How to Reset MS Access Password within Minutes

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    October 8th, 2020
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    December 26, 2022
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Summary:- Forgotten your MS Access Password and looking for a way to reset MS Access Password? Don’t worry here we will discuss the expert way to reset the MDB password. Forgetting passwords is a common habit of human beings. Everybody is aware of the fact that MS office has a facility to set up the desired password for the Access database. So that no one other than the authorised person can access or modify the data of the MDB. However, preserving the privacy and security of data is at the top of the priority list of any MS Access user. So users encrypt the MDB with complex and multilingual passwords and sometimes users forget these passwords.

If you are also struggling with this case, while you try to open MS access. Then get relaxed, and read the blog, here you will get an instant solution to access MDB password recovery. So let’s continue the blog by understanding where and how MDB saves these passwords. 

Where and How Access MDB saves Passwords?

Before we move the solution it is important to know about where and how MDB saves the password. Access MDB stores the passwords in the below discussed regular pattern.

Check Jet 3: At this jet, the database keeps the passwords in the header of the MDB file and maintains the format as plain text.

Jet 4: Here, the database  encrypts passwords using an XOR pattern algorithm, as per the data and the times of the creation of the file.

Jet 3&4: In this jet, the password protection is imposed using an XOR pattern that has impacts on MDB files.

ACCDB files: Here the password is not set up in plain text format. But it appoints a new hash value to authenticate the user’s password validation. 

If you impose password encryption on the MS Access database with these  patterns. Then it becomes very difficult and almost impossible to decrypt and reset the password of MS Access. But now, the scenario has changed as numerous software is available that can retrieve the passwords and easily decrypt the MDB. So after understanding the different patterns of MS Access Database, let’s move to the expert solution.       

Reset MS Access Password with Expert Solution:

Being an MDB user and after a lot of research work, it is crystal clear now that there is no manual way to access password recovery. So you need to use an automated or commercial utility. Numerous utilities are available that you can also find easily in the online market. One such utility is the Access Password Recovery Tool. The tool is developed with a modern and intelligent algorithm that reliably recovers the lost MS Access passwords. This software creates the actual password immediately without wasting time. 

The MDB password recovery tool reliably decrypts any type of passwords like encrypted, non-encrypted, lengthy, jumbled, complex, even the alphanumeric characters passwords. So it is the most authentic and standalone utility to reset MS Access Passwords. The tool comes with the demo-version, so you can evaluate the tool by using its demo version. 

Let’s take an quick look on its exceptional and amazing features that makes it such standalone utility among the others:

  • The tool cracks the password of MS Access database files very quickly.
  • Works well for various password protection such as ANSI, Unicode, numeric, and alpha-numeric.
  • Allows you to extract or crack the passwords of even strongly non-encrypted and encrypted MS Access databases.
  • The tool is the most validated and completely safe solution as it works in a safe mode.
  • One can even crack or recover the multilingual Access passwords with this password recovery tool.
  • This tool also copies the passwords to the clipboard that helps its users for future need. 
  • The Access MDB password recovery tool has great compatibility with the entire MS Access Database versions Access.

So here we discussed the most authenticated and trusted solution to recover the passwords of MS databases reliably and securely. Now let’s see itsd step by step working in the below segment of the blog. 

Crack MS Access password with the Access Password Recovery Tool:

You can easily recover MS Access Password with this amazing utility i.e, Access password Recovery. All you have to do is just go as per the instructed steps below in the same sequence:

  1. First, Download and launch the MS Access database Password Recovery software.
  2. Now, you need to press on the available “Open button” and select the .MDB file on your computer or PC. 
  3.  Tap on the available Get Info button in order to extract the properties of a file.
  4. Here, click on the Recover Password button in order to crack the password of the desired file.
  5. And at last , click on the button Copy to clipboard. This copies the password to the clipboard that helps you to avoid further errors that occur when you manually type the password. 

So now you are familiar with the steps to recover the password using this recovery software. Once you complete the above methods successfully and sincerely, the MDB files will be unlocked. 

Final Verdicts:

Here in this technical article, we discussed an authentic and expert way to recover MS Access password. As you know that you can not recover the passwords manually. So there is only one way to crack the password that is using an automated tool. The above discussed tool is the most trusted and best utility. You can independently choose any of the utilities available online as per your need. 

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