Simple Ways to Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account!!

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    April 16th, 2020
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    February 19, 2021
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Are you not happy with Yahoo mail? Are you planning to switch to a new webmail service? What could be better than Gmail? Instead of creating a new email account, you can simply switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. This article will teach you how to do that. All you need is a desktop with an Internet connection.

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You might have heard about Yahoo data breaches. In 2017, it was reported that around 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked. After this incident, users had started switching to other webmail services. Many of them deleted their Yahoo accounts and created a new account on other webmail services. If you are also planning to switch to a new webmail service, I would recommend Gmail here. It is also known as Google mail. There are so many reasons why Gmail is called the best webmail application in the world. The webmail application Gmail is so flexible and convenient that it can easily be accessed on a number of devices. In addition, it provides the best security features in order to protect your data. If you switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail, you will get enough storage space. As we know, there are many applications provided by Google. Having a Gmail account will help you use those applications with ease.

There is no need to delete your existing Yahoo mail account because it may contain a lot of crucial emails that you do not want to lose. So just create a new email account in Gmail and then import your mailbox including the contacts from the Yahoo email account.

Do Not Delete Yahoo Account – Just Move Your Emails

What people often do is they delete their old email account and switch to a new email service where they create a new email account. But doing this might have some negative consequences. Hackers can easily take advantage of this thing. You must be wondering how. Yahoo recycles its old email addresses. Every 30 days after account deletion, Yahoo allows other users to open new accounts with the old email addresses that were already deleted. In this way, the new user can easily gain access to the accounts associated with you. Let us suppose a hacker creates a new Yahoo account with your old email password. S/he can easily impersonate you and start raising requests for resetting the passwords to log in to your online accounts that were linked with your Yahoo email.

Therefore, I will not suggest you delete the Yahoo account. Instead, you should change your password turn on the two-step verification disconnect all the services → then move to Gmail. This will leave the Yahoo account inactive. In case you do not know how to do that, I will help you. Below I am showing you an easy way to switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail without losing any of your important emails and contacts.

Move Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account Manually

Now I am going to explain a very easy manual method to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail account. You can also use the same method to import contacts from Yahoo to Gmail. But before you can switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail using the manual method given below, remember:

  • You cannot use a smartphone or tablet. You need to use a computer here, and that should be connected to the Internet.
  • The Yahoo account should not be opened anywhere on any browser.

After that, follow the steps shown below if you want to import both emails and contacts from Yahoo mail to Gmail:

Step 1: First, sign up for a new Gmail account. Or if you have already created one, sign in to your account by entering the email ID and password.

Step 2: Once you are logged in to your Gmail account, you will see a Gear type icon. Click it and select Settings.

Step 3: On the Settings screen, click the Accounts and Import tab on the top. Then click Import mail and contacts.

Step 4: A new dialog box will appear. Here you need to enter the Yahoo email ID from which you want to import the emails and contacts. After that, click Continue.

Step 5: A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Click Continue to agree.

Step 6: You need to log in to your Yahoo account. Enter the username or email address and then the password. This will take you to a new dialog box.

Step 7: On the new dialog box that will appear, click Agree to allow ShuttleCloud Migration to access Yahoo contacts, Profiles, and Yahoo Mails.

Step 7: Once it is done, you will see a message saying – Authentication successful. You can now close this window to continue.

Step 8: Now you will see – Step 2: Import options. Here select the import options for the Yahoo email account you have selected earlier. Then click Start import.

Step 9: The process is being conducted on your computer. It may take several hours before you see the imported messages and contacts in your Gmail account.

Note: In case you only want to import contacts from Yahoo to Gmail account, please check only the option Import contacts in step 8.

Automated Solution to Switch from Yahoo to Gmail

If you are looking for an automated way to switch from Yahoo mail to Gmail, I would recommend the Yahoo Backup Tool provided by SysInfo Software. If you are using the manual method, it will take a lot of time and manual effort. It may also happen the manual method fails or does not work, and then you have to try it again and again. This could be very irritating and inconvenient. In such a situation, you should consider using a professional solution like the Yahoo Backup tool. This software is designed to take Yahoo backup by exporting your Yahoo emails to different file formats and email platforms including Gmail. It is available for both Windows and Mac systems. And the best part of this software is that it requires no prior technical knowledge. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease. Users can easily save Yahoo emails to PDF, MSG, MBOX and various other formats.

How to Use Yahoo Backup Tool?

The Yahoo Backup tool requires you to log in to your Yahoo mail account. But you cannot use the password of your email account here. Instead, you need to generate a new password to get Yahoo mail third party access. Using that password, you can log in to your Yahoo mail account. For more information, see this article – How to Get Yahoo Mail Third Party Access.

Once you have the new password, you need to follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: First, double-click the software icon to launch the SysInfo Yahoo Backup Tool. On the home screen, you need to enter the Yahoo email ID and the password you have recently generated. Then click the Login button.

Step 2: Now you need to select the file format into which you want to take Yahoo backup. Since you want to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail, select Gmail in the options.

Click the Browse button next to the “Select Destination Folder” option and define a location where you want to export the Yahoo emails. Note: The temporary folder path is defined by default. You can change it (optional). Then click Next to continue the process.

Step 3: You can now see the Yahoo mailbox in a tree-structure mode. Now select the folder(s) that you want to export to your Gmail account.

Step 4: You can also use the Date Filter option here. By using this feature, you can define a specific date range for saving the emails. There is an option – Naming Convention. This will rename the resultant mailbox using the naming convention option you select. The software also allows you to free up the Yahoo mailbox space by deleting the data after downloading it. This is optional, and will only be applied when you select the Delete After Download option. After that, click Next to start the process.

Step 5: A new dialog box will appear that will ask you to log in to your Gmail account. Enter the correct Email ID and password. Then click the LOG IN button.

Step 6: The process of “Yahoo to Gmail migration” is being conducted on your computer. Please wait until it gets successfully completed. Once the process is completed, close the software application.

In this way, you can successfully switch from Yahoo mail to Gmail account.


The article has nicely explained how to switch from Yahoo mail to Gmail account using an easy manual method. You can also use a professional solution like Yahoo Backup tool to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail.

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