How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working on Mac Mail Manually?

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    July 8th, 2019
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    February 25, 2021
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Many users connect their Yahoo account to Mac mail for their feasibility and convenience so that they can manage multiple email accounts in one application. But sometimes due to small negligence, Yahoo mail doesn’t work with Mac Mail. So, if you are also facing the same issue then you might be entering some wrong credentials or your mail setting is not up to the mark.

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In such a situation you can’t access contacts, calendars, etc. and you might be finding a way out of this situation. In this blog, I have discussed this uncommon error and if you are also getting the same error then some fixes are mentioned for your convenience in this article.

Fix Yahoo Mail not working on Mac Mail Problem

As the majority of the mail issues happen because of invalid settings or if there is some kind of problem with Yahoo Mail account. Thus, one can utilize the methods which are dispensed below to determine the actual issue Yahoo Mail Not working with Apple Mail.

1: Login Yahoo Mail Account Separately Outside Mac

  • In your PC, open an internet browser
  • Then, sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Then simply create another email messages and include your own email address in the “To” field provided.
  • Send the email and check in the event that if it is received inside 5 minutes.

If in case any issue happens, at that point, you are required to deliver it to make Yahoo Mail account work in Mac Mail as well.

2: Look for System Update

Apple releases its updates to its operating system whenever they want. After which not installing the most recent update can affect the working of Yahoo Mail. It will again result in an error: loading of Apple Mail. Subsequently, ensure you are utilizing the most recent version of the Mac OS.

3: Remove and Add Yahoo Mail Account 

Sometimes email application setup collapses and gets corrupt and it confines users from getting to their emails. Henceforth, the essential thing you would consistently attempt is installing it again. Check out the steps which help in resolving Yahoo mail is not working on mac issue.

  • Launch Mac Mail application.
  • Click on Menu and select Mail option.
  • After which, select the Preferences as the option.
  • Now, Select the Yahoo Mail Account which you want to remove.
  • Click on Dash (-) from the Bottom.
  • Now just click on the OK button to confirm account deletion.
  • Afterward again Add the respective Yahoo Account to your Mac Mail.

4: Check Setting of Yahoo Mail Account 

  • Check Spam Folder to see whether any email is incorrectly marked as spam
  • You might have blocked the EmailSender.
  • Check other folders via Email Filter to see if an email has been kept to that folders.
  • Reply to address must be kept blank.

5: Disable Antivirus Applications 

Sometimes the Security applications contradict the features of Yahoo mail and therefore Yahoo Mail doesn’t work on mac mail. So, first, you should disable all the security programs in your system and then try to open Yahoo mail in Mac.

  • Launch the Security Program and Disable all kinds of restrictions.
  • Connect Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail.
  • If Yahoo mail starts working properly then your antivirus program was restricting Yahoo from working in Mac mail.
  • Once Yahoo mail starts working properly, you can re-enable the antivirus program.

6: Check whether the Auto-Forwarding feature is Enabled

If you have enabled this auto-forwarding feature in the Yahoo Mail account then you may stop it by downloading messages on Mac Mail. For checking what auto-sending you may have set:-

  • Click on the Settings tab and select
  • Then, Click on Auto Forward
  • Now, you can see all the rules you have set for Auto-Forwarding.

7: Error in Server Address

If your Yahoo Account is not working properly then this issue can be caused with the email server. So you have to look at the server address settings and ensure you have entered the actual server addresses.

8: Manage Emails in Offline Mode 

Apple has provided its own system to manage the new emails issue. The user can resume his work in an Offline mode if the internet connection is disconnected. This persuasively associates Mac Mail and the remote email server. Here are the means by which to do that:

  • In Mac Mail, click on Mailbox tab and then select take all accounts offline.
  • Now, open Mailbox Tab again and click on Get All New Mail.

After Implementing this setting your Yahoo mail will begin to download new emails.

9: Close and Re-Launch Apple Mail App 

To fix this Yahoo Mail issue you can close and Re-Launch the Apple Mail application because of this, you can stop the actual background processes. All you have to do is press Command+Q from the Mail application and start the application once more.

10: Check Yahoo Account Login Info 

The main reason for Yahoo Mail is Not Working on Mac mail can be the incorrect login information. For this, you need to check on the email address, password, and also the demand for authentication as well.

What will you do if the above Techniques doesn’t work?

Now, the only option left is to convert Yahoo emails to MBOX and then import those MBOX files into Mac Mail. For doing you’ll need professional software like Yahoo Backup Tool which will surely help you to move out from this worst scenario. This software will help you to Convert Yahoo Mail to MBOX and then you can import those files into Mac mail. Users can Take Yahoo Email Backup On Your Personal Computer?

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Final thought:

This article has revealed some of the working answers that would make connect if  your Yahoo mail not working on mac and I have clearly explained the third party tool which would help in archiving the data. However, you can check the definite solution which helps effectively and according to that, you can make your choice.

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