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    February 20th, 2023
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Summary:- People who are using Gmail for email communication, usually store their important contacts in it. But when they want to export those contacts to any other device then they need to convert them to CSV. Therefore, here you can explore the two effective methods to export Gmail Contacts to CSV. If you have a few contacts to be exported to CSV then you can use your Gmail account otherwise we recommend you the Gmail Backup Tool for bulk Gmail Contacts to CSV Conversion.

2 Easy Ways to Import Contacts from Gmail to CSV

There are two ways through which you can export Gmail Contacts to CSV with all the contact details whether you have only one number or multiple numbers in the contact. You can check out the ways below:-

  • Export Contacts to CSV Through Gmail (For a Few Contacts)
  • Use Gmail Backup Tool to Move Contacts to CSV (For Bulk Contacts)

Export Contacts to CSV Through Gmail

Here are some simple steps that you can implement to move contacts from your Gmail account to CSV.

  • Open Gmail and log in through your Gmail Credentials.
  • Then click on the Grid Icon and choose the Contacts option.
  • Now click on the Export option present on the left side of your screen.
  • Choose the contacts that you want to export to CSV from Gmail.
  • Then you can choose any option depending on the CSV file you want to have. The options available are:-
    • Google CSV
    • Outlook CSV
    • vCard (for IOS Contacts)
  • Finally, click on the Export option and all your Gmail contacts will be exported to CSV file format.

This technique might also help you to Copy Contacts from One Google Account to another.

There are some drawbacks of the manual method that you can explore below:-

  • This process will become time-taking if you have many contacts in your Gmail account.
  • You cannot migrate Gmail Contacts to CSV in bulk with the help of the above method.
  • Sometimes, all the contacts are not exported using manual techniques.
  • You should have sound knowledge of Gmail if you want to implement the above steps.
  • CSV files aren’t compatible with IOS therefore, you might need the CSV to vCard Converter.

So, in order to overcome the shortcomings of the manual method, you can straight away use the Gmail Backup Tool and export contacts in bulk from Gmail to CSV.

Use Gmail Backup Tool to Export Contacts to CSV

This method is best suited for bulk Gmail Contacts to CSV conversion. You will just have to log in to your Gmail through this software and choose the saving file format as CSV. All the Gmail Contacts will be exported to a CSV file. Later on, you can share that CSV file with anyone including every single contact.

Benefits of Converting Contacts to CSV

There are three major benefits of exporting Gmail Contacts to CSV and you can explore them below:-

  • CSV File formats are easily sharable and accessible on various devices.
  • You can also open a CSV file using MS Excel and access all the contacts in the excel sheet.
  • You will not need any medium to open a CSV file because it is an independent file format that can even be opened in a text editor.

Steps to Export Contacts to CSV using Gmail Backup Tool

  • Download and Launch Sysinfo Gmail Backup Tool.
  • Then enter your Gmail Credentials and log in.
  • Choose the Contacts Folder and click on the Next button.
  • Then in the Save As option, choose CSV.
  • Finally, define the path and click on the Convert button.

All your Gmail contacts will be saved in a CSV file and now you can share it with anyone and open it on any device.


So, these easy techniques are enough to export all contacts from your Gmail account to a CSV file. Now it’s your decision which method you follow. If you have a few contacts to be imported to CSV then you can make use of your Gmail account otherwise use the Automated software for unlimited contacts migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I export selected contacts from Gmail?

Ans – Yes, you can easily export only selected contacts from your Gmail account to CSV. All you have to do is to mark those contacts at the time of conversion that you want to export. Then click on the export/convert button and the selected contacts will be exported to CSV.

Q. How can I Save Gmail Contacts to CSV?

Ans – You can follow the steps given below to Save Gmail Contacts to CSV:-
1. Open Gmail>Click on the Grid Icon.
2. Choose Contacts>Export.
3. Mark Contacts>Click on Export to a CSV.
4. Finally, Click on the Export button.
All your Gmail Contacts will be saved as CSV.

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