Know More about What is Yahoo Small Business and What Services it Provides

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    September 19th, 2019
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Aabaco Small Business, now known as Yahoo Small Business is a better solution to grow your small businesses online. If you are using this service it means you have utility and support at your disposal with an affordable and flexible plan of Yahoo. User can start their business at a small level but can expand according to need with time. In this following blog, we will know more about what is Yahoo Small Business and what services it provides?

What is Yahoo Small Business Know in Detail?

Yahoo Small Business is an online service offered by Yahoo. With this service, the user can expand their small businesses online. It is specially focused on services like website designing and making, web hosting, domain mail system, listings management. Before Go Daddy and Google My Business and Facebook YSB was the top e-commerce and marketing platform for small business.

Different Services Provided by Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo small business provides different services which are very beneficial to developing and improving the efficiency of the business. It also gives options such as website creation, domain email service and e-commerce platform to its users. Now we will know about it in further details.

Note: Yahoo Website building, Yahoo domain email service, WordPress hosting, E-commerce store these services are included only in Yahoo subscription service.

Domain Name Service

A domain name makes your online business unique among others and also differentiate the company and their recognition. This service helps to own a domain which relates to work and gain more traffic to website products and services.

Note: After setting the Domail email address can also change it later by going to My Services. But sometimes it causes an issue in receiving the emails.

Website Creation

A perfect well-designed website presents your business more effectively in the online market. YSB builder provides various options and tools which the users to create an attractive website. From whom increases the website’s worldwide publicity. These services offer many Website and WordPress creation tools to design and manage your website and blogs in the most relevant manner.

E-Commerce Service

This service sells products online with good customer support service and grows your business. A product based company wants to sell its products online then this Yahoo Small Business service is too relevant. For this service, the user can take help of Aabaco business e-commerce store. With this service sell product and offers with Yahoo customer care support team.

Listings Management

Listings business information on multiple search engine directories. It increases the trend of your business with other users and increases the reliability of the brand in the online market.


This is an informative blog and in this blog, we have discussed what is Yahoo Small Business and what services it provides, in very detail. Yahoo Business is one of the oldest e-commerce marketing platforms. Log on to Yahoo Small Business to grow your business online at a wide level.

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