Resolved: Domino Server Not Sending Mail Issue

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    February 10th, 2020
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IBM Notes is a client-server application that provides an interface to the IBM Notes and Domino software. Lotus comprises various components like email, contacts, calendar, And it can be use as an email client without IBM Domino Server.

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Sometimes, users may encounter some issues where Domino Server restricts the sending of emails. The article is describing the techniques to fix the Domino Server Not sending Mail and the best approach to resolve it. So, let’s get start.

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Causes Behind Domino Server Mail Error

The major reason responsible for this error is the connection between the lotus notes and the Domino server. This problem may occur due to some issues in email servers such as the mail server through which the user is trying to send mails is blacklist by several other users. Test the email server, which will connect to a mail server via SMTP, perform an Open relay Test and ensure the server has a reverse DNS Record. 

Methods to Fix Domino Server Not Sending Mail 

It is mandatory to configure Domino Server to send and receive mail over SMTP. Setting up the IBM Server as an SMTP server comprises enabling two separate tasks such as listening and routing tasks. If you enable the SMTP listener, then it allows a server to receive mail over SMTP. Also, it enables the Domino Server to send emails to other servers. Additionally, the routing to destinations within the local internet domain is done separately from SMTP routing.

By default, Domino Server uses IBM Notes routing and is not configure for SMTP routing. Follow the below-mentioned steps to configure Domino over SMTP to send\receive mail are:

  1. You should make your system ready for sending messages to the internet by testing the internet connection. Also, verify that the DNS is set up properly or not.   
  2. It is important enabling the SMTP Listener task in the server document of each server so that the user should receive mail over SMTP.
  3. SMTP Routing should be enable within the local internet domain to make the server send an email over SMTP.
  4. Enabling SMTP is use for sending messages outside the local internet domain.
  5. Must specify the relay host that will be use when it is require to send emails outside the local internet domain. A relay host for SMTP servers require to be configure that does not have any direct access to the internet.
  6. To protect the mail infrastructure against misuse, you have to set up inbound and outbound mail restrictions.
  7. You have to specify exceptions to inbound relay enforcement for authenticated users. In order to allow POP3 /IMAP users who connect to the Domino server from an external network to send mail to external internet domains.

How to Check Domino Server Not Sending Mail Problem

  • You can verify if the server is not blacklist by other users.
  • One must check the internet connectivity to the Email server.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the mail settings of the provider are ready or not.
  • A manual telnet test should be perform to check the SMTP connection.

Wrapping Up

The above blog is describing users about the “Domino Server Not Sending Mail” issue and how to tackle this problem. The error restricts you from sending emails whereas they may be able to receive email without any issues. One of the best possible solutions are mention in this article to rectify the problem. Users can easily accomplish this by configuring the Domino Server to send/receive mail over SMTP.

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