What is Wireless Ad-Hoc Network? How to Set up Wireless Network in Ad-Hoc Mode?

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    June 17th, 2014
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The network of the wifi in Ad-hoc mode also called the peer-to-peer model. It is used to communicate directly without any router, between two or more devices. Ad-hoc network is useful for there, where wired connections can’t be installed easily. If there is not available any access points or routers within range, then the device does not need a central server for file sharing, printing, etc. alternatively, user can access each other’s resources directly through simple peer-to-peer wireless connections.

In this blog, we will know how to set up a wireless network in the Ad-hoc mode in detail as well as why it is necessary to create an Ad-hoc network, follow to the end.

Wireless Ad-Hoc Network

Ad-Moc mode wireless network

Wireless Ad-Hoc network refers to a decentralized system on which wireless network is based. The Ad-Hoc network framework is based on the standards of the IEEE 802.11 network. The reason for setting Ad-Hoc mode into the wireless network is, Ad-Hoc mode doesn’t depend on previous networks, access points or routers. In an Ad-Hoc network, all the stations or devices are free to connect with any other device within the network range. Setting up a wireless network with Ad-Hoc mode enables the Ad-Hoc network to set up a decentralized network. Decentralization of network system increases its scalability where a node doesn’t rely on other nodes. Ad-Hoc networks are easily deployable and require minimal configuration. All these reasons make wireless Ad-Hoc network more adaptable.

Why Do We Need to Create an Ad-Hoc Network?

  • Connecting wireless (Ad-hoc) network makes connections quickly and easily.
  • You can stream something from one device to another, locally.
  • Transfer files between your devices without any wired connection.
  • You can use your computer as a hot-spot to share the Internet connection with other devices.

Generally, user can use a wireless router to get around in any of the above situations, but it has the limited connectivity between the devices you want to connect.

Set Up Wireless network Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 7

To set up an Ad-hoc network on Windows 7, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center >>Setup a new connection or network.
  2. Scroll down and select Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network. Click Next.
  3. Now, enter the Network name, Security type, and Security key. Tick in the box Save this network so that it will be available later as well. Click Next.
  4. This creates Your Ad-hoc network. Click Close.

Set Up an Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 8 and 10

In Windows 8 and 10, it is quite tough to make an Ad-hoc network when you compare the methods to earlier windows OS. If there is need to be set up Ad-hoc network manually then open the command prompt and enter the following command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=network name key=password

Replace the italicized words with your own network name and password for the wireless network.

Start the hosted network:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Set Up an Ad-Hoc Network on MacOS

To set up an Ad-hoc network on macOS, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi status icon in the menu bar.
  2. Click Create Network to display the dialog and choose Create a Computer-to-Computer Network option.
  3. Enter a Network Name for the network. In the Security column, choose 128-bit WEP to turn on WEP encryption.
  4. Enter a password for your network and then enter it again to confirm it. Finally, click OK.

Pros And Cons to Setup Wireless Network in Ad-Hoc mode:


Managing network involves difficulties when the connection between the communicating devices is lost. Optimal gateway is required for connecting wired LAN to the internet.


Devices in wireless Ad-Hoc network do not require any permission from the base network to communicate with other devices. It is a cost-effective network as no access points are required to set up.


There are different processes in different Operating systems to set up a wireless network in the Ad-hoc mode. It is quite tough in Windows 8 and 10 compare to Windows 7 and its similar versions. Try the above methods according to your need and Operating System.

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