Where Do Archived Emails Go in Gmail [3 Ways to Find]

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    February 23rd, 2023
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Summary:- Gmail is one of the preferred email clients worldwide and people use it for their day-to-day communication. But sometimes they mistakenly archive their important emails and cannot find them. Therefore, here you can learn where do archived emails go in Gmail. You can see how you can find them in your Gmail account. They are not lost, you can find them in the All Mails section present in your Gmail account. If you want to take a backup of your archived Gmail emails then you can make use of the Gmail Backup Tool.

Various Ways to Find Archived Gmail Email

There are three ways through which you can easily find your Archived mails. You will able to know the location of your archived emails through the following ways.

  • Look in All Mails
  • Use Gmail Search Box
  • Backup All Gmail Emails

Look for Archived Emails in All Mail

You can follow the steps given below to find the location of archived emails in your account.

  • Open Gmail and log in using your credentials.
  • In the Left section, click on the More option as below.
    More Option
  • When the More Section expands, you have to click on the All Mail option.
    All Mail
  • Finally, in All Mail, you can see an email without Inbox Tag and it is your archived email.Archived Emails
  • So, the Archived Emails go to the All Mail option in your Gmail account.

Use Gmail Search Box

It is the easiest way to find the location of your archived Emails. You can follow the steps given below to look for those emails.

  • Login to your Gmail Account and go to the Search Bar.
  • Type -Label:inbox and press enter.
  • Now you can see all emails including the Archived Email on your screen.
  • To identify the archived Gmail email, you will see that there will be no Inbox tag available on that email as shown below.Archived Gmail Email

This is how you can find where do archived emails go in Gmail and even retrieve Archived Gmail Emails.

Download All Gmail Emails Including Archived Emails

If you are still unable to locate the Archived Emails in your account, you can use the Gmail Backup Software and download the entire Gmail emails. This software will help you to find archived emails once you back up all data from your account. In order to save emails including the archived ones, you can follow the steps given below:-

  • Launch Gmail Backup Software and authenticate the Login Process.
  • Mark all Email Folders and it will mark the Archived mails as well.
  • Then choose the Saving File format.
  • Finally, define the location and backup all Gmail Data including archived mails.


Using the above ways will help you to know where do Archived Emails go in Gmail. You can implement those techniques and find the emails. If in case you are unable to find those emails, you can take a backup of your whole Gmail account and it would save the archived emails as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find my archived emails in Gmail?

Ans – You can find the archived emails in the All Mail option. Make a Gmail Login>Go to More>Click All Mail. You can find those emails without the inbox tag.

Q. Where does archived Gmail go?

Ans – The archived mails remain in your Gmail account and it doesn’t go anywhere. You will just have to log in to Gmail>Go to Search Bar>Type -Label:inbox>Press Enter. You can find those emails.

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