How to Set Password for Outlook Data File (PST)?

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    December 4th, 2018
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Computer files should be protected with a password so that unintentional intrusion can be prevented. Business emails are very crucial for any Outlook user. And by a setting a password, you surely feel safe and secure. Being a popular email client, Microsoft Outlook provides a built-in feature to protect PST file with a password. In this article, we’ll learn how to set password for Outlook data file (PST).

Password Protection

An Outlook user knows how crucial and important the PST file is. Privacy is the topmost concern of every person who uses a computer, be it a home user or professional. You have no idea how the information from your computer can be misused. Thus, password protection is highly advisable to secure your computer as well as the crucial files. Let’s suppose that you are on a shared computer without separate user accounts. How you would protect your private emails and other data so that any other user can’t see them? Luckily, Microsoft Outlook has a built-in feature that allows users to set password for Outlook data file.

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How to Set Password for Outlook Data File?

You never know how information from your mail accounts will be misused. So it is very important to protect your email accounts and data files. If you are an Outlook user, you can set a password for Outlook PST file and avoid outside interference with your data. Follow these simple steps to password protect PST file:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.

Microsoft Outlook

On the menu bar, click the File tab > Info > Account Settings.

Step 2: On the Account Settings dialog box, click the Data Files tab.
Account setting
And then select the PST file which you want to protect with a password.

Step 3: On the Personal Folders dialog box, click the Change Password… button.
set password in outlook

Step 4: On the Change Password dialog box, enter a password in the New Password box.

Also, verify the password. Click OK to confirm it.

You’ve successfully applied a password on the PST file. The next time you’ll open the PST file, you need to enter the password to open the file.

Forgot PST Password?

Sometimes it may happen that you forgot PST password. You try to open the PST file with an incorrect password. Every time you try this, the Outlook client displays an error saying, “The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.”

If you fail to recall the correct password, you just can’t open the PST file. In such a situation, you’re left with only one option, remove PST password by using a professional tool. There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide Outlook Password Recovery software. But SysInfoTools PST Password Recovery tool is considered the best solution in terms of performance and price. Some of the prominent features offered by the software are mentioned below:

  • It can unlock PST file by recovering the original password without causing any alteration to the file.
  • It supports almost all types of passwords which include multilingual and complex passwords.
  • Via this software, you can successfully unlock PST file created by all versions of Microsoft Outlook including the latest 2016.
  • It’s an easy-to-use application, i.e. no prior technical expertise is required.



In this article, we’ve learned how to set password for Outlook data file by using the built-in feature of Microsoft Outlook. Also, we’ve discussed how to unlock PST file if you lost or forgot PST password.

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