How to Repair Corrupted PDF Files with PDF Recovery Tool

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    May 21st, 2020
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Summary:- To exchange the documents including text formatting and images Adobe has created a software which is PDF(Portable Document Format) file format. Every PDF file summarizes a complete explanation of a fixed layout, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, images, and other information needed to display it. Now, PDF is the industry standard for the intermediate representation of printed material such as text, images, etc. But there are many reasons that your PDF file might get corrupted and you are unable to open it. Here, you can see various techniques to repair corrupted PDF files. But before you explore the techniques to fix PDF corruption issues, you must see the reasons for corruption and why PDFs are preferred.

Reasons For PDF Corruption

PDF files can sometimes show warning messages and refuse to open them in either Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Such problems arise for different reasons, and the following are a few of the reasons/causes::

  1. Inaccurate device shutdowns and power outages: Inappropriate system shutdowns and power outages can prevent file transfers and downloads which can cause corruption in PDF files.
  2. Failure of Hard drives or storage devices: Due to short circuits, heating of hard drives, etc., and some other reasons that cause the failure of hard drives or storage drives to occur, this could cause PDF file corruption.
  3. Download Problem: Unfinished and failed downloads of PDF files could damage, and this is due to unbalanced internet access. Inappropriate downloads interrupt file structure and destroy file structure.

Why PDF Files Are More Preferable?

  1. Encryption: Applications producing PDFs enable encryption of PDF files which implies unauthorized users are unable to edit, alter, print, or copy PDF documents. Hence, PDF format enhances the document’s security level.
  2. Easy Reader Applications: Adobe delivers PDF documents to Adobe Reader free to use. Most search engines also encourage opening and viewing documents in PDF format.
  3. Portability: The PDF format can be obtained from various operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and Mac. PDF documents can be easily transmitted over a connection, via mail, or using some storage devices, too.

Different Methods To Repair Corrupted PDF files

There are a lot of techniques that will fix the issue of PDF file corruption. You can apply any method to resolve the issue and access a corrupt PDF file on your PC or Laptop.

Method 1. Re-establish the Previous File Version.

You can take the backup by using the backup utility of the OS if you have the PDF file on your Windows machine.

For accessing the utility press the windows button of your system, select Settings, and navigate to “Update & Security”. Users should enable the Backup utility for safety, If they haven’t enabled the Backup function, then they can face future risks of file corruption or damage.

If the Backup Utility is already enabled, then the user can use the “File History” feature to recover the PDF file from its previous version.

For restoring the file to a previous version:

  1. Browse to the location/path where the corrupt PDF document is saved.
  2. Right-click on the file.
  3. Select Restore previous versions.

Method 2. Try PDF Reader Software to Open Corrupted PDF Files.

If PDF files are not opening in a particular file format then before using the SysInfo PDF recovery tool, the user should also try other PDF readers such as Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat, etc to open it.

If the issue still exists in the reader programs then try a third-party PDF Reader tool, it would likely help you towards the resolution.

Method 3. SysInfo PDF Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Step 1. Launch the tool in your system and click the “Browse” button to select either single or multiple files. Then click “Next”.

Step 2. After clicking the “Next”, select a recovery mode, either “Standard” or “Advanced”, as per the level of corruption. Then click “Next” again.

Step 3. The scanning process is being run on your system.

Step 4. Once the scanning process is done, check the preview of recovered data in text and image forms. Click “Next”.

Step 5. Select a location where you want to save the new file. Click “Save”.

Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Step 6. After clicking the save button the saving process is being conducted on your system.

Repair Corrupted PDF Files

Step 7. A new file has been saved at the defined location. You can click “OK”.

Repair Corrupted PDF Files

PDF Repair Tool Features

  • Maintain Accuracy of original data pertaining to images, text, table, graphics, etc.
  • Smart Recovery in standard mode and advanced mode.
  • Generate Fresh File
  • Recovery from External Media
  • Graphical Preview
  • Save Extracted Texts, Images, etc.
  • Batch Recovery: users can perform recovery from single as well as multiple PDF files at a time.
  • Preserving File Structure
  • Windows Compatible


We have described all the possible solutions to repair corrupted PDF files after a disk crash, with the help of the SysInfo PDF Recovery Tool step by step. If you want a proper solution to get rid of PDF error problems, try our tool for the fast recovery of corrupted PDF files.

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