Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice: Which One is Better?

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Summary:- Are you planning to change to a different Office suite? Choosing between a licensed Microsoft Office and OpenOffice depends on how it fits your requirements. In this write-up, we will discuss the primary difference between Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice. Although if you have a corrupt file in MS Office 365 and Open Office, you can use the MS Office Recovery Tools and Open Office Recovery Tools, which offer you multiple ranges of products.

What is MS Office and its Features?

Microsoft Office is Microsoft’s one of the best Office suites used all over the world as a desktop application. The first version of Microsoft Office was Microsoft Office for Windows, which started in Oct 1990 that included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. The later versions included Microsoft Office 3.0, 4.x, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It includes checking spelling, grammar, OLE data integration, etc.

Key Features of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office provides an Office store; any user or third party can write plug-ins allowing users to extend an application’s capability. Users can use tools and add-ins from this store. Developers can share applications with all office users. Microsoft Office uses its GUI toolkit. External data is accessible to Microsoft Office users through Office Data Connection (.odc) files. Microsoft Office is compatible with all the Windows operating system platforms.

The Prominent Components of Microsoft Office:-

  1. Word:- It is used for drafting documents.
  2. Excel:- This Application helps in preparing spreadsheets and applying formulas.
  3. Outlook:- This Application allows the user to send and receive emails.
  4. PowerPoint:- One can Design presentations using this software.
  5. Access:- This application is used for storing data in the database.

What is OpenOffice and its Features?

OpenOffice is a freeware open source office suite that performs various functions such as word processing, creating spreadsheets, managing databases, making presentation file, editing formulas and drawing. This software is available in many languages and is compatible with all computers. The data files in Open office are stored in an international open standard format. It can be easily downloaded free of cost by the users.

Basic Features of OpenOffice

A straightforward tool to use, OpenOffice can easily read files from any other office package. It is an open development process; anyone can enhance the software, report bugs or request new features. It includes consistency that other software cannot match. You can download and use this suite without any license fee. You can also use it for educational, official, and public administration purposes.

Components of OpenOffice

Writer:- It helps the user to write and edit text content.

Calc:- The application calculates the given data and displays the final results.

Impress:- It includes slides; each slide is designed beautifully to make the whole presentation attractive.

Base:- This application keeps a record of all the data in the database in the ODB file format.

Draw:- One can edit images and insert shapes into the image using this application.

Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice

Here is the basic difference between Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. And which one is better for users.

Basis Microsoft Office Open Office
Meaning Microsoft Office is a suite which is a compilation of different applications which are used for various purposes. If the user has the Full Suite, he can perform calculations, prepare presentations, and do many other activities. Open Office suite is the compilation of different applications which helps the user to prepare charts, display graphs, edit texts, and to perform various other tasks.
Ownership As the name denotes, Microsoft owns Microsoft Office. Open Office is the application of Apache and the successor of Lotus Notes.
Prepares Presentation MS Office usually uses PowerPoint to make presentations and stores files in PPT and PPTX file formats. Open Office Impress is the application for making new presentations and storing files in ODP format.
Performs Calculations For doing the various calculations and making spreadsheets, MS Office has an Excel Application, and it stores files in XLS and XLSX formats. Calc is the application in Open Office for calculations and drafting spreadsheets with formulas, and it stores files in ODS file format.
Text Editing MS Word is a well-known application for drafting documents, and the files store in DOC and DOCX formats. Open Office has an application known as Writer, which is used for writing texts and inserting hyperlinks, and it stores files in ODT file formats.
Painting and Drawing MS Paint is an application which helps the user in image editing.MS Paint is an application which helps the user in image editing. Open Office has a Draw application which edits images.
Database The database is used in MS office for storing data in MS Access, and it has a file format of MDB and ACCDB. Open Office uses Base Application to create a file database, and it supports ODB file format.


Now, you must be aware of the difference between Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice, and it is clear from the picture that MS Office has the upper hand over Open Office. Now comparing the features and advantages of both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice suite, you can choose which suite would be helpful to you. I hope you can easily make your choice after knowing the difference.

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