06 Tech Gifts You Can Gift Yourself That Too Under $20

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    June 19th, 2017
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    March 9, 2021
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Tech Gifts

In an age where even your grandmother knows how to run a time machine, lagging behind in technological advancements for you is really not an option. Every day some or the other tech stuffs are getting launched which we haven’t even heard about. It can be a nightmare if you are still not using a smartphone, you can do a lot of things just only with your phone now a days. Our world is growing at a rapid pace and technology is one of the major reasons for it. We as users always see new stuffs coming in and always dream of getting these stuffs.

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But the problem here is new and useful technology doesn’t come in cheap price. And guys & girls like you, who only run on pocket money, for them it is very hard to select a tech gift that too within their budget. That is why I am here. Being a tech blogger and a tech nerd, I always look out for products which are cheap and worth their money and gives a good amount of value to their users.

So let’s not waste time and start this unusual list of 06 Tech gifts that you can gift yourself today.

1. JBL 300 SI On Ear HeadphonesJBL-C300S

This headphone has an on ear design with a big JBL branding on them but they don’t look bad. With a on ear design and with nice & comfortable ear cups you can use this headphone for a longer period of time. The head band is extremely adjustable with a nice and long cable and with 3.5 mm gold plated connector. Plus if you are someone who loves good base then trust me, you will not find yourself complaining about that later. All in all this budget-friendly head phone is a must buy for anyone who is loves music and is looking for a good on-ear headphone with the good base.

Product Name: JBL C300SI On-Ear Dynamic Wired Headphones
Price: $15 / 899 INR

2. ZAKK Atom Y86 Smart BoxZAKK Atom

ZAKK Atom is a blue tooth speaker but it can also be used as a bluetooth hands free with an inbuilt microphone, so you can use it to make and receive calls on the go. It is extremely compact and lightweight so you can easily put it in your pocket and carry it with you. What’s also interesting in this is that you can also use it as a remote to click images for your bluetooth enabled mobile camera. And not only this, you can use this small  little atom bomb to locate your mobile and vice versa to  locate the speaker in case you lose it.

With all these features, it is an extremely interesting product which works with your Smartphone, Android NIOS and it also works with your laptop with Windows as well as MAC OS. It has a high compatibility with a good amount of features and for a price of only nine dollars INR it got a very decent sound and definitely makes our list of 06 unusual tech gifts.

Product Name: ZAKK Atom Y86 Smart Box
Price: $9 / 499 INR

3. Toshiba Wireless SD CardToshiba Wireless SD Card

Toshiba Wireless SD card is a handy little SD card and can be a gem of a tool for a whole lot of people, especially for those who use DSLRs and SLRs to click a lot of pictures. In seventeen dollars INR this 16 GB wireless SD card goes into the standard SD Card slot in your camera and it converts your camera into a wireless camera. So when you click pictures you won’t have to remove your card or plug in a wire into your camera to transfer those images.

You can simply connect your SD card to your laptop or your smartphone via Wi-Fi signals. A pretty ingenious system which doesn’t even consume a whole lot of battery as well.  In just 17 dollars, it is pretty well a no-nonsense product and if you own a DSLR or SLR camera and click a lot of pictures then this small little took would surely come in very handy for you.
Note: If you are planning to gift this wireless SD card to yourself then you should have a look on this Photo Recovery Tool too. This tool is a very nice software to recover deleted or corrupted photos from your SD cards and other hard drives.

Product Name: Toshiba Wireless SD Card
Price: $17 / 999 INR

4. Transformer RobotTransformer Robot

Next up in this list of unique tech gift ideas is this transformer robot for your desk. Now this robot in itself looks very fantastic and you can place it on your desk as a show piece. The good thing about this is that you can actually remove the head of your robot and it turns into a portable fan. It does has an inbuilt battery which lasts around couple of hours plus it comes with a usb cable which allows you to charge the Transformer Robot.
With all these small and little features, it is really a cool thing to have in your work desk and trust me, it is a fantastic looking desk accessory.

Product Name: Transformer Robot
Price: &9 / 499 INR

5. Ant VR HeadsetAnt VR Headset

Next up in our list of Unique Gift Ideas is Ant VR Headset. Now, this headset will work with almost all phones from 4.5 inches to six inches. Although it was initially designed for the Lenovo K4 Note but if you have a phone anywhere from 4.5 inches to 6 inches of display size, the Ant VR Headset should work. It will give you all the VR capabilities that you need  plus you can wear it with your glasses as well. The front part of this VR headset folds up and become really compact and really convenient and easy to carry.

You only get six months warranty which is kind of all right as you don’t have anything to break or damage on it apart from glasses, which is already not covered under warranty anyway. You do get a dust bag, a cleaning cloth and a user guide. The variant has two colors one black and one white. Personally I like the white color.

Product Name: Ant VER Headset
Price: $14 / 799 INR

6. Donut Cup WarmerDonut Cup Warmer

Some of you may know that winter is coming and for that the next in the list is a cool “USB Cup Warmer”. It’s a little fun thing that you can add in your work station. Just under $20, it works with any USB port and it works with any ceramic mug. Do keep in mind, that it is only a warmer and it is not going to heat up your drink. So you can’t expect to make hot coffee from cold coffee. By the way, if you have a hot coffee and if you put it on this cup warmer, it will keep it warm for a fairly longer period of time than usual.

Product Name: Donut Cup Warmer
Price: $17 / 999 INR

So here was my “06 Unusual Tech Gifts You Can Gift Yourself That Too $20

By the way, if you have a budget then you may gift yourself a laptop or a notebook too. Laptop might cost a little high but a notebook for day to day work is the hour of need for everyone.
Yes, it might not come under Rs.1,000 but I would surely try to suggest you the best budget notebook for you that too in your budget and with good configuration.

1. Acer Aspire ES1 – 132Acer Aspire ES1-13

This is a fine notebook for your day to day use. It is lightweight and a good option for anyone who is looking for a lightweight small notebook.
Note: This has a Linux based operating system. So you would need to install Windows to work properly. There is a small issue with Windows and that is sometimes Windows files get corrupted. And you will be left with inaccessible files. For that you can checkout this tool to recover your data Windows Data Recovery Tool

Computer Memory Size: 2GB
Processor (CPU) Model: Celeron D
Processor (CPU) Speed: 2.4 GHz
Display Size: 11.6 inches
Hard disk Description: SATA
Hard Disk Size: 500 GB
Price:  $260 / 15,499 INR

Now that you know and have a clear idea on the gifts that you can present to yourself. So choose the one that you think, is the best one for your day to day use

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