Account.Backup OneDrive to External Drive
  6. Here, Select the file/folder you want to backup and click on Next button.
  7. Choose the needful inbuilt filters and click the Next button.
  8. Now, Choose backup to local drive as a destination drive from the drop-down list.
  9. Choose the destination directory where you want to save the OneDrive data and click on Open button.
  10. Here, Assign the resultant folder name and click Ok.
  11. Be patient while OneDrive files are downloading.
  12. At last, Download the report and exit the software.


This write-up is all about the different methods to backup OneDrive to External Drive, it consists of manual and professional automated methods. The OneDrive Migration Tool is the most suitable method for backing up Onedrive to external hard with few simple steps. We also discuss the need of backing up OneDrive files and folders. Sometimes, it is advisable to take backup of your important files to prevent data loss. You can Opt for the method at your convenience.


Question: Can I sync OneDrive to an external hard drive?

Answer: Yes, you can easily sync OneDrive to an external hard drive by using OneDrive Web Application.

Question: How do I backup OneDrive to an External hard drive?

Answer: With the help of Sysinfo OneDrive Migration Tool you can easily backup OneDrive to External Hard drive. It is a trusted software that can backup files without data loss.

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