Fix Google Drive File Stream Not Working Issue

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    August 8th, 2019
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    February 24, 2021
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Working with the new technology required you to be aware of the pros and cons related to that technology. Some of the technology works without any issue for an infinite period of time. But quite a few got some issues with every new launch. Studies shows that many people are complaining about the issue related to a Google drive that the Google drive file stream not working. This is a common issue which is faced by many of the Google drive users. There are many simple tricks to solve the problem. All the approaches have been discussed in this post. Just go through the page to fix Google drive file not syncing.

Basic troubleshooting with Google drive file stream is not working

  • Files are unable to sync between your computer and Google My Drive.
  • Backup and Sync process stuck on “Preparing for Sync.”
  • Backup and Sync operation stops instantaneously.
  • Authorization failure: No longer permitted to view the file.
  • This File is a link to a web-based Google document. It can not be changed.
  • The file is missing on your system.
  • This file points to a faulty online Google document: The original file is missing.

What is Google Drive File Streaming?

This is an advanced technique to synchronize the files with server data. This desktop application is used to quickly access the drive data on demand. By doing this you can save your data online and successfully save some space over your system. It automatically detects and saves the changes done with the data. This approach may resolve the issue of Google drive file stream not working issue. To do this follow the below mentioned points.

  • Firstly, from the Windows computer uninstall the drive. It stops the syncing process of GDrive. Make sure to remove all the files before moving forward.
  • After that open Google drive in Chrome and check that all the files in GDrive are present and current.
  • Then, free up your computer by deleting the files in the folder.
  • Now, install the Google file stream on your Windows or Mac System.
  • Then. access all the files on the system.

Note: Remember if you are facing some issues with your storage space with your Google drive then you can do one thing that upload your Google drive files to another Google drive and free up some storage space.

Effective easy tricks to solve Google drive file stream not working

Here the simple instructions have been told which you can use to get rid of the Google drive file stream not showing up trouble. Follow them from the below mentioned list:

Method 1: By Upgrading the File Streaming System

The simple method that works all the time to fix the Google drive sync issues. You can request to configure some settings so that the syncing process can be made a lot much easier. It is a simple and secure trick to solve the problem.

Method 2: By Removing Old Upgraded Version

When we upgrade the older version sometimes it got some issues with the present Windows PC. It might also be possible that the older version is now not compatible with the present Windows computer. So try to fix the Google drive file sync not working by removing the older version or by upgrading it with the newer version.

Method 3: By saving the Google drive Stream files offline

The files are stored within a separate volume while using the Google drive stream and can only be downloaded on demand. This way you can operate the data while not connected to the internet. This allows the person to save the data files locally over the computer. Here are the steps to perform this method.

  • From the left panel of the folder explorer window go to Google drive file stream drive.
  • Then, click the My Drive option to launch all the stored files and folders.
  • Now right click on any file or folder and choose Drive File Stream -> Available Offline.

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Last Line

Technology is changing from day to day and it is not so easy to keep track of every new technology launched by big brands like Google. Even many of the IT experts and professional search it online to fix such Google drive file stream not working issue. So I have mentioned all the basic and simple methods to get rid of the remedy. Now it’s up to you how to follow them correctly without losing any data. Till then keep reading.

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